Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 678 - Hades Lu

Chapter 678: Hades Lu

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the group leader, then picked up his stick to meet the stick of one of the men who had rushed at him. He gave a heavy blow, and the two baseball bats collided with a loud bang. Both of them were broken in the middle, one of the bats fell to the ground with a loud bang, and that man was hit so hard that his entire arm was numb.

At the same time, Lu Xingzhi did not even look at him. He raised his leg and kicked sideways at the other man who was attacking at the same time. Then, he quickly chased after him. He immediately snatched the baseball bat from the man who was in pain and subconsciously bent over to hug his stomach. He swung it around, the man who was hugging his stomach cried out in pain even more miserably than the first man.

Lu Xingzhi’s movements were very swift and straightforward. He turned his head and hit the man whose arm was still numb. However, that man reacted quickly and quickly dodged. Therefore, the strike that should have landed on his shoulder.., instead, it landed on his back.

Although that blow was not as painful as the other two who had their shoulders broken, it was enough for that man to suffer.

“Team leader! He is a martial artist!”That man shook his arm while straightening his waist. He did not dare to move at all. Once he moved, the wound on his back was so painful that he almost fainted.

Seeing this, the man could tell that they had underestimated their enemy.

Although they were the company’s hired thugs, and the company would sometimes arrange for them to attend training regularly, they were no match for this man in front of them.

This man attacked like a Soul Reaper hiding in Hell. With just one move, he shattered everyone’s attacks.

Jiang Yao sat in the car in a daze and was completely stunned.

Lu Xingzhi’s moves were completely different from fourth’s!

When Jiang Yao saw fourth’s moves, she was very impressed with fourth. However, when she saw Lu Xingzhi, she realized that the moves that fourth knew would probably not last long against Lu Xingzhi.

Any of Lu Xingzhi’s moves just now, as long as his strength landed on any of the fatal points, would be a vicious killing move!

Head, chest, any of these two places. As long as they were hit by him, those three people would probably be dead bodies lying on the ground right now. There might not even be time to save them.

Jiang Yao finally understood why he had the nickname of Hades Lu. It was not only because of his cold and hard personality, but also because every move of his was full of killing intent.

The team leader did not need his subordinates to remind him. He was a little scared, but he was also a little unwilling.

It would be a pity if the huge bonus he was about to get was gone just like that!

The team leader comforted himself. He might not lose if he tried. The reason why he could become the team leader was because of his ability to stand out in the team.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the person who had been evaded and secretly estimated that the man still had some mobility left.

However, the team leader suddenly shouted at the man, “I’ll stall him! Go and capture the woman in the car. Capture that woman and threaten him!”

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the man who was stunned and immediately ran towards the team leader who had said that he was going to stall him but was clearly going to run towards Jiang Yao to capture her.

The team leader was not slow, but Lu Xingzhi was faster than him!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Xingzhi was like a gust of wind, like a ghost. He did not deal with the man who was ordered by him to catch the woman in the car. Instead, he appeared beside him. Just as he was stunned.., a foot had already rushed toward him.

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