Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy - Chapter 617 - Please give me some more time

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Chapter 617 Please give me some more time

Gu Yan knew that she was impossible to avoid meeting Mo Yichen all the time. But with such a bad mood now, she didn’t know how to face him.

Gu Yan stared blankly at the white wall in front of her. She did not notice the figure which was slowly approaching her.

Mo Yichen looked at Gu Yan’s lonely figure from the distant to the close, he felt even more heartbroken and regretful. He knew what he said was total a mess. Now, he only wanted to meet Gu Yan and explain his original meaning to her.

Mo Yichen knew that he couldn’t lose Gu Yan, and he was unwilling to see Gu Yan to be hurt and wronged. If she was wronged because of him, he would not forgive himself.

Until Gu Yan saw the shadow in front of her, she came to her senses. Seeing Mo Yichen standing in front of her, Gu Yan blinked in disbelief.

Did she have an illusion? At this moment, Mo Yichen should be at home.

Mo Yichen sat down on the bench next to Gu Yan. She certainly made sure it was Mo Yichen.

Gu Yan couldn’t help but annoy. Why did he come to see her on such a cold day when he was sick. What did he want to do?

“Yan,” said Mo Yichen. Hearing this, Gu Yan had no idea of blaming him instantly.

She was a little shocked and felt a little delighted. She also felt it was funny that she was so dependent on him. Her heart was softened in a moment just because Mo Yichen called her “Yan”. It seemed that Gu Yan had been obsessed with him. But when thinking of the words Mo Yichen said to her this morning, she didn’t want to talk to him.

“What are you doing on such a cold day? Don’t you know you are still sick seriously?” Gu Yan couldn’t help but blame him. He didn’t care about his body, which meant that he was irresponsible not only for him but also his entire family.

Everyone was waiting for Mo Yichen’s recovery and didn’t want to see that he was still in low spirits and didn’t take care of himself.

“I knew that you misunderstoodwhat I said to you this morning. I have to explain it to you personally rather than saying some perfunctory words on the phone.” Mo Yichen was also obsessed with Gu Yan. When he thought of his shit words, he wanted to slap himself.

But it had already happened, and Mo Yichen knew that he could only remedy the situation rather than let it go, which would cause a terrible situation he couldn’t imagine.

After listening to Mo Yichen’swords, Gu Yan did not make an immediate response, and she waited for his next explanation. Now that he had come here, she wanted his whole explanation.

Mo Yichen looked at Gu Yan, but she did not turn around to see him. He knew he indeed annoyed her. She treated him wholeheartedly but he still hurt her. What an ungrateful man!

“I didn’t mean that. I just don’t want you to be so tired. I don’t know why I said that rude words. I will tell you anything that you want to know about me.”

“But, Yan. The things in the business circle are not so simple. You like to design, just do it intently. I don’t want you to see the wheeling-and-dealing in the business circle. Believe me that I can handle these things well.”

Although she did not look at Mo Yichen’s eyes, Gu Yan knew that he was sincere and she forgave him in her mind.

She also knew she would not blame him and what she wanted was Mo Yichen’s explanation.

No matter what Mo Yichen said, Gu Yan would believe him. She believed that Mo Yichen would not cheat her.

“There are so many things recently. Since you are so tired in the hospital every day, I don’t want to put more pressure on you. You just need to take care of yourself, my mother and Xiangyan. It is the biggest help to me. As for other things, please believe me, I can handle them well.”

Gu Yan looked at Mo Yichen constantly explaining. She had forgiven him. Or say, she had never really blamed him.

“Okay, please stop.”

Gu Yan interrupted Mo Yichen, and then he was in a panic. Didn’t Gu Yan forgive him? Mo Yichen was extremely regretted that his shit words got her pissed off.

But how could Gu Yan forgive him? Mo Yichen turned his head.

When he was about to say something, he saw Gu Yan’s charming smile which almost melt his heart. He was too excited to say anything.

Suddenly he realized that Gu Yan’s smile meant she forgave him. Mo Yichen felt at ease.

Gu Yan suddenly hugged Mo Yichen.

Mo Yichen was shocked that Gu Yan used to be a passive person but this time she gave him a sudden hug. However, Mo Yichen could probably get Gu Yan’s meaning. He reached out and hugged Gu Yan.

“Promise me you won’t hurt me with your words anymore. I will not forgive you easily next time.”

Mo Yichen flattened his head against Gu Yan. Her hair smelled familiar and Mo Yichen felt at ease slowly. His heart just like a boat was finally moored in its harbor.

Finally, Mo Yichen couldn’t help but smile, “Yes, I promise.”

Gu Yan also smiled. She knew how many difficulties they had put through together. She would never give up this relationship, so would Mo Yichen.

“Promise me you will cheer up soon. We need you to manage the work.”

Mo Yichen hesitated for a moment. Because he had not yet come up with an idea to face the matter of work. He was still in a mess and didn’t know what to do. Although he had done a few enquiries, the more he found, the more disappointed he was.

The people who were promoted by Mo Yichen personally now betrayed him easily for the sake of the short-term benefit. Mo Yichen thought everything was so ridiculous. He really didn’t know who was worth being trusted at present.

“I promise you that I will handle the matter of the company. But please give me some more time, OK?”

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