Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce - Chapter 321 - Aren't You Afraid of Being Schemed Against By Me?

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Chapter 321: Aren’t You Afraid of Being Schemed Against By Me?

Hearing this, Su Yan smiled and said, “Alright, but if you lose, you’ll stand guard at the golf course entrance with Jiang Yuan. He will kiss the first lady who walks out, and you will kiss the second.”

Wei Zhou was speechless.

He finally understood what Jiang Yuan and Jiang Ruoruo’s gazes meant when they looked at Lan Jian just now. Lan Jian was indeed shameless. How could he come up with such a bad idea?

Lan Jian had excellent hearing. When he heard that Su Yan had proposed this bet to Wei Zhou, he immediately looked amused. He said, “Su Yan, I support you. Good luck!”

Seeing that Lan Jian was cheering for Su Yan, Wei Zhou tilted his head and glared at him coldly. Lan Jian immediately shrank his neck and looked away.

Su Yan smiled and replied, “Thank you, Young Master Lan. I will win. However, I would like to trouble President Jiang to be a referee. I wonder if President Jiang is willing?”

Hearing Su Yan’s invitation, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but smile wryly. “I’m happy to help.”

Su Yan hadn’t played in seven to eight months. She had just played one around. Although she was betting with Wei Zhou, Su Yan didn’t feel panicked at all, and even if she lost in the end, she would at most accompany Wei Zhou for dinner, which was fine. Su Yan knew her strength very well. She knew that although Wei Zhou praised her golf skills, her golf skills were mediocre compared to Wei Zhou’s. So Su Yan was playing with Wei Zhou with the mentality of taking the bull by the horns. She was still happy that she had just received 30% of the copyright from Lan Jian.

Half an hour passed, and the result was as Su Yan had expected. Although her skills were outstanding when compared to ordinary people, there was still a big gap between her and Wei Zhou. The competition was fair, even though Jiang Yuan had deliberately helped her a lot. However, she still lost to Wei Zhou.

Looking at the last ball landing on the ground, Su Yan took a deep breath and admitted, “You won.”

Wei Zhou nodded, put the club on his shoulder, and said, “You’re also very impressive. You only lost by a small margin.”

Su Yan smiled and didn’t say anything. She knew that the man had gone easy on her. Every time he played, he only scored a few points more than her. If the man had used his full strength, she would have suffered a crushing defeat.

At this moment, Jiang Ruoruo, who had wanted to go up and greet her, walked over. She handed over a bottle of soda and said, “Here is water.”

Su Yan smiled and took it. “Thank you.”

What made her feel awkward was that she could swing a golf club that weighed several kilograms, but she couldn’t unscrew the small-cap of the bottle. Wei Zhou, who was at the side, snatched the water bottle and twisted his wrist to unscrew the cap easily.

Seeing that he had unscrewed the cap and handed it back to her, Su Yan raised her eyebrows and said, “Thank you, CEO Wei.”

Wei Zhou looked at her and asked, “Since I’ve won, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Su Yan took a small sip of the soda and said, “Anything is fine.”

After saying that, she turned to look at Lan Jian, Jiang Yuan, and asked, “Why don’t the three of us come together tonight? It’ll be more lively with more people anyway.”

Without waiting for Lan Jian and Jiang Yuan to answer, Wei Zhou said, “They still have things to do so that they won’t come.”

Hearing this, Su Yan couldn’t help but turn to look at him. “Have you forgotten that Lan Jian invited me here?”

The corners of Wei Zhou’s eyes twitched. He glanced at Lan Jian and felt regret in his heart. After all, if he had known that it was Su Yan, he wouldn’t have let Lan Jian go. Now that Su Yan had said so, he could only nod with a gloomy look. He reluctantly agreed to Su Yan’s suggestion.

Su Yan smiled and said, “Since CEO Wei has agreed, let them decide what to eat tonight.”

Wei Zhou wasn’t in the mood to decide on what to eat. In any case, he would eat whatever Su Yan ate. Instead, he asked curiously, “When Lan Jian went to look for you just now, what method did he use to persuade you?”

During this period, he had been in contact with Su Yan. He knew her character very well. Su Yan looked gentle on the outside, but she was very stubborn and unyielding on the inside. Whatever she didn’t want to do, no one could persuade her, and she wouldn’t yield even if someone begged her.

Su Yan smirked. “It’s nothing. We just talked about a small business deal.”

Wei Zhou raised his eyebrows. “If you want to talk about business, why don’t you talk to me? What’s there to talk about with Lan Jian?”

Su Yan looked at him. “With you? Aren’t you afraid of being schemed against by me?”

After hearing this, Wei Zhou’s long eyelashes fluttered. “I’m willing to be schemed by you. I can give you the entire Excellent Era Corporation if you want.”

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