Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1989: Technique

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Chapter 1989: Technique

A series of desperate shouts tried to seep past the suppression of the dark world, but Noah made sure to keep the area silent. He needed complete concentration in that situation. He was finally getting somewhere, and he couldn't let anything disturb him.

Noah had stronger attacks at his disposal. He could use his final slash, Night, or Shafu, but his focus was on the Cursed Sword now. He had to fulfill his weapon's full potential, which ended up requiring a new technique.

The bloodlust was a weapon that matched his destruction. Noah had always used it as a tool to improve other aspects of his existence, but there was more to it, and he could feel it now. The Cursed Sword had given birth to that violent and unreasonable energy, so it could deploy it in ways that other techniques couldn't.

The crack in the cultivator's world proved that Noah was on the right path. The empowerment given by his ambition and dark matter forced the Cursed Sword to reach a superior state, which allowed him to understand how to use that weapon correctly.

The world shook as Noah raised the Cursed Sword again. The high-pitched noises returned as bloodlust spread through the waves of dark matter. Those sounds were a mere consequence of the pure violence radiated by the blade and its wielder, but that alone was enough to destroy chunks of higher energy.

Noah forced those noises to intensify. He poured more ambition and bloodlust into his weapon to increase its power and effects. The blade wanted to shatter the world, but the dark matter didn't let it. The Cursed Sword had to condense that power and released all of it during a single sharp slash.

The descent of the blade made the dark world fall silent again. No shockwaves followed the impact, but another crack appeared on the cultivator's world. The second fissure was larger than the first, but that didn't satisfy Noah. He knew that the technique wasn't complete.

The Cursed Sword had been a mere rank 7 weapon in the past. Noah had brought its power to the peak of the eighth rank after many battles. He had endured countless drawbacks, but he had finally reached the point when the blade was ready to evolve.

The evolution didn't involve its mere level. It touched deeper aspects of its structure. The process wanted to bring the Cursed Sword to a superior level of existence, a realm that featured a different technique.

Even the creator of the Cursed Sword couldn't predict its full potential, and Noah had always treated the blade as a mere tool that could make him express more power than usual. That was its purpose in the end, and no one would dare to consider it weak.

However, the ninth rank wanted more. Actually, the same Cursed Sword wished to obtain a new ability that could define a path, and Noah was slowly creating it. He used the bloodlust as a fuel that followed the movements dictated by his destruction to develop a technique capable of expressing a superior form of sharpness.

The high-pitched noises returned as soon as Noah raised the Cursed Sword, and the dark world found itself unable to bear them. The dark matter shattered and dispersed without managing to empower the blade, but Noah didn't care about that. His weapon wanted to destroy, so he would let it crush everything that dared to stand around it.

The sharp edge of the Cursed Sword trembled together with the high-pitched noises as it shattered the waves of dark matter that still tried to envelop its structure. Those sounds grew louder and destroyed the fabric of the sky, opening a spiderweb of cracks among the whiteness that expanded as the process continued.

King Elbas had to retreat again, but his attention didn't remain on Noah. He didn't underestimate the Cursed Sword, but a bigger problem had appeared after the dispersion of the dark world. The sky now shone on the area, which gave Heaven and Earth the chance to restore the cultivator.

The sky remained silent, and Noah completed his attack. The noises vanished when the blade descended and opened a large crack on the cultivator's world. Energy started to leak out of that invisible structure, but it didn't have the chance to disperse into the world since Noah's hunger seized all of it.

The high-pitched noises that followed the preparations for the next attack opened cracks that threatened to reach the enchanting woman sitting in the distance. She wanted to remain in her position, but the situation grew dangerous, and Noah even continued to accumulate energy inside the Cursed Sword.

The liquid stage woman began to relax her legs, but King Elbas' chilling gaze promptly landed on her. He wouldn't let her move freely after everything that had happened, and she understood his intentions. She halted her attempt to leave the area, but she still floated toward a safer spot that kept her at the same distance from Noah and his friend.

The sky eventually reacted to that scene. Heaven and Earth were still dormant, but the amount of violent power accumulated inside the Cursed Sword forced some of their automated functions to deploy countermeasures.

A white pillar shot out of the sky and tried to reach the cultivator's world, but the bloodlust that filled the area shattered that mass of energy before it could restore the expert. Noah absorbed that energy and waited for the Cursed Sword to feel ready. He was trying to develop something that didn't exist, so he could only listen to his weapon to understand when to act.

Noah and the Cursed Sword didn't exchange any words. The violent thoughts that they shared wouldn't let them have a conversation anyway. Still, they let their instincts talk in their place. Their minds almost fused for a short second and made him understand when to lower his blade.

The Cursed Sword made everything go silent when it descended toward the invisible mass of energy. The amount of power in the blade would normally be enough to open a giant crack in the sky, but nothing similar happened. Noah slashed forward, and only the cultivator's world suffered due to that gesture.

The blade crossed the area occupied by the cultivator's world, and a black line appeared on that path. The mass of dense energy found a crack that divided it into two parts running through its structure.

An angry shout and a series of explosions followed the event, but Noah didn't move. His body was already a mess due to the previous attacks. Each attempt to develop the new iconic technique of the Cursed Sword had inflicted heavy injuries on his chest and back, but he barely felt them. He didn't even bother to dodge the incoming explosions since he was close to perfecting the ability.

Burns, cuts, and other injuries appeared on Noah's body, but nothing managed to touch the Cursed Sword. The raging energy released by the cultivator's world shattered as soon as it came near the blade.

Noah instinctively absorbed that energy, but he didn't inspect the healing process. He glanced at the Cursed Sword and let its sharp edge fill the area with high-pitched noises as he stabbed its tip into the cultivator's world.

The noises abruptly vanished when Noah closed his eyes. Even the cultivator stopped shouting. The Cursed Sword released its power, and the mass of energy fell apart as countless cracks spread from the weapon's tip.

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