Breeding Dragons From Today

Authors : Fish For Every Year

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Adventure , Action , Slice of Life

Chapters: 596

Last update: 9 hours ago

4.6 /5

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My name is Joelson, and I traversed across the world. I arrived at a continent of sword and magic and became a noble sorcerer.Unfortunately, my talent in magic was mediocre, and I was vexed.Fortunately, I have a cheating systema magical ranch that can breed dragons.In order to survive, I began to raise dragons. Fire dragon. Earth dragon. Ice dragon. Wind dragon. Chaos dragon. Dark demon dragon. Light dragon...Many years later, legends about me were spread everywhere on this continent. The name everyone addressed to me also changed. Some called me God of Magic! Some called me Dragon Master! Some even called me, "the man beyond the gods"!

Breeding Dragons From Today