Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 582 - The Purpose of the Navarro Clan’s Visit!

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Chapter 582: The Purpose of the Navarro Clan’s Visit!

“I offer 270,000 snow crystal coins.”

At this moment, Briz Navarro was sitting in VIP Hall Number Three. He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he spoke in a deep voice.

Briz Navarro was shirtless. There was an eagle tattooed on his muscular body.

This eagle was the symbol of the Navarro family. It was also their family’s totem.

However, even ordinary people in the outer city of the underground city would subconsciously avoid this eagle when they saw it.

After all, the Navarro family could be considered as an existence that could be ranked high in the inner city of the underground city.

This place was the outer city. Even an ordinary person in the inner city could become an existence with an illustrious status in the outer city.

As the third young master of the Navarro family, of course, Briz could be considered as a superior person.

However, as the third young master of the Navarro family in the inner city, why did Briz enter the outer city and represent the auction house of the Kardas family?

Of course, there was a reason. As the third young master of the Navarro family, Briz had received the news of the last mysterious item in the auction house of the Kardas family, this was why the third young master of the Navarro family was sent to the outer city to inquire about the news.

If the news from the secret agents was true, Briz would represent the Navarro family to participate in this auction.

Originally, Briz hated the outer city of the underground city. In Briz’s eyes, such an existence represented low status.

As one of the top ranked Navarro family in the inner city, it was naturally not surprising for him to have such an opinion.

However, even though he was the esteemed third young master of the Navarro family, even though he had an illustrious status in the inner city, he had no choice but to admit at this moment… the importance of the final auction item of the Kardas family to their family.

If Briz’s guess was correct, the final mysterious item was the most important key that could open the legendary land of Lorna.

Lorna, the legendary Holy Land!

Even the head of the Navarro family and even the king of the underground city had to admit that this was the Holy Land that everyone yearned for!

It was known as the most open and free city in the underworld.

No matter how low your status was before, you were like an ant. After you entered Lorna, you did not need to be weaker than others.

On the contrary, if you were the king of the outside world, you would not be able to ask others to do anything for you in Lorna. Even if you asked others to pour you a cup of wine, it would still not do.

Lorna, who was completely prohibited from using force, had the most well-informed information in the entire underworld.

The organizations that were able to take root here were definitely not ordinary people!

Their strength was so strong that ordinary people couldn’t imagine it. If they were willing, they could even clearly investigate what color underwear a certain king was wearing today.

Such a terrifying investigation made people shudder!

If it was not because Lorna absolutely forbade the use of force, the intertwined factions and organizations here would have exploded into incomparably terrifying sparks!

There were secrets that countless people wanted to know!

There were treasures that countless people yearned for!

As long as one had sufficient capital, they would be able to obtain these things from Lorna!

Right now, Joelson’s goal was to enter Lorna and search for the whereabouts of the mysterious fragment.

Briz Navarro grabbed a bottle of wine on the marble table in front of him and roughly grabbed it. He opened his mouth and poured it down his throat.

This was already a very exquisite wine for the outer city, but in Briz Navarro’s mouth, it tasted like urine.

Damn it, why are things in the outer city all the same? Dirty.

Briz put back the wine bottle in his hand. Although he did not say anything, his eyes did not hide his disdain for the outer city at all.

The two bunny girls who were in charge of serving Briz also felt Briz’s undisguised disdain at this moment. They curled up at the side, not knowing what to do.

After all, in Briz’s eyes, even their clothes were extremely dirty.

Briz shook his head and continued to look at the auction that was still ongoing outside the VIP room.

The auction was still ongoing.

Other than a few people who were extremely sensitive to the large families in the inner city, most people did not discover that Briz, who was sitting in VIP Room 3, was the third young master of the Navarro family in the inner city.

They only thought that the person sitting in the third VIP room was at most on the same level as Doldona in the fourth VIP room.

Although the Benolu family could be considered to be extremely powerful in the outer city, if they were to include the inner city and rank the entire inner city… Doldona’s Benolu family and the Kardas family, who were currently holding an auction, couldn’t be ranked.

In the eyes of the truly powerful families in the inner city, the two great families that were dominating the outer city were no different from clowns.

In fact, as long as the great families in the inner city were willing, they could easily bankrupt the two great families in the outer city and disappear without a trace within a short period of time.

After all, many businesses of the two great families relied on the people from the great families in the inner city.

Of course, Briz didn’t care about these people who didn’t realize Briz’s identity and contradicted the bidding.

After all, in his eyes, these people were no different from ants.

If he were to stoop to their level, it would really lower his status.

Right now, he was already participating in the auction with this group of pariahs. If he were to announce his own family and compete with these pariahs for this resplendent ring, it would probably be too devalued and wouldn’t match the prestige of the Navarro family.

Of course, the current focus of Briz wasn’t on this resplendent ring, but on the mysterious existence that the Kardas family would be auctioning off.

Although this resplendent ring was a divine artifact, in Briz’s eyes, it was just an extremely interesting little toy. It didn’t have any practical value at all.

If he really managed to get it, that would be the best. If he didn’t manage to get it, Briz naturally wouldn’t mind.

After all, who would be angry with a bunch of ants?

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