Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1781 - 1781. Test

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Chapter 1781 - 1781. Test

King Elbas took other items out of his space-rings and proceeded to explain their effects. The quasi-rank 9 flags were the core tools required for the mission since they handled the connection with the hole in the sky.

The expert had made them to cross eventual spatial suppression from Heaven and Earth. The group would always manage to find their way back inside the broken Immortal Lands with them, which solved one of the major issues with the mission.

King Elbas even had special bracelets that could keep track of every team member through a special network that he controlled with a separate item. It was a system of upper tier tools that could create marvelous effects.

The other tools mostly involved the issues connected to space. King Elbas knew that Noah had great mastery over that aspect of the world, but he didn't want to bet everything on him, especially since Heaven and Earth had tried to counter him for a while by then.

Those items were also upper tier weapons. It seemed that only the flags had come out as something logic-defying. Everything else was terrific, but it still fit King Elbas' standards.

"I have prepared something to study the environment in the void," King Elbas explained while taking out a pair of glasses that featured thick lenses. "These will make us able to look past dimensions. We'll see the void and the other spaces connected with those areas."

"Can they look past the whiteness even if Heaven and Earth are overseeing the scene?" Noah asked.

His curiosity had the better of him. Noah had always respected King Elbas' talent and achievements, but he ended up questioning his words anyway since the mission didn't allow failures or missteps.

"They can't if taken alone," King Elbas explained, "But I'm sure I can destabilize their control over a certain area if you give me enough time."

King Elbas had worked hard to prepare everything for the mission. He seemed even ready to start the quest right away, but he didn't hesitate to stop Noah's excitement when that feeling began to flow into his expression.

"They are all prototypes," King Elbas added before Noah could give any order. "I'm confident in the flags, but all the other items need testing in the actual void. They work inside my replicas of the environment, but everything could be different since Heaven and Earth have spread their influence there."

"Do you want to do some actual test then?" Noah asked while wearing an excited smirk.

"Now?" King Elbas asked. "I haven't even created all the items that I need. These are only the necessary tools, but I want to be ready to deploy multiple plans and even more countermeasures."

"Won't gaining experience from the actual environment benefit those creations?" Noah asked, and King Elbas struggled to find an answer.

Noah was an inscription master, so he knew how much King Elbas could benefit from the testing in the real environment of the mission. However, the latter didn't want to agree with him out of fear of traveling to the void right away.

His fears became true even when he remained silent. Noah couldn't wait to see that new environment. The two experts exchanged a meaningful stare that ended with King Elbas' curiosity seeping out of his figure.

"Dammit," King Elbas cursed. "Just a quick trip. I need to place a few sensors there anyway."

"Don't tell anyone that we are leaving," Noah ordered while turning toward Jordan.

King Elbas shook his head and heaved a sigh, but he still followed Noah when the latter set off and left the area protected by the golden dome.

The duo didn't have any problem crossing the wide array of lightning bolts constantly crashing on the golden dome. They distanced themselves from the landmass until one of King Elbas' sensors rang.

"The hole is right above us," King Elbas explained, and Noah nodded before shooting high in the sky.

King Elbas promptly followed him, and the duo flew higher until only whiteness filled their vision. The pressure falling on Noah's mind also intensified, but a black dot eventually appeared above him.

The dot expanded until it became a massive hole in the immense white layer that covered the entirety of the higher plane. The exit grew closer, and the two experts soon found themselves right under it, but they didn't cross it immediately.

King Elbas placed multiple items around the edges of the hole. They were mostly sensors meant to study Heaven and Earth's laws more in detail, but he also attached one of the quasi-rank 9 flags.

Of course, King Elbas couldn't just place the items on the sky. That white material absorbed laws, even those contained inside inscribed tools. He required a protective membrane that could isolate that feature, and Noah discovered that the expert had already prepared twelve different versions of a slimy substance meant for that purpose.

The first nine versions failed to fend off the sky's absorbing properties, but the tenth worked perfectly. It created a series of golden patches around the hole's edges where King Elbas placed all his tools.

"The other side now," King Elbas exclaimed before handing one of the golden bracelets to Noah.

Noah took the item and let the dark world handle it. The organ couldn't understand the entirety of the bracelet's functions and structure, but it could make it work better when inside the currents of dark matter.

King Elbas grabbed a small shard of glass from his space-ring, and he nodded when he saw that the tool kept track of Noah's position. Everything was working for now, and even the items attached to the sky had begun to show their functions. Still, that was only the easy part.

King Elbas and Noah exchanged a nod before crossing the hole. Immense white walls encircled them as they flew higher. They were in an immense tunnel that radiated intense laws belonging to Heaven and Earth's system.

The duo didn't dare to speak so close to the sky. King Elbas even used part of his isolating substance to cover his figure before offering it to Noah.

A golden rock ended up in Noah's hand, and he quickly imitated King Elbas' movements to use that item. The mineral released a strange golden powder that created a protective layer above his skin. That substance also fended off Heaven and Earth's mental pressure.

The blinding light dimmed in Noah's eyes as the substance covered him. Everything became clearer in his vision and eventually allowed him to see the complete darkness of the void waiting for his group.

An external force tried to drag Noah's law out of his body, but his existence was too firm to suffer from the dangers of the void. The same went for King Elbas. That new environment couldn't do anything to affect him.

A world without Heaven and Earth's light unfolded in their vision when they exited the immense white tunnel. Noah and King Elbas didn't find any trace of the dimensional passage that connected the hole to the Mortal Lands, but they didn't let that sight trick them.

They both knew that Heaven and Earth's light spread past the sky, but the white layer under them seemed unable to push its glow into the void. There was something off with that scene, and King Elbas promptly took out his items to test a few theories.

Noah studied the empty scene. He couldn't see the stars from there, but he still admired that complete blackness. It felt good to be in a dark environment after spending millennia under constant whiteness.

"I created the hole," King Elbas announced while using a strange item that resembled a clawed finger to pierce the fabric of space.

A line opened in that complete blackness, and white light came out of it. Noah neared the expert before they both peeked past that crack in the sky.

An even more intense whiteness hit their eyes and blinded them, but their minds could send mental waves on the other side. It was hard to study the structures in that environment, but a surprising discovery soon captured their attention.

Both Noah and King Elbas were sensing traces of life on the other side of the crack.

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