Chapter 421: The Reason

Growing up, Lu Xingzhi’s life was smooth sailing; whatever he wanted, he would get it. It was the same for him even after attending university, thus he did not know how to meander his way to get what he wanted.

“Come on, say it!” Jiang Yao gave him a little push, adamant for an answer.

“They were probably convinced by my perseverance and dedication.” Lu Xingzhi shrugged.

Jiang Yao was indifferent to his reply. Maybe that was how it was.

“My parents loved me dearly, but the mentality of the elders is always the same. To them, no matter how well-educated or how successful a girl is, she must marry a man ultimately. My mum used to tell me how she was a little unwilling for me to marry at eighteen years old, she felt that it was too early. Yet, she considered you a good person. It does not matter when I marry, as long as I live a happy life after.”

Jiang Yao remembered back when she was against the marriage, that was what her mother told her. A woman would be much happier if she married a person who loved her instead of a person she loved.

A better account of Mrs. Jiang’s decision was due to the fact that Lu Xingzhi was willing to pay for Jiang Yao’s education after marrying her. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were intellectuals and it heartened them to know that their daughter would be in good hands.

The Lu family was reputable and prominent in town. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lu were well-respected, thus the Jiang family had no reason otherwise to doubt the Lu family’s treatment of their daughter.

That was probably why her parents kept pestering her even though they knew she was unwilling. It was an opportunity that was hard to come by and they felt that if she missed this one, she might never find another exemplary person like Lu Xingzhi again.

She was her parents’ darling daughter, they wanted to give her the best of everything, including her marriage into the Lu family.

Yet, she did not understand why.

After countless conversations and discussion with her parents, Jiang Yao was at the perception that they were too traditional and that their thinking was obsolete and old-fashioned.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao, and spoke. “Is that why you relented? Finally persuaded by your parents?”

“Of course not!” Jiang Yao retorted. With her stubborn character, he did not know how much suffering she had him gone through years after their marriage.

Her parents kept urging her to accept the proposal, to her dismay. Her two elder brothers, who loved her dearly, got into fights with their parents over this issue. It was a dark time for the Jiang family.

It was the first time in her life where she was scolded by her parents. That did the trick though. Her rebelliousness was provoked.

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