Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1356 - It's All Your Rotten Idea

Chapter 1356: It’s All Your Rotten Idea

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Gregory pursed his lips and did not say anything.

Gu Mengmeng also thought that it did not seem sincere when she was only showing half of her head, so she walked out from Lea’s arms and towards Gregory.

But she had taken only three steps when Gregory’s expression changed. With a frown on his face, he said coldly, “Stay there, don’t move!”

Gu Mengmeng was frightened by Gregory’s shout and stood so still that it seemed like she had stepped on a landmine, along with a blank face staring at Gregory.

Gregory realised that he had overreacted. Gu Mengmeng was obviously not going to jump off the cliff another time, so he felt awkward and turned his face away, not knowing what to say.

Lea was standing behind Gu Mengmeng and exchanged glances with Elvis. His smile was mocking Gregory for acting like a bashful and romantically inexperienced young brat, as he thought about how his behaviour was unlikely to win the heart of Gu Mengmeng…

Lea conveniently pulled Gu Mengmeng back into his arms and pecked on her little face, as he said, “Instead of saying 100 times of sorry, why not do it right for once. After all, using ‘thank you’ to express gratitude is not serious enough.”

Gu Mengmeng agreed and turned to look at Lea, asking, “What do you think then?”

Lea rubbed his chin and said, “He saved us three twice, so it is equivalent to six lives. We have to return him six lives for it to be considered a fair deal.”

Gu Mengmeng tilted her head as she looked at Lea to think. Then she nodded seriously and said, “I owe you six lives. If you have anyone you want to kill, tell me. I will kill six people for you, what do you think?”

Lea and Gregory were both surprised. Lea held his head and suppressed his laughter. Whereas Gregory’s face was stony when he said, “I am a male, yet I am counting on you, a female, to kill people for me? You…”

Gu Mengmeng covered her mouth and thought to herself, Oh no, there is a strong bias against females in the beast world, in some cases the men are even more prideful than males.

Gu Mengmeng jabbed Lea using her elbows and said, “It’s all your rotten idea.”

Lea laughed bitterly and helplessly, “I said to return him six lives, but who said anything about killing people for him?”

“Then…” Gu Mengmeng was confused.

Lea tapped Gu Mengmeng’s little nose and said, “Didn’t Sauder have a ‘gift’ for the birds on Motou Mountains?”

Gift… Miranda?!

When Gu Mengmeng’s eyes flashed brightly, Lea could tell that she had thought about it. Then he continued saying, “Besides Miranda, we can go to other tribes to exchange five females to be sent to Motou Mountains. If we do this, wouldn’t we be returning six lives to Gregory?”

Gu Mengmeng nodded and said, “Yeah, this is a good idea. Not only will I be able to return a favor, I can also solve the problem of overcrowding on Motou Mountains.”

Lea turned his gaze to Gregory and said slowly, “It’s just that it’s not easy to exchange for females. After all, unless they make a grave mistake, none of the tribes would easily sell their females. So we have to trouble Gregory to stay in Sauder for a short period. When we have found six females, we will return the favor and you can return to Motou Mountains. I’m not sure if Gregory you are agreeable to this?”

How could Gregory not understand? This was what Lea meant by finding a legitimate reason for him to stay by Gu Mengmeng’s side.

He nodded and said, “Alright.”

Lea smiled at Gu Mengmeng and she also heaved a sigh of relief.

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