Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 2315

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Chapter 2315: If All Goes Well

“What? I can’t change?” Lu Yuqing gave Jiang Yao a sideways glance. Even though her tone was very natural, it was still a bit of a slap to the face. After all, she had said so in the past.

“Of course, you can.”

Jiang Yao nodded repeatedly. “When Mom and Dad find out, they will be delighted. I support marrying Huang Chengjing. Director Huang is a good person, and Chairman Huang is a loving elder. Chenchen is also very likable. Although you’ll be a mother as soon as you marry into the family, the Huang family has nothing to worry about.”

“Don’t tell Mom and Dad for now. Wait until next spring when he goes to propose marriage.” People who had been hurt once were more cautious about marriage than young girls. Lu Yuqing did not plan to tell her family until two days before the proposal.

Lu Yuqing only told Jiang Yao because Jiang Yao and Huang Chengjing knew each other. There was, of course, another reason.

“If all goes well, after I get married, I will focus on my family. Chenchen is still young and needs a mother’s company. She has not had a mother since she was young. If I marry Huang Chengjing, I will be Chenchen’s mother from then on.” That was the reason Lu Yuqing told Jiang Yao about that. “Although I will still go to work, I don’t want to be so busy anymore. I’ll go to work every day from nine to five. After work, I will return home early and spend every weekend with my child and husband. Therefore, letting Xingzhi retire and take over the company is the best way to move forward.”

That was the life that Lu Yuqing yearned for the most. She would have a warm and small family that belonged to her. She would have a husband who loved her and a cute child at home. She would leave on time every day when she went to work. All her time belonged to her family.

“But there’s one thing you can rest assured about. After I get married, I won’t work at the Huang family’s Hairun Group. I’ll still stay with you.” Lu Yuqing smiled. “Even after I get married, I will maintain a proper distance from my husband. I can’t see him at home every day and still have to see him at the company. ”

“Are you afraid that Huang Chengjing will tire you after a long time?” Jiang Yao teased her. “Sister, you still don’t understand men well enough. If he really loves you, he won’t feel tired even if you’re together 24 hours a day. It’s just like how Lu Xingzhi behaves. Even now, he still wishes he could tie me to his side 24 hours a day.”

“Stop it.”

“This show of affection is very annoying. You and Xingzhi should mind your own business,” Lu Yuqing said, raising her hand to tap Jiang Yao’s forehead. ‘Xingzhi’s personality differs from Huang Chengjing’s, so it’s different. You two being lovey-dovey is not suitable for Huang Chengjing and me.

“The most important thing for Xingzhi to retire from the army is to avoid enmity and to avoid bringing you more danger.” Lu Yuqing’s heart ached for Jiang Yao. She had been in trouble frequently those past few days, and it was fortunate that Jiang Yao was still alive and well. It was also lucky that the child in Jiang Yao’s stomach was still healthy.

If it had been any other timid woman, they would have asked for a divorce.

Lu Yuqing did not stay in the Cheng family for long. After more than 40 minutes, she received a call from Huang Chengjing, dumped a thick stack of documents for Jiang Yao, and left. Jiang Yao secretly listened to the contents of the phone call between her and Huang Chengjing; she heard Huang Chengjing say that he and Huang Chenchen were waiting for her to return for supper.

Jiang Yao admired Huang Chengjing’s ability to pursue Lu Yuqing after seeing how she agreed without saying anything.

He had melted a piece of metal. That was Huang Chengjing’s ability..

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