Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy - Chapter 618 - Cheer up quickly

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Chapter 618 Cheer up quickly

Gu Yan also knew that Mo Yichen was in a mess now and suffered both mental and body pain, but she couldn’t see Mo Yichen backslideanymore. Now that he could promise her, he definitely still hoped to solve the matter of the company.

Gu Yan nodded with a powerful “well”. She knew that it was not a simple matter. It was difficult for anyone to accept the result in such a short time.

It seemed like Gu Yan couldn’t imagine that Jiang Jingcheng secretly misappropriated the studio and became the boss. She could not believe that. How venomous such a man was!

But thinking of Jiang Jingcheng’s previous slovenly attitude, she could not imagine how he was like when being a boss.

However, Gu Yan also knew that Jiang Jingcheng would not betray her.

“How are you today? Do you feel better? It’s so cold outside. But you wear a thin jacket! Do you want to catch a cold again and be worse?”

Gu Yan blamed Mo Yichen for wearing a thin jacket to go outside on such a cold day. Did he want to be worse?

Mo Yichen saw Gu Yan frowning. He had a guilty look on his face when Gu Yan blamed him.

“I feel much better now. I am afraid that you misunderstand me, so I come to explain that to you in a hurry. If you are angry with me, maybe I will not recover. But if you forgive me, I will recover at once and I can change the shift of you tomorrow…”

Mo Yichen’s voice slowed down and trailed away. Gu Yan was curious what was happened to him, so she turned her head confusedly.

“Atishoo!” Mo Yichen suddenly gave a violent sneeze. Gu Yan couldn’t help but laugh. Mo Yichen scratched his head awkwardly.

Mo Yichen laughed together with Gu Yan.

“Okay, go in to greet your mother and then have a rest at home and cope with the matter.” Gu Yan stopped laughing and exposed a serious face. Since Mo Yichen had come to the hospital, it was better for him to greet Li Yunhong. Although catching a cold was not a big deal now, Li Yunhong definitely worried about him very much.

She should rest assured when she saw Mo Yichen. Hearing this, Mo Yichen nodded. He thought since he was here, it was better to greet his mother. But he should not stay long. Because Xiangyan and his mother had poor resistance now, he didn’t want to infect them.

Gu Yan stood up. Mo Yichen followed her. They walked in the ward. Gu Yan gave way to Mo Yichen to let him enter the ward firstly.

Hearing the loud laughter of Gu Yan, Li Yunhong knew that Mo Yichen was coming. Although she worried about him, she was still poker-faced. Now that he could come to the hospital, he couldn’t be badly ill. Li Yunhong thought he came here not only for visiting her!

She saw Gu Yan with a florid face standing behind Mo Yichen. She totally didn’t want to be kind. She thought Mo Yichen didn’t care about her while he was his wife’s side.

Gu Yan knew why Li Yunhong became angry. Although she knew the reason, she couldn’t help but only sigh secretly that Li Yunhong’s temper is really not something that anyone can guess.

But now, Li Yunhong was talking to Mo Yichen, so she had to listen to Li Yunhong’s endless concerns for Mo Yichen at the side. Gu Yan didn’t say anything for fear that Li Yunhong would reprove her.

Mo Xiangyan also missed his dad and wanted to talk to him. Since Li Yunhong and Mo Yichen were talking about the matter of the business. He stayed quiet and didn’t make any noise.

After they finished their talk, Mo Yichen stepped forward. Although Mo Yichen knew that he should not be close to Mo Xiangyan, he still couldn’t help but kiss Mo Xiangyan’s cute face.

“Hey, don’t touch Xiangyan. You may infect him. Go home right now. Maybe you will get worse in the hospital. Li Yunhong didn’t want his son to get close to his grandson. She loved them so much and didn’t want neither of them to be ill. But now Mo Yichen was like a walking source of infection. She definitely wouldn’t let him touch Mo Xiangyan.

Li Yunhong urged Mo Yichen to go home quickly.

Seeing his mother and wife didn’t want him to stay, Mo Yichen left the ward. But now his mood was quite different from that when he just entered the hospital.

Gu Yan sent Mo Yichen to the gate of the ward. They were reluctant to say farewell to each other. Looking at Gu Yan’s black-ringed eyes and emaciated body, Mo Yichen felt more regretful and blamed himself for his wilful action today.

Mo Yichen knew that he must pull himself together quickly. Because the burden of the whole family couldn’t only be placed on Gu Yan, and he was the person who needed to bear the pressure.

Mo Yichen determined to launch an investigation into the matter of the company. Although at home he couldn’t help Gu Yan to look after Mo Xiangyan and his mother, he still could calm down to deal with the matter of the company. Most of things couldn’t be delayed at all.

He needed to take an action at once. He also knew he was completely excluded from the core affair of the company and it was difficult for him to learn about the inside story of it.

However, Mo Yichen didn’t believe that all the staff of the company betrayed him. It must be a few people who backed him up. They were unable to do something just because of the current harsh situation. As long as the circumstances got better after a few days, some of them would come to see him.

But he overturned this idea quickly. Who could he believe now? He could not forget why he was in such a bad situation. It was because he blindly believed his uncle.

Up to now, Mo Yichen didn’t want to call him uncle. However, his “uncle” transferred the company is really beyond Mo Yichen’s expectation.

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