Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 1099 - The Bottom Line That Cannot Be Crossed

Chapter 1099: The Bottom Line That Cannot Be Crossed

“Xiao Meng.” Elvis put Gu Mengmeng onto his lap, supporting his shoulders with both his hands so that he was in level with her as he looked into her eyes. He said, “I know that you have been feeling down these few days, but not letting you get hurt is the bottom line that cannot be crossed for me and Lea. So… Do you want to take a nap to see the Beast Deity? You can see if he has a ‘cheat for the dear daughter’ like the Kiss of the Beast Deity that can eliminate the pain from labor for you. If there is, we will let you do it. But if even the Beast Deity does not have a solution… please don’t mention about this again and also don’t be upset about this, is that alright?”

Gu Mengmeng smacked her head and said, “Ah… Why didn’t I think of that?!”

With that, she peeked at Lea, waiