Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce - Chapter 322 - For You

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Chapter 322: For You

“Wei Zhou, why are you doing this?” Su Yan smiled and asked.

Wei Zhou looked at her with a passionate expression and said, “For you.”

“Hmph, I knew your intentions were impure.” Su Yan raised her chin and revealed a knowing expression.

Wei Zhou was speechless.

After saying that, she ignored the man and walked towards Jiang Ruoruo with the cue. Just now, Jiang Ruoruo had given her water and repeatedly asked her to teach her how to play. As her fan, when she heard that Su Yan really wanted to teach her how to play, Jiang Ruoruo was over the moon.

“Are you really willing to teach me?” Jiang Ruoruo asked.

“Of course.” Su Yan smiled.

Although she wasn’t as good as Wei Zhou, her skills weren’t something that an ordinary person could compare to. It was too easy to be a coach for a newbie like Jiang Ruoruo. From placing the ball, standing posture, to holding the club and swinging the club, Su Yan taught her everything that she knew, and Jiang Ruoruo also learned very attentively. As for Wei Zhou, he could only watch from the side without blinking.

Jiang Yuan and Lan Jian were chatting while playing. Seeing that Wei Zhou was following Su Yan like her shadow, Lan Jian shrugged at Jiang Yuan. “I’m already used to it. You just need to get used to it too.”

Ever since he found out that Wei Zhou liked Su Yan, Lan Jian had been gradually mind-blown by his shameless behavior. Now, he was used to it.

Jiang Yuan smiled and said, “Su Yan is indeed quite nice.”

Lan Jian also nodded. “And she’s very good.”

As Wei Zhou’s closest friends, the two of them had witnessed Wei Zhou and Su Yan’s relationship progress from marriage to divorce, from Wei Zhou disliking and hating Su Yan to desperately trying to salvage the situation. All of this had happened in just a year. Wei Zhou and Su Yan had used their actions to explain what it meant to have the tides turn.

When Su Yan was teaching Jiang Ruoruo, her expression was very serious and focused, and her tone was very stern. She gave off the feeling of a professional coach. Perhaps she admired her too much, but Jiang Ruoruo, who had been taught by her brother Jiang Yuan several times but didn’t know how to do it, actually quickly mastered the movement and successfully became a beginner golfer. She even scored her first goal in her life.

Looking at the ball that slowly rolled into the hole, Jiang Ruoruo jumped up in joy. She was so excited that she even bragged to her brother, Jiang Yuan, “Brother, did you see that? I scored a goal. She taught me for more than ten minutes and I actually learned it. Previously, I said that it was your problem, but you insisted that I was stupid. Now, facts speak louder than words, right?”

She had always been Su Yan’s fan. Today, when she was in close contact with Su Yan again, she felt that Su Yan’s personality was extremely good. She was gentle and patient. Her admiration and love for Su Yan could no longer be expressed in words.

However, after listening to Jiang Ruoruo talk for a long time, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Su Yan. He revealed an amused expression as he said, “Su Yan, thank you for your hard work.”

He knew how stupid Jiang Ruoruo was and how her hands and feet were out of sync. As her biological brother, he knew about it very clearly. He had been teaching her since they came here, but Jiang Ruoruo still hadn’t mastered it. The last bit of his patience was exhausted, so he didn’t want to teach Jiang Ruoruo anymore.

Su Yan understood the meaning of his words and couldn’t help but laugh. “President Jiang is too polite. Ruoruo is very smart.”

There was one more thing she didn’t say, which was that it depended on who taught her. In fact, teaching people to play ball was a very patience-testing thing. In the eyes of the people who knew how to play golf, if one couldn’t master a movement, then it was a kind of stupidity, and no one liked stupid people. That was why patience was the key when teaching others.

Jiang Ruoruo didn’t seem to understand the meaning of her brother’s words. She even said happily at the side, “Do you think I can still score this time?”

Su Yan smiled and said, “According to what I taught you just now, I will definitely score.”

After she heard her words, Jiang Ruoruo’s confidence was off the charts. She adjusted her breathing and stopped smiling. She held the club with both hands and aimed, then swung it with force.

“Ah, it didn’t go in.” Looking at the ball that was so far away from the hole, Jiang Ruoruo suddenly felt a little disappointed. She sat down on the chair dejectedly, as if she had lost five million.

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s just one shot that didn’t go in. Even a professional player can’t guarantee that every ball will go in, right?” Su Yan smiled and comforted her. She felt that Jiang Ruoruo was just a child that hadn’t grown up. She was a little cute, and also a little childish.

Su Yan swallowed a mouthful of water. Suddenly, she heard Wei Zhou’s voice, “Rest for a while.”

Su Yan shook her head. “No need. I’m not tired. Aren’t you going to play with them?”

Wei Zhou shook his head. “I don’t want to play.”

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