Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want - Chapter 1082 - You Want to Lead Me Astray  

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Chapter 1082: You Want to Lead Me Astray

He doesn’t know why women like to move their hands and feet?

On second thought, he had done so many wrong things. It would be good to let her calm down after a few kicks.

Qin Shu snorted coldly, “You can’t get a wife, right? You know that I don’t remember the past, so you deliberately lied to me, saying that you’re my hubby? And then we had a son? Do you think I’m stupid?”I looked in the mirror today. How old am I? How could I get married and have such a big son? You have to be at least thirty years old to have such a big son, right?”

Fu Tingyu had just sat up. Before he could stand up, he heard his wife’s words. He was completely stunned. He turned his head to look at the bed in disbelief. The light in the ward was too dim, so he could only see a black shadow, the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. He asked uncertainly, “Babe, what’s wrong with you?”

Qin Shu replied unhappily, “What’s wrong with you? You calling Babe, are you calling me a little kid?”

Fu Tingyu’s heart skipped a beat. He remembered that her head was bandaged and she must have hurt her head, just like he did before. So, Babe lost her memory?

He quickly got up and switched on the lights in the ward in the dark. The pitch-black ward instantly lit up.

He hurriedly turned his head to look at the person on the bed and strode over. He sat down in front of the bed and stared at the girl. His face was still a little pale. He looked at her head, where the bandages were bandaged, but he couldn’t see the wound in front of him, the wound should be at the back of her head. He stretched out his slender fingers and leaned over, wanting to see the wound at the back of her head clear.

However, before his hand touched her, she pushed him away forcefully. “You better be careful. Don’t touch anything, or I’ll beat you up.”

Qin Shu’s clear eyes stared at him. Her hands were clenched into fists as if he were to come any closer, she would swing at him.

Fu Tingyu’s hand stopped in mid-air. Looking at the girl, her eyes were full of strangeness. He suddenly felt that when they first met in Kua Yi village, she should be very sad and distressed.

He explained, “I just want to see your wound.”

Qin Shu moved back a little. Because she had undergone surgery, her movements could not be too big, and it would be easy to pull on her wound.

When she moved to the bedside and leaned against the wall, she said, “Get lost. There’s no need for you to pretend to be kind. Don’t say that you’re my hubby. Although I’m still young, I’m not so easily deceived.”

“Babe, I’m really your hubby. Xiao Jiu is our son. I did something wrong. Not only did I hurt you, but I also made you lose your memory. It’s all my fault.”

Fu Tingyu’s heart hurt like needles. He tried to get close to her, but just as he moved, Qin Shu moved to the side again. She didn’t want him to get close at all.

He was afraid that she would pull on his wound, so he didn’t dare to get closer.

Qin Shu said, “What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Don’t think that just because I’m injured, I can’t beat you.”

Seeing the girl looking at him defensively, the man’s hand that had just reached out paused again. “I just want to hug you to sleep. I want to tell you that I really miss you…”

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by Qin Shu again. “Don’t be so mushy, okay? I’m still young. Don’t try to lead me astray.”

The man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He only wanted to hug his wife, but it had turned into that. He led her astray. They were so close in the past, she was like a fairy.

Not to mention the past, even after he lost his memory, when they first met, she was like a fairy too. Otherwise, how could he fall in love with her so quickly after losing his memory? She was the only one he want to marry. It was as if he was possessed.

He retreated for the second best. “Then can I sleep with you in my arms? I promise I won’t do anything. You’re still injured, and I won’t do anything else. I just want to sleep with you in my arms.”

Qin Shu snorted coldly. “Do you think I’m stupid? If we sleep together, how can I get married in the future?”

When the man heard that, he was immediately in a bad mood. “You’re my wife. Who else do you want to marry?”

Qin Shu touched her chin, looking as if she was recalling the appearance of the other two handsome men, “Those two handsome men today are handsome and steady. They won’t be glib-tongued, and they won’t take advantage of the situation. They’re very nice people. I think it’s worth considering.”

The man’s expression changed again. Once he thought about how Han Xiao might take advantage of the girl’s amnesia and take advantage of it, he was afraid that the girl would really fall in love with Han Xiao.

He was a little anxious and suddenly stretched out his arms to hug her. It was too sudden and too fast for Qin Shu to react. She was carried into the man’s arms. Just as she struggled, she heard the man say, “Don’t move. Be careful of the wound.”

Qin Shu could not help but roll her eyes. He knew that she was injured, but he still hugged her. It was fine if he hugged her, but he used the injury to threaten her to not move?

Once again, he hugged the girl into his arms. Only then did he calm down.

“Babe, you’re my wife. No matter how good they are, you can’t do something like abandoning your husband and son.”

Qin Shu turned her head to look at the man. She raised her hand to pat his shoulder and asked, “Are you saying that I’m your wife just because you afraid that you can’t find a wife?”

The man felt that his wife was questioning his charm. “You see, I can’t find a wife…” as soon as he finished speaking, he realized that he couldn’t say that. He immediately changed his words. “You are my wife. Other than you, I don’t want anyone else.”

Qin Shu said impatiently, “Alright, I think you should drink some cold water first to wake up. I’m feeling sleepy too. My head hurts.”

The man thought of this time and said, “Then I’ll sleep with you. I promise I won’t do anything.”

Qin Shu said, “I’ll be damned if I believe you. Get Out.”

The man thought for a while and saw the sofa not far away. He could only take a step back. “Then I’ll sleep on the sofa or the bed.”

Qin Shu squeezed out two words from between her teeth. “Sofa.”

After making up his mind, Fu Tingyu had no choice but to sleep on the sofa.

He first let the girl lie down and covered her with the blanket. Then, he turned around and turned off the lights before going to sleep on the sofa.

The man lying on the sofa stared at the person on the bed. In fact, he couldn’t see anything. There was only one thing that he couldn’t figure out.

When he lost his memory, the girl could hug him and not let him go. She could climb onto his bed and he could sleep on the sofa.

Why did it change now? Not only did she not let him hug her, but he also was not allowed to climb onto the bed too. He was sleeping on the sofa.

Was this the difference between a man and a woman?

He did not sleep well that night. Once he fell asleep, he would remember the scene he saw during the day. The girl took the bullet for him and spat out blood. Before he fainted, she even told him not to blame himself after his Gu was removed.

The more he thought about it, the more he could not fall asleep.

The next morning, Long Size came to see Qin Shu and chased everyone out.

Because Long Size was Qin Shu’s grandfather, no one dared to disobey him.

Qin Shu looked at Long Size and realized that he looked much better than yesterday, so she was relieved.

“Grandfather, please take a seat.”

“Okay.” now Long Size could walk on his own with his cane. He slowly walked to the bed and sat down on the chair.

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