Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce - Chapter 155 - Old Madam Zhou Defended Qiao Jinniang

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Chapter 155 Old Madam Zhou Defended Qiao Jinniang

Zheng Xiao thanked softly, “Thank you, it’s so kind of the Duchess.”

Mrs. Tong was very annoyed. Was her sister stupid? Why did she treat Zheng Xiao so well? Old Madam Qin shook off Duchess Qin’s hand and said angrily, “I’ve never been humiliated like today in my life! Someone scolded me as an ‘old witch’ and now even a woman with no nobility title is more respected than me!”

After saying that, Old Madam Qin looked like she was about to faint.

Duchess Qin had a headache. She knew what kind of a person her mother-in-law was.

Zheng Xiao said to the two mammies helplessly, “Mammies, Old Madam Qin is not feeling well. Let her take this soft sedan chair…”

Qiao Jinniang helped Zheng Xiao to sit on the soft sedan chair, and said to Old Madam Qin who was pretending to faint,

“Old Madam, you’d better know what day it is today. His Majesty and Her Majesty will come to the Duke Wu Mansion to celebrate Old Madam Zhou’s birthday. If you faint here today…”

Old Madam Qin got up in an instant, no longer pretending to be dizzy.

She still couldn’t just swallow it but she didn’t dare to offend the Duke Wu Mansion.

As soon as Qiao Jinniang entered, Little Lu Xi ran up to her. He was wearing a bright red round-neck robe and an exquisite gem necklace. Instead of having two buns as usual, his hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head today, making him look like a noble child.

After seeing Zheng Xiao, he came over and bowed to Zheng Xiao respectfully. “Grandmother.”

How could Zheng Xiao dare to be greeted by the imperial grandson?. She quickly saluted back.

Qiao Jinniang picked up little Lu Xi. “Mother, he’s your grandson. You don’t need to salute.” Zheng Xiao said, “Well, he’s the imperial grandson. I should be respectful to him.”

Little Lu Xi looked at Zheng Xiao’s belly curiously. “Mother, why is Grandmother’s belly so big?”

“Because there is your little aunt inside!” Qiao Jinniang said. Whether it was Zheng Xiao or Duke Anyuan, they both hoped that the child was a girl.

Little Lu Xi asked innocently, “Then why did my little aunt go to my grandmother’s belly?”

Qiao Jinniang answered patiently, “Because your little aunt is going to come out of your grandmother’s belly just like you came out of my belly.”

“Then are my younger brothers and sisters also coming out of your belly? Daddy said that there will be younger brothers and sisters to play with me soon, so are there any younger brothers and sisters in your belly, Mommy?”

Qiao Jinniang pinched his little face. “What are you talking about? There are no younger brothers and sisters.”

“But Daddy said there would be next year.” Little Lu Xi said, “Everyone else has younger brothers and sisters.”

“Others have younger brothers and sisters, but you have a little aunt, which no one else has!” Qiao Jinniang said.

Old Madam Qin still wanted to rush up to scold Qiao Jinniang for revenge but was stopped by Qin Miaomiao. “Grandma, calm down. After all, she is the biological mother of the imperial grandson.”

“If she really has the ability to marry into the East Palace, why is there no imperial decree yet?” Old Madam Qin said, “Even if His Royal Highness said that as long as Qiao Jinniang agrees, she can marry into the East Palace, but if this is the case, why should she not? “I think that even if His Royal Highness pities her, His Majesty and Her Majesty will not allow a merchant’s daughter to be the crown princess.

“The imperial grandson called her Mommy, but it doesn’t mean she can be the Crown Prince’s wife!”

Qin Miaomiao was speechless. As a junior, she couldn’t stop her grandmother, so she simply let her.

Her grandmother’s life was too easy, so she asked for trouble. Old Madam Qin went in, congratulated Old Madam Zhou, and suddenly said, “Old Madam Zhou, you’re so lucky to have filial her daughters, sons, and daughters-in-law. I’m not as lucky as you. Look, at such an age, I was still scolded by a village woman as ‘old witch’!”

