Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 563 - Take the Medicine. It’s Time to Restore Your Legs!

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Chapter 563: Take the Medicine. It’s Time to Restore Your Legs!

In Joelson’s room.

Feeling the outside of the door, Elena’s figure had already walked far away.


Only then did Joelson let out a long sigh of relief. The huge burden in his heart had finally been lifted.

Currently, Joelson’s mobility was inconvenient. Naturally, it was because he had fallen from the Wailing Abyss, causing his legs to be completely crippled.

If he was an ordinary person, he might have been crippled for the rest of his life and lost the ability to move.

The days that followed would probably be very difficult.

However, it was different for him. There were many potions in his system space.

Especially one of the potions. He remembered that it was especially useful for injuries.

He slowly closed his eyes.

Magic power gradually emerged from his surroundings.

At first, there were only a few magic waves.

But then, in less than five minutes, the magic waves in the room became more and more intense!

It was like boiling water, constantly bubbling.

At this moment, if other mages who were proficient in magic were beside him, they would definitely be shocked by the magic waves in the surroundings.

This was because the magic fluctuations that covered the entire room represented that Joelson’s control over magic power had already reached an extremely terrifying level.

It was likely that even if one looked at the entire city, one would not be able to find someone like Joelson who could control magic power to such an extent.

After which, another ten minutes passed.

The entire room was completely filled with Joelson’s magic power. The magic power in the entire room suddenly stopped.

Subsequently, the magic power in the air suddenly shrunk together.

The magic power in the entire room began to shrink continuously.

From the size of the entire room, it finally turned into a magic light ball that was the size of a normal man’s head.

The magic energy within it had changed from the gaseous magic energy that had filled the entire room to a sticky slime-like existence.

This magic energy was completely golden. If an ordinary person were to look at the current Joelson, they would definitely think that he was holding a very precious gem.

Unfortunately, this magic light ball was not worth a single cent.

After all, this magic light ball could not escape Joelson’s control. Once it lost control, this magic light ball would instantly disappear.

Of course, there was also a small chance that the chaotic magic law within would cause a violent explosion.

If this extremely terrifying explosion could be considered a value, then this magic light ball of Joelson’s should also be worth something.

After all, if such a terrifying bomb could be produced, it would also require a lot of resources.

At this moment, Joelson’s eyes were tightly shut.

His mental energy was extremely concentrated.

The magic light wave on his right palm slowly began to change.

At the beginning, it was only a circular shape, but soon, the magic light ball in Joelson’s hand became complicated.

The light ball turned into fine threads and slowly wrapped around his body.

The magic threads were even thinner than hair. As the magic threads wrapped around his body, various details about his body gradually appeared in his mind.

It was extremely detailed, and he did not miss even the slightest bit of information.

After performing a major examination on his upper body and finding that there was no problem, and that he was even healthier than most people, Joelson turned his gaze to his lower body.

He had fallen from an unknown height, but only his lower body had suffered serious injuries. It seemed that his body was indeed very strong.

That was what Joelson could not help but think.

However, as the magic filaments wrapped around Joelson’s lower body, he could not help but frown.

What was going on?

This situation was too horrible to look at!

At this moment, it was not an exaggeration to describe Joelson’s lower body as tragic.

Below his thigh, there were shattered bones. Even Joelson could not find where his original knee was.

His muscles had also suffered terrible injuries. It could be said that it was already a miracle that both of his legs had not been amputated.

Of course, the biggest reason was that the extremely powerful magic power in Joelson’s body was supporting the lower half of his body.

This majestic magic power covered the lower half of Joelson’s body and helped his legs bear 99% of the force.

If he did not have this magic power, it was likely that his legs would immediately explode and turn into a bloody mist.

After completely understanding the situation, he was able to find the right medicine.

His right hand slowly snapped his fingers in the air.

After which, the space slowly twisted, and a strange system space appeared in front of him.

Among them, all the good things that Joelson had looked for were placed in this place.

Joelson searched for a while, and finally found an extremely ordinary small bottle in a corner.

With a flash of light, this small bottle appeared in Joelson’s hand.

Joelson twisted the cap of the small bottle, but before he could open it, a rich medicinal fragrance came from within.

This thing was called the Tears of Goddess Walgrace. It was something that Joelson had found on a journey. It contained a huge amount of magic power and could repair various injuries to the body.

Even if he was only left with his last breath, as long as he drank this thing, he would be able to recover his strength in a short period of time.

Joelson did not hesitate. He directly opened the bottle cap and swallowed the turbid liquid into his mouth.

The moment the turbid liquid entered his throat, he raised his eyebrows.


Bang bang!

He could clearly hear the sound of his heartbeat coming from his chest.

His heart had been strengthened.

It was as though his heart was operating like a steam engine.

After the pressure of the heart, countless blood rushed towards the five viscera and six bowels!

After the five viscera and six bowels were strengthened by the blood of the heart, they also showed different changes.

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