Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 599 - Found Him

Chapter 599: Found Him

As morning approached, more vehicles were found on the road. Most of them were trucks or vehicles sending supplies to the rescue team in Rong County. They sped past Jiang Yao’s car, leaving a trail of mud and water behind them.

Since Rong County was heavily affected by the disaster, there were still very few cars headed toward that direction. An hour later, no other vehicles could be heard.

Jiang Yao looked at the cars momentarily before shifting her focus to the river again.

As she approached the borders of Rong County, her feelings of fear and anxiety mounted. She could not hear any cries for help, not even the softest sound.

As time went on, she was getting closer and closer to Rong County.

Calculating the time since the soldier was swept away by the flood, she could not help but feel dejected as time went on.

It was extremely worrying, even for an excellent soldier, to be immersed in water for an extended period of time.

No matter how well he could swim, could he do it continuously for more than twenty hours?

Even if he managed to grab onto driftwood, without getting on to dry land, there was no way he could have grabbed onto the wood for such a long time.

The waters of a flood was a very powerful force, strong enough to destroy entire villages and take away human lives instantly.

It was only a matter of time until a person felt exhausted holding onto driftwood.

Faster, Jiang Yao thought, she had to find him faster!

Overwhelmed by the thought, Jiang Yao stepped on the throttle and accelerated the car. She was not afraid of fatigue, she could always take a nap in her car. Yet, for the soldier, fatigue meant death.

She had to move forward faster. If she could not find the soldier after arriving at the borders of Rong County, she would immediately turn around and head downstream as fast as she could.

Her gaze shifted from object to object floating on the river, not willing to miss a single detail. What if the person she was looking for was among one of the trash and objects she saw floating on the river?


There was no one in the current two-kilometer range!

Stepping on the throttle, she sped up and continued her search.

Her brows were knitted into a deep frown.

Hold on!

She thought she saw a human silhouette.

Slamming on the brakes, she directed her focus on what she just saw.

It was a huge, irregular rock on the river, and a man, in his military uniform, could be seen on it.

He was a head shorter than Lu Xingzhi.

Thank goodness, it was not Lu Xingzhi! She did not change the history of her current reality!

There were a lot of things on the soldier’s face as he lay quietly on the rock. It did not have a flat surface and he was twisted in an awkward position as everything below his knees was submerged in the river. Veins popped out of his hands as he grabbed onto a protrusion on the rock tightly, trying really hard not to be swept away into the river by the strong current.

From his hands, Jiang Yao was able to see that he was using every last ounce of his energy holding onto the rock trying to delay his death.

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