Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want - Chapter 667 - The Two Men Who Were Surprised, Gu Yan, Had Arrived

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Chapter 667: The Two Men Who Were Surprised, Gu Yan, Had Arrived

th the assertion of the prophet, no matter how anxious grandfather Han was, he did not dare to let his grandson get engaged and get married so quickly.

The prophecy of the youth was not something that could be casually said.

Grandfather no longer forced him to get engaged with other women. This made Han Xiao heave a huge sigh of relief.

If he could delay it until he was thirty, he could relax during these seven years.

The only thing he felt guilty about was his grandfather.

Outside Han Manor, Qin Shu carried President Ba and jumped down from a big tree at the side. She left with light steps.

After she came out, she went up to the big tree by the courtyard wall. The branches and leaves were lush and could easily hide her figure.

Fu Tingyu and Jun Li were waiting not far away.

When she reached the place, the car door opened from the inside and she sat in.

The pitch-black body of the car flew away.

In the car.

After Qin Shu got on, she took off the voice changer and said, “Things are going very smoothly.”

The man breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that. He almost wanted to go in to see how the girl was doing.

In the end, he stopped because it snowed suddenly.

For the past two days, the girl had been staring at the weather forecast, saying that the weather was cool today and the timing was right.

Jun Li was curious. “How did you do it?”

“That’s simple. Isn’t a prophet making the prophecy? As long as I say it, it will happen. They will believe it.” Qin Shu said it very easily.

The man was curious too. “Then what is your prophecy?”

They didn’t know what the girl had done.

At that time, Fu Tingyu and Jun Li felt that she didn’t need them. They even felt that they were being despised.

“The Hanqiao Courtyard that grandfather Han built was on fire. It’s gone.”

Qin Shu said casually, “Also, it snowed in Qi Hua. You guys saw it just now.”

“Did you make that snow?”

Fu Tingyu and Jun Li were both surprised.

“Yes, artificial snow. It’s very simple. Didn’t you guys notice that when you went out today, it was much colder than usual?”

Qin Shu looked at them with a smile.

“Yes, it was much colder.” Jun Li thought about it and finally understood.

“It’s because of the low temperature. With this condition, artificial snow can be made. Otherwise, it would be artificial rain.”

Jun Li couldn’t help but laugh.

The man laughed too. “Qi Hua has never had snow, but you predicted that it would snow. You must have made old Han speechless with surprise.”

Qin Shu nodded. He was speechless from shock.

This was also the reason why she took the risk.

Fu Tingyu only knew then that the girl had been pondering over the weather forecast. So she was just waiting for the temperature to drop?

“What if the temperature doesn’t drop and the snow you predicted doesn’t fall? How are you going to deal with it?” The man asked again.

Qin Shu said very seriously, “So, while I was sitting there, I kept thinking that the snow should come in time.”

Seeing Qin Shu like this, the two men laughed again.

The man stretched out his arm and pulled the girl into his arms.

When everything settled down, the snow fell for three hours before it stopped.

Grandfather Han was sitting in the study room. When he thought of seeing the prophet today, he was still very excited.

It had been eight years since the last time.

In Huaxia’s Imperial capital, he was lucky enough to see the prophet and witness the process of the prophecy with his own eyes. It was something he would never forget in his life.

He was extremely excited to witness the entire process of the prophet’s prophecy once again.

Thinking that the prophet youth was in Qi Hua, Old Master Han could not sit still. He had to get someone to find him before he left.

He had to ask him if Xiao’er’s leg could recover in a short period of time.

In order to find the prophet youth as soon as possible, Old Master Han got someone to adjust the surveillance cameras and use clear photos to find him. The speed would be extremely fast.

He called the butler and ordered, “Go and check the surveillance cameras. Take the photos of the prophet, go and find him in the shortest time possible.”.

“Yes, Old Master, I will go immediately.”

The Butler accepted the order and quickly went to check the surveillance cameras.

Just as Old Man Han was waiting anxiously, the Butler came back in a hurry.

“Old Man, something bad. The surveillance cameras are all paralyzed. We can’t capture what happened today,” the Butler said hurriedly.

“What? The surveillance cameras are all down?” Old Man Han could not help but be shocked. Since the establishment of the Han Manor, there had never been a case of the surveillance cameras being down.

“Let’s go and take a look.” He quickly followed the butler out.

In the surveillance room.

Old Man Han hurriedly walked in and looked at the surveillance personnel. He quickly explained.

“Old man, the surveillance cameras are all down. Nothing recorded inside or outside the Han manor today.”

Old Master Han asked, “Have you found out what the reason is?”

“I haven’t found out. The monitor screen is completely blank,” the caretaker answered.

Old Master Han frowned. The monitor screen that had never been broken before was blanked?

Combined with what happened today, the fire and snow were all things that had never happened before.

Old Master Han seemed to have thought of something. Could it be that the prophet did not want people to see his true face and find him?

So the surveillance cameras were down?

Other than this explanation, he could not think of anything else.

In this way, Old man Han could only give up on searching for the prophet’s whereabouts.

The hotel.

After Jun Li returned to the hotel, he went back to his room to rest.

During this period of time, he had used up too much of his energy, and it was too much for him.

So after lying on the bed, he did not even want to move.

Su Ying brought over a bowl of freshly brewed Chinese medicine. When he found out that the young master had returned, he brought it over.

“Young master, drink the Chinese medicine first before you rest.”Juying put down the medicine and when he saw that the young master did not show any signs of waking up, he called out again.

“Young master, wake up. Drink the Chinese medicine first before you sleep.”

Jun Li’s eyes were tightly shut as if he was impatient. He furrowed his brows and said, “Don’t make noise, let me sleep for a while first.”

Jun Li’s voice was soft, to begin with, and at this moment, it was as if he was talking in his sleep. If he had not been so close to him, coupled with the fact that his martial prowess was not low, he would not have been able to hear what he was saying at all.

Su Ying sighed. These past few days, in order to find Qin Shu and to find the orchid grass, the young master’s energy had been exhausted.

It would be strange if he was not tired.

Su Ying carried the medicine and turned around to leave. He would give it to the young master when he woke up.

Qin Shu didn’t feel tired when she disguised herself as the prophet last time, but this time, she felt tired for some reason.

She sat on the sofa and leaned on the man’s shoulder, feeling a little drowsy.

The man was peeling an orange in his hand. He asked Shi Yan to buy it because he knew that the girl liked to eat these.

At this moment, Qin Shu, who was sleepy, received a call from Han Xiao.

“Thank you, and for the friend, you called. My grandfather is no longer forcing me.”

“Friends should help. It’s too polite to say thank you.”

“Yes, I know.”

Han Xiao could hear that Qin Shu’s voice was nasal as if she had just woken up, so he didn’t say anything more and hung up.

When Qin Shu picked up the phone, the man saw the caller ID. After listening to the content, he continued peeling the orange.

Just then, the phone rang again in the quiet living room. This time, it was Gu Yan calling Fu Tingyu.

“I’m in Qi Hua. I’ll be at the hotel in about an hour.”

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