Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1354 - No Lack Of Wings Over Here

Chapter 1354: No Lack Of Wings Over Here

“Although you only met him once, you can’t possibly not have noticed his motives and desire for Mengmeng?” Lea shook his head with a chuckle. “Let’s take a step back. Even of you couldn’t see through to his ulterior motives—if it was you, would you help another male claim the position over the heart of your favored female?”

Gregory tightened his fists as he instinctively avoided Lea’s eyes.

How could he not know all those things that Lea was talking about?

He had been fooling himself, that’s all. Clinging onto an illusion… what if… what if?

Lea waved his tail and mercilessly burst Gregory’s hopes. “As someone who has been through it, I can tell you that my Mengmeng does not respond well to threats, but has to be coaxed. No plan and scheme is as good as wholeheartedly wanting the best for her. As for what that crippled fox promised you, I can guarantee… he cannot accomplish it. In this whole world, there is no one who can do it.”

Lea lifted his head with an indifferent smile. Despite the clear difference in height and brawn, Gregory felt that Lea looked beyond his reach, as if he was a deity among the clouds peering down disdainfully at the common and foolish mortals. Lea possessed an air of superiority, such that Gregory couldn’t help believing him wholeheartedly.

Lea said, “Set aside your completely unrealistic ideas and think about it seriously. If Elvis and I don’t allow it, who can go near Mengmeng?”

Gregory remained silent, but he knew very well that Lea was speaking the truth. With Lea’s intellect and Elvis’ strength, no one would be allowed to approach Gu Mengmeng without their permission.

Lea took two steps around to move behind Gregory. He placed one hand on his shoulder and whispered by his ear. “Have you finally realized it? Previously, you could hang around Mengmeng only because I opened a door of opportunity for you. But if you bring something dirty through that door to Mengmeng’s vicinity, I have no choice but to close that door.”

“This is the Motou mountains, “Gregory stated frankly.

Meaning that without him, they couldn’t even leave this cave. In fact… Lea couldn’t even return to Gu Mengmeng’s side now.

Lea nodded with a chuckle. “You are right. This is the Motou mountains. In other words… you are not the only one here who can fly. There’s no lack of wings over here. Tell me, how difficult can it be for me to find someone here willing to service the Messenger of the Beast Deity? Mmm?”

Gregory frowned and lowered his head.

Ha, yes. Among the tens of thousands of birds here, how many could resist Elvis’ power, Lea’s persuasions and Gu Mengmeng’s beauty?

The eagle-owl tribe used to be one of the guardians of the Motou mountains. Now, the entire race was fully loyal to Gu Mengmeng and followed her lead unswervingly. And she didn’t even have a single partner from the eagle-owl tribe.

She had easily won over the eagle-owl race, and could easily do the same to the other bird tribes in the Motou mountains.

His own stone-cold heart had already been moved by her. Others would probably be even more vulnerable to her charms. She just had to crook one finger and say she wanted to build a bridge made of wings to walk back to Sauder⁠—those birds would tear off their own wings without any hesitation just to fulfill her wish.

Lea was a master at reading the subtle facial and body language of others and saw that Gregory’s smile was full of bitterness. From that, he knew Gregory understood him and so patted him on the shoulder. “So if you wish to remain by Mengmeng’s side, forging an alliance with me would be your best bet. What do you say?”

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