Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 596 - When Joelson Made His Move. The Entire Crowd Was Shocked

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Chapter 596: When Joelson Made His Move. The Entire Crowd Was Shocked

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“Five half-divine artifacts, one of which is a damaged demigod artifact.”

The entire crowd was in an uproar!

A half-divine artifact was worth at least 50 million snow crystal coins.

And a damaged demigod artifact was worth at least 100 million snow crystal coins.

Such a price had to be said to be exaggerated!

Joelson raised an eyebrow.

The price of this resplendent gemstone was truly too exaggerated. Joelson had originally wanted to use Hades’s dragon scales to exchange for this resplendent gemstone.

It seemed that Hades’s dragon scales were inferior.

Hades, you didn’t live up to your expectations!

At this moment, Hades, who was far away in the snowy mountains, suddenly sneezed.


‘Why does it feel like someone was scolding me just now…’

Joelson continued to check the items left behind by the luxurious man who had just been dealt with.

There was a bright golden card with the amount of eight million snow crystal coins inside.

Seeing this, Joelson couldn’t help but feel a little displeased. He hadn’t expected that the Kardas family’s auction would be so ruthless. They had actually taken a fifth of it in one go!

But fortunately, it was clear that this rich young master had another small treasury.

An interspatial ring. Inside it was a dazzling gold card with a limit of 30 million snow crystal coins.

There was also a demigod-grade bow and arrow.

There were also some trivial and not very valuable things that were ignored by Joelson.

Adding the snow crystal coins on Joelson’s hand, it was only less than 40 million snow crystal coins.

Even if he added in this demigod weapon bow and arrow, it probably wouldn’t even reach the value of 100 million snow crystal coins.

For the Elizabeth family, who had taken out five half-divine weapons and a damaged demigod weapon in one go, this was truly a bit of a stretch.


A demigod weapon?

Joelson’s eyes lit up.

He seemed to have quite a few of these things!

If a damaged demigod artifact could be auctioned off at such a price, then if he took out a genuine demigod artifact, wouldn’t he be able to directly keep the resplendent gemstone?

In any case, he was only using the Sword of Slaughter at the moment. It would be useless to keep the other weapons.

Thinking up to this point, a thought appeared in Joelson’s mind.

“Elena, the price is really too high. It’s making my stomach uncomfortable.”

Joelson turned around and said to Elena beside him.

“To be honest, Mr. Joelson, I’m also shocked. This price is not something we can afford anymore…”

“Shall I help you leave?”

Elena was about to stand up and help Joelson.

Joelson waved his hand.

“You can continue watching here. I can do it myself. When the time comes, I will wait for you outside so that you can tell me how much this resplendent gemstone was sold for.”

Elena nodded.

“In that case, Mr. Joelson, you must pay attention to your safety.”

Joelson picked up his walking stick and limped out of the venue.

At this moment, the light was dim and everyone’s attention was on the bright gemstones on the stage. Other than Elena, no one realized that someone had left the venue.

After leaving Elena’s line of sight, Joelson placed the walking stick in his hand into the space and slowly put on the mask of the King of Spades.

The moment he put on the mask, Joelson’s temperament suddenly changed. His entire body revealed a faint aura of a superior, making people want to kneel down to him uncontrollably.

As he left the venue, he was immediately noticed by the staff. He waved his hand and said to the staff.

“Call your person-in-charge over and arrange a VIP Room for me.”

When the staff saw the mask on his face, he didn’t dare to be negligent and quickly ran to find the supervisor.

As a staff member of the Kardas family, he knew what the mask meant!

He was either rich or noble, someone who could enter the VIP area!

Now that he had appeared, it was likely that the guest with the king of spades mask was a big shot in the inner city!

He had come for the resplendent gemstones!

Soon, a refined and tall man jogged over and bowed respectfully to Joelson.

“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Arrange a VIP Room for me. Quickly.”

“I want to participate in this auction.”

Joelson said faintly.

The middle-aged man with eyes nodded and did not dare to be negligent. He hurriedly led Joelson into VIP Room 5.

The VIP Room was very spacious. It was about 50 square meters and a huge sofa was placed in the middle.

On the opposite side of the sofa was a single-sided wall. From here, one could clearly see the auction situation in the venue.

Even from Joelson’s angle, with his strong eyesight, he could still see Elena’s figure.

“Get everyone out. Don’t disturb me.”

Joelson ordered faintly.

The person in charge nodded and got the two exposed bunny girls in charge of service in the VIP area to follow him out of the VIP Room.

Right now, only Joelson was left in VIP Room 5.

Joelson slowly closed his eyes, and mana instantly covered the entire room.

After confirming that there were no surveillance equipment, Joelson took off his mask.

He sat on the sofa and looked at the three incomplete inferior divine artifacts on the stage. He couldn’t help but smile faintly.

Joelson pressed the bid button, using his magic power to change his original voice, then said calmly.

“A perfect demigod weapon. Spear. Fire attribute.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent!

Even Bolen of the Elizabeth family suddenly turned his head, staring towards VIP Room 5, where no one had ever made a bid!

Someone actually bid with a piece of perfect demigod equipment!

Moreover, he had hidden it so deeply that he had not bid for it even once!

Not only the VIP Room 1 where the Elizabeth family was located, the people of the Glenn family in VIP Room 2, Navarro family in the the third VIP Room, and Doldona in the fourth VIP Room all had their eyes wide open.

They all knew that some of the top-ranked families in the inner city did indeed have inferior divine artifacts, but these things were never sold, or even showed up!

The fortune that a divine artifact could bring to a family couldn’t be measured with money!

The Elizabeth family also had a perfectly good inferior divine artifact, but they weren’t willing to use it for auction…

And now, when Joelson made his move, everyone was shocked!

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