Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 595 - The White Heat of the Auction

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Chapter 595: The White Heat of the Auction

In VIP Room No. 1, Bolen was currently watching everything in the auction hall with interest.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with a sense of victory.


Why did they need to barter?

Although the Elizabeth family had many treasures that could not be measured with money, the current snow crystal coins were even more useless to them.

As one of the largest families in the inner city, Elizabeth’s wealth could be said to be unlimited.

It could even be said that as long as he opened his mouth, he could have as many snow crystal coins as he wanted.

As long as Elizabeth used her personal relationships, she could even easily destroy the economic lifeline of the entire underground city.

Of course, the inner city’s royal family would not allow the Elizabeth family to do so.

However, such an exaggerated power also proved from another perspective that the Elizabeth family possessed a terrifying wealth!

Just using snow crystal coins was enough to easily drown people to death!

Just when Bolen thought that no one present could fight, a voice sounded from the hall.

“60 million snow crystal coins!”

This voice did not come from the VIP area, but from the crowd below the stage.

When Joelson heard this voice, he could not help but raise his eyebrows, and a playful smile appeared on his lips.

From the looks of it, the big families in the inner city were not the only ones who had made up their minds to take away the resplendent gemstones.

And the number on the stage had also changed from 50 million to 60 million.

“Oh my god, Mr. Joelson.”

“The person who placed the bid actually came from around us!”

Elena said excitedly.

“Are there invisible rich people around us?”

Joelson shook his head helplessly and said, “I don’t know either, but the current price is not something we can participate in. Let’s patiently watch them compete.”

Elena nodded.

If they were to really talk about it, the total wealth of everyone present was probably not as good as Joelson’s.

Just Hades’s dragon scales, which had previously shocked four of them and could be auctioned off for ten million snow crystal coins, could be said to be as many as Joelson had in his warehouse.

Honestly speaking, it really wasn’t enough. Outside the Wailing Abyss, there was still a living Hades waiting for him.

If he asked Hades for the scales, could it be that Hades would refuse?

Not only that, as a peak demigod, Joelson had a terrifying amount of treasures in his warehouse.

Many of the treasures of the defeated warriors had entered the space of Joelson.

The package of that luxurious young man was currently lying quietly in the space of Joelson.

Joelson’s magic scan had discovered the person who had bid earlier.

This person was dressed in a black robe, and his face had a picture of a jack of hearts on it.

At this moment, the light was very dim. Even the face sitting next door could not be seen clearly. Hence, even if this person was wearing a mask, he would not attract any attention.

It was likely that this Jack of Hearts did not expect that Joelson would be able to discover him, right?

In VIP Room 1, Bolen’s brows were gently lifted.

He spoke faintly.

“Continue bidding. The Elizabeth family offers 70 million snow crystal coins.”

70 million snow crystal coins!

The Jack of Hearts was not willing to be outdone. After the Elizabeth family finished bidding, before even the large screen could react, another bid was made.

“80 million snow crystal coins.”

In VIP Room No. 4, Doldona’s mouth was wide open.

80 million snow crystal coins. This was a figure that even their Benolu family could not come up with!

Just what kind of existence was this guy in the auction venue?

Meanwhile, in VIP Room 2, Amys slowly put down her bid.

Although she was not without money, she did not know how many hidden opponents there were. It was better not to enter the auction battle before the competition.

In VIP Room 1, Bolen heard that the other party had bid 80,000,000 snow crystal coins. After pondering for a while, he called for the old butler of the Elizabeth family.

After whispering to him for a moment, Bolen slowly pressed the bid button.

“Very interesting, this unknown friend.”

“I represent the Elizabeth family and bid 100 million snow crystal coins. If you still have rich snow crystal coins, you can compete with me.”

100 million snow crystal coins. Even in the outer city of the entire underground city, there shouldn’t be so many snow crystal coins in circulation, right?

Although the outer city was very big compared to the inner city, but in the eyes of the major empires on land, it was still a stretch.

Joelson silently observed the man in black who was wearing the mask of the Jack of Hearts.

At this moment, although he couldn’t see the expression under the mask, it was clear that after hearing Bolen’s bid of 100 million snow crystal coins, the Jack of Hearts was somewhat anxious.

He revealed his finger and continuously tapped on the chair handle.

After about ten seconds, he spoke.

“8,000 snow crystal coins and a demigod artifact.”

The price of a demigod artifact wasn’t just 20 million snow crystal coins.

At this moment, two more voices appeared in the venue.

“Two demigod artifacts.”

“Two demigod artifacts and an orchid fragrance flower.”

Bolen frowned. It seemed like many hidden people were preparing to participate in this competition.

He wasn’t too surprised. After all, the elders of the Elizabeth family had told him before he went to the public auction this time, there would probably be many mysterious existences in this auction. He had to be careful.

Some of the elders in the family had even specially emphasized that they had to return to the inner city carefully after obtaining the resplendent gemstone.

These words lingered in Bolen’s heart for a long time.

What did this mean?

It meant that even the Elizabeth family, one of the best in the inner city, could not guarantee his safety.

Moreover, he had at least three peak-stage god-domain existences by his side!

Was the temptation of the resplendent gemstone, Lorna, really that great?

Bolen slowly let out a long breath and continued to bid.

“Five demigod artifacts, one of which is a damaged demigod artifact.”

The entire crowd was in an uproar!

They had never thought that the Elizabeth family would actually choose to take out a damaged demigod artifact!

Even if it was a damaged one!

In the underground city, where the strongest person on the surface was only a peak-stage divine-level existence, the temptation of taking out a demigod artifact was absolutely terrifying!

Even though many people knew that Elizabeth was a magnate existence in the inner city, they still harbored evil thoughts.

If they could rob the Elizabeth family, how much wealth would they have?

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