Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1917

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Chapter 1917: The Only Bond

The nurse was terrified by Jiang Yao’s tone and unconsciously told her about the situation on the inside.

“Let her go!” Mrs. Luo ran to hold the nurse’s hand and said, “She’s a doctor we trust.” She would feel at ease if Jiang Yao was with Luo Ruoran.

“I want to go in.” Jiang Yao nodded and said, “Let me go in to look at the situation.”

Jiang Yao hurriedly got changed and entered the operation theater, especially when she got Luo Ruoran’s family members’ approval.

Other pregnant women were in the delivery room, but Luo Ruoran was a special case. She had been transferred to the operating theater. When Jiang Yao went in, she could hear Luo Ruoran’s suppressed crying and the doctors’ incessant encouraging words.

Just as the nurse said, Luo Ruoran’s condition was not optimistic. Luo Ruoran had accidentally fallen down the stairs. That had contributed to her difficult labor.

“Ruoran. ‘I

Jiang Yao scanned Luo Ruoran’s condition to understand her situation. She walked forward and called out to Luo Ruoran softly.

Luo Ruoran, who was on the verge of passing out, heard Jiang Yao’s voice and gritted her teeth to keep going. She opened her eyes slowly and glanced at Jiang Yao. Her eyes welled with tears. “I beg you, Jiang Yao, please help me save the child. It doesn’t matter what happens to me. Please save my baby.”

Luo Ruoran reached out and grabbed Jiang Yao’s sleeve. Her face was filled with grief. “Jiang Yao, that child is the only bond between us. If the child is gone, then I have nothing. I will have nothing of him. This child is more important than my own life.

“Jiang Yao, I beg you, help me protect my baby. I want my baby. “Luo Ruoran begged Jiang Yao. “I have nothing. I only have this baby.”

Luo Ruoran’s words moved Jiang Yao. She had always believed that Luo Ruoran belonged with Liang Yueze. Luo Ruoran thought she could let go of everything. However, she could not even fool herself.

“Since you love him so much, why did you divorce him? Sister Ruoran, aren’t you too silly?” Jiang Yao held Luo Ruoran’s hand. Her heart ached. Jiang Yao did not understand. Since Luo Ruoran loved him so much that she could even give up her life, why did she let him go?

“He didn’t love me. He took care of me like a sister. We were only friends. His loved one is back, and I have taken her position. I have to make room for her. If I stayed with him, he might not lose whatever friendly affection he might have had for me. He might even hate me. So, I might as well let him go.’

Luo Ruoran almost used up all her strength to say those words. “Jiang Yao, I loved him, but I couldn’t be with him. I felt uneasy when I was with him. Could you understand how I feel? I feel uneasy even if I get him. Do you understand how I feel? I left him and took this with me. So, I

only have this baby now.”

“Don’t speak anymore. I won’t let anything happen to you and your child. You and your baby will be fine,” Jiang Yao said.

After she finished speaking, Jiang Yao conveyed her words to the doctors in the operating theater. When the doctors heard that Jiang Yao wanted to take over the patient, they pointed at Jiang Yao and said, “Even if you know the patient, you can’t take her life as a joke. There is no discussion. We won’t agree to this.”.

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