Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1996

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Chapter 1996: Why Should I?

“Since you were there, why didn’t you tell Xingzhi where the rest of the victims were buried?” Jiang Yao asked. “That should be quite easy for you, right?”

“Why should I? It’s a natural disaster. God must have wanted to punish them. Why should I be a good person?” Moe Wei cocked his tail. “It’s not like I buried them.”

Jiang Yao was speechless and did not know what to say.

She felt that Moe Wei’s words made a lot of sense. Moe was getting more courageous.

After Jiang Yao finished eating, she put the dishes back into the pot to keep them warm for Lu Xingzhi. When he did not come back at 10 o’clock, she went to the bedroom to rest.

It was not until midnight that she heard movement in the house. When she reached the door, she saw Lu Xingzhi dragging his exhausted body into the house.

Jiang Yao’s heart ached when she saw that. “You haven’t recovered from your illness yet, and you tormented yourself the whole night again. Did you get caught in the rain again? I’ll make some tea for you.”


Lu Xingzhi was so tired that he did not even have the strength to say a few more words. He had saved the victims and even cleared the road overnight. Four members of the family had died. They were mainly senior citizens. It seemed that they were all old and young. On the other hand, the younger and stronger ones were still alive. They were sent to the hospital.

That incident has alarmed some of the leaders in the city. They thought they would be prosecuted somehow since the blocked road affected military hospital access and damaged the landslide prevention structures.

There was a reason for that. If they did not punish anyone, they were afraid that someone would do the same again.

There were too many scoundrels in the world. They had to make an example of those rascals.

Those people had made a scene, and that had caused the deaths of some of their family members.

However, the villagers did not know about that decision for the time being. Lu Xingzhi had heard a few rumors from his friends in the city. After the matter was done, he brought his men back to the army base. When everyone returned, they were exhausted. Many soldiers even fell asleep in the car.

The soldiers were upset about the situation. Lu Xingzhi also felt a wave of injustice in his heart when he pondered it.

Jiang Yao had finished heating the food. Lu Xingzhi had just come out of the bathroom after taking a shower. His hair was short, so he just wiped his head with a dry towel, and his hair was almost dry. However, his body was still wet. He did look more energetic than when he first came back.

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One could say that Jiang Yao was a delicate girl. At least, she was one in her daily life.

She did not have to do any chores at home. It was the same thing after she got married and lived with her husband.

However, it was not difficult for Jiang Yao to help Lu Xingzhi warm up the food. When she saw the yellowish appearance of the overheated vegetables, Jiang Yao sighed and said, “You’ll have to make do with it.”

“As long as it’S something warm.”

Lu Xingzhi was satisfied. “I don’t know if those brats will have anything to eat when they go back. Tomorrow, I’ll tell the canteen to add more dishes and brew more tea for them.”

“Give them some medicine to prevent colds,” Jiang Yao said. “I’ll get them for you later. You can bring them to your team tomorrow. You should take it too.”

Lu Xingzhi looked up at Jiang Yao and smiled as if he agreed with her. Then, he urged Jiang Yao to go to bed. “It’S late. Go back to bed.. ”

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