Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want - Chapter 1086 - Don't Blame Me for Being Selfish For Once  

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Chapter 1086: Don’t Blame Me for Being Selfish For Once

Even if Fu Tingyu didn’t say it out loud, she knew that the man was referring to Han Xiao. He had always treated Han Xiao as his love rival.

The key was that Han Xiao had never said anything about bringing her home.

The jealousy was really strong.

Qin Shu blinked her eyes. When did she say that she was going home with Han Xiao?

“Do you still think I’m lying to you? Go do a paternity test now.”In order to prove that Xiao Jiu was her son and he was her hubby, Fu Tingyu couldn’t wait to do a paternity test.

This method was mentioned by the girl before.

In the beginning, he didn’t believe that he was her hubby, so the girl mentioned doing a paternity test with her son.

But the paternity test was indeed the fastest and most effective method.

Qin Shu could only follow the man’s footsteps. What was the point of doing a paternity test?

Wasting money, wasting time, and wasting blood.

Suddenly telling him that she didn’t have memory loss didn’t seem too good either.

When she was about to walk to the blood test, she suddenly said, “I’m afraid of blood draw. I’m afraid of pain.”

The man stopped in his tracks when he heard that. He turned his head to look at the girl and saw that she was afraid. He couldn’t help but feel a little distressed, but when he thought about how she wasn’t willing to go home with him.., he could only clench his teeth. “You’re afraid of pain. Later, you’ll bite my hand. If you’re afraid, I’ll cover your eyes. If you can’t see, you won’t be afraid anymore.”

Qin Shu:”…” You won’t be afraid if you cover your eyes?

A few years ago, he would often cover his eyes. Other than covering his eyes, he did not even know if he should draw blood?

“If you want you can draw your own blood. Anyway, I’m not going to do it. If you don’t feel heartache, I’ll feel heartache for myself.”

The man said somewhat helplessly, “But you don’t believe that I’m your hubby.”

Qin Shu pursed her lips. “I’m tired. I want to rest.”

The man looked at the girl’s tired face. She had just undergone surgery yesterday. If she was not a martial arts practitioner, she would still be lying on the bed. He sighed to himself. “Then go back to the ward and rest.”

Qin Shu replied very quickly, “Okay.”

After returning to the ward, with the man’s help, Qin Shu lay down on the bed. He tucked her in and then closed her eyes. Perhaps she was really tired, so she fell asleep not long after she closed her eyes.

The man looked at the girl’s face after she fell asleep. Then, he turned around and walked out of the ward, he then closed the door.

When he turned around, he saw Han Xiao standing at the door with a bag in his hand. It should be snacks.

He said, “Let’s talk.”

Han Xiao glanced at the tightly shut door of the ward and knew that Qin Shu was resting. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

On the top floor of the inpatient department, the wind was relatively stronger, and it was colder than downstairs.

Han Xiao and Fu Tingyu were of similar height and age. They were both talented and beautiful. Standing together, they were evenly matched.

Fu Tingyu went straight to the point and said, “When she is discharged from the hospital, I will bring her back to Jiangcheng.”

Han Xiao asked in return, “You came to me just to say this?”

Fu Tingyu replied with a “Yes” and turned to look at Han Xiao. Facing a love rival of more than ten years.., he spoke more directly. “She doesn’t believe that she’s my wife, but we have a certificate and an outstanding son. Don’t even think about bringing her back to Qi Hua, and don’t even think about snatching her away from me.”

Han Xiao looked at Fu Tingyu. He realized that Fu Tingyu had changed a lot from before. At the very least, he wouldn’t say these things in front of him, and he definitely wouldn’t admit that he liked Little Munchkin.

But now, he could say it without changing his expression.

He snorted lightly, “If I could snatch her away, I would have taken her away long ago.”

Fu Tingyu frowned, “What do you mean?”

Han Xiao did not answer him. Instead, he replied, “She came here for Jun Li. Since she is leaving Miao Xin, she should go to the Imperial city to see Jun Li first. Once she is at ease, she will return to Jiangcheng.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at Fu Tingyu again.

Fu Tingyu then remembered that the girl came here for Jun Li. “I will take her to see Jun Li.”

“I hope that this will not happen again. Otherwise, I will take her away and you will never find her again. I will be as selfish as you.”

Han Xiao glanced at Fu Tingyu and then turned to leave.

Fu Tingyu shouted at his back, “I won’t let this happen again, and I won’t let you have the chance to take her away.”

“I hope so,” Han Xiao said without looking back. His tall figure gradually walked away until he disappeared at the door.

When he slept at night, Fu Tingyu refused to leave. No matter how hard Qin Shu tried to chase him away, he refused to leave.

He even climbed onto the bed shamelessly and used all of his tricks from the beginning.

As long as his skin was thick, there was no bed that he could not climb onto.

On the small hospital bed, Qin Shu had undergone surgery because of an injury to her right back. She could only sleep on her side, facing the man.

Fu Tingyu could only sleep on his side. Because there was not enough space, he could not squeeze his wife in either. However, he still ignored Qin Shu’s objections and hugged her to prevent her from moving around, he said, “When you are discharged from the hospital, I will bring you to the Imperial city to play. I will also bring you to see your friend Jun Li.”

Qin Shu was about to scold him for being a hooligan when she heard the word ‘Imperial City’. She subconsciously paused. When she heard that he was going to see Jun Li, she swallowed the word ‘hooligan’.


Perhaps it was because she agreed too readily, the man was puzzled. “Huh?” He said, “Why aren’t you puzzled at all?”

Qin Shu blinked her eyes and explained, “There’s plenty to play with. Why would I be puzzled?”

The man asked in confusion, “It’s not because of Jun Li?”

Qin Shu shook her head vigorously. “No.”

Only then did the man stop asking.

If it weren’t for the lights being turned off, Fu Tingyu would be able to see the scene of Qin Shu blushing.

The man stopped asking, and Qin Shu also heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t bother about the man sleeping on the bed and was about to close her eyes to sleep when she heard the man call her. “Babe.”

The man’s voice was soft and gentle, like a mellow wine. His ending tone was like a hook that tickled her heart.

“Hmm?” She said. Before she could finish her sentence, the scent of a man blew into her face. It carried an intoxicating fragrance and swept past the tip of her nose. Without giving her a chance to react, he kissed her.

She was too familiar with the man’s scent, his scent, and his kiss.

Therefore, her body was very honest and did not reject him. Instead, she allowed him to successfully conquer her.

The man understood her very well. He knew where her most sensitive parts were, and he also knew the depth that she liked.

A soul mate that was compatible with her did not need to be guided especially. As long as there was a slight movement or breath, he would be able to understand her.

As time passed, Qin Shu forgot that she was still an amnesiac and she have to push away the man who suddenly kissed her.

The man was very satisfied with the girl’s reaction, and his mood became happy. Not being pushed away meant that even if she had lost her memory, she did not hate him.

It also reminded him of when he was in Kua Yi village, the girl always kissed him. Although he did not know her, he was not familiar with her, but surprisingly, he did not hate her who kissed him.

All the uneasiness in the past two days seemed to have been cured by this kiss.

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