Mrs. Tong echoed, “County Mistress Jia’an is such a bully!”

Tong Yingying, who was on the side, also said, “Old Madam Qin, you probably don’t know how glib-tongued County Mistress Jia’an was. She wanted to force Old Madam Qin to apologize to Mrs. Zheng “Old Madam Qin is her elder, not to mention that she has an honorary title conferred by His Majesty. Qiao Jinniang really went too far!”

Old Madam Zhou was the Crown Prince’s maternal grandmother, and he respected her very much. If Old Madam Zhou disliked Qiao Jinniang, Qiao Jinniang would definitely not be able to marry into the East Palace!

Old Madam Zhou asked Duchess Wu, who was beside her, “Where is Jinniang? Why didn’t she come in?”

Zheng Xiao quickly said, “Old Madam, please forgive her. The imperial grandson and Jinniang haven’t seen each other for a long time, so they are playing together. The whole thing started because of me. I’m pregnant at such an old age, so Old Madam Qin laughed at me, comparing me to an old clam producing a pearl. Jinniang was just trying to protect me.”

Qiao Jinniang entered with Little Lu Xi in her arms, and happened to hear Zheng Xiao’s words. After saluting Old Madam Zhou, she said, “Old Madam Zhou, may you have infinite longevity. I was angry not only because Old Madam Qin mocked my mother in public.

“It’s also because of my sister, Ruoyun. She had a miscarriage a few months ago because Old Madam Qin forcibly gave her husband a troublemaking concubine maid.

“It’s only been half a year, but Old Madam Qin publicly ridiculed my mother and my sister Ruoyun. I really can’t endure it anymore.”

Old Madam Zhou asked Qiao Jinniang to sit beside her and said, “I’ve long heard of Old Madam Qin’s reputation. Isn’t it great for Mrs. Zheng to be pregnant at this age? Why are you laughing at her?

“Your son is over forty-five years old, but his concubines still keep giving birth to children for him. Why don’t you ridicule your son? Why should we interfere with young people’s lives?

“You keep giving concubines to your son, and now you start to meddle in your grandson and his wife’s life? Are you out of your mind?”

Old Madam Qin was very embarrassed, not because Old Madam Zhou pointed out the fact that she kept giving concubines to her son and her grandson, but because she was scolded again.

But she didn’t dare to say anything and even forced a smile at Old Madam Zhou.

Tong Yingying was surprised that Old Madam Zhou defended Qiao Jinniang, but then she thought that the Zhou family wanted Zhou Sisi to marry into the East Palace. Maybe Old Madam Zhou thought that Qiao Jinniang would treat Zhou Sisi kindly if she could please Qiao Jinniang?

But that shouldn’t be the case. Shouldn’t Zhou Sisi find a familiar girl to marry into the East Palace together with her?

“Young Master is back.” a maid reported at the


Zhou Siming entered in a hurry, knelt down and saluted Old Madam Zhou, saying, “Grandmother, please forgive me. I’m almost late. May your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea and may you live a long and happy life.”

As soon as Zhou Siming came in, Qiao Jinniang noticed that many young ladies in the room became shy.

However, Zhou Siming was the Crown Prince’s cousin and the next Duke Wu, so it was reasonable for him to attract so many noble girls.

Old Madam Zhou smiled and said, “I know you were on an errand for His Majesty. Being loyal to His Majesty and serving the country well is your greatest filial piety for me.”

Duchess Wu said, “If you can marry a wife and give birth to a child early, you’re even more filial. Xi’er is three years old. Look how adorable he is.

“Lin Mo was going to marry Miss Qin, but you… alas! I don’t know when I can hug my grandson!”

Old Madam Zhou said, “Yes, your mother is right. Can’t you find a girl you like in Chang’an?”

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