Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Chapter 1193 - Can’t Fool Him

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Chapter 1193: Can’t Fool Him

After Jiang Yao returned the phone to Ah Lu, she shrugged at the man.

“It’s none of my business; I did not say a word.” Ah Lu took the phone from her. “There aren’t that many people in the world who can fool Young Master Lu.”

Jiang Yao chuckled. Her man was just that amazing.

She jogged toward Colonel Lin and asked, “Where is the second round of assessment? Can my bodyguards come with me?”

“Sure.” Colonel Lin nodded. “It’s at a coffee shop. Let’s go.”

Colonel Lin gave the address to Big Ke and Ah Lu. Then, he asked them to follow behind his car.

The coffee shop was about a 15-minute drive from the Police Crime Squad. There were still a lot of people sipping their morning tea in the coffee shop.

When Colonel Lin arrived at the coffee shop’s entrance, he asked Big Ke and Ah Lu to wait outside for him and Jiang Yao. Then, he stepped in with Jiang Yao, located an empty seat, and sat down. He informed Jiang Yao of the details of that round of assessment.

“Take a look at the people in the coffee shop. Do you think that table will be the subject of your assessment? That is the first question in the second test. If you answer incorrectly, the assessment will be terminated.” Then, Colonel Lin reached out and asked the waiter for a cup of hot cocoa and coffee.

The hot cocoa was for Jiang Yao, and the coffee was for himself. After that, he stretched lazily. “This kind of work is really easy. If only I had this job every day.”

Colonel Lin moaned helplessly. Jiang Yao decided not to listen to him. If he were to do that every day, he would cause a ruckus real soon.

Jiang Yao focused her attention on all the people in the cafe after collecting the assessment content. She activated her hearing and vision and spent five minutes surveying the people who had just sat down. There were others who had just arrived and were still having breakfast and chatting.

“Your five minutes are up. Tell me your answer,” Colonel Lin said.

Jiang Yao raised her head. He had done it again; Colonel Lin did not say anything about a time limit.

“I forgot to tell you.” Colonel Lin smiled.

“The table in the middle row in front of the bar counter where five men are sitting,” Jiang Yao answered. There was a hint of pride in her eyes. “Let me guess the content of the next assessment.”

“Go ahead.” Colonel Lin looked like he was ready to listen. It was a loss that Lu Xingzhi could not see his wife’s performance in person.

“You want me to guess their occupations or identities?” Jiang Yao asked.

“Smart.” Colonel Lin applauded Jiang Yao. “From now on, the countdown is 20 minutes. You can go and eavesdrop on what they are saying. Then, you can come back and tell me in 20 minutes.”

“No need. I can just sit here.” Jiang Yao shook her head and did not intend to move her seat. She could hear them clearly from where she was sitting.

“You can read lips?” Colonel Lin was surprised. “Lu Xingzhi taught you that?”

Jiang Yao smiled and did not say anything. She did not refute or admit it.

Colonel Lin saw that Jiang Yao seemed to be in a good mood, so he did not continue to talk to her. Two minutes later, he got up and went to the washroom. Then, he left the cafe and stood at the main entrance, smoking while chatting with Ah Lu, who was also at the entrance.

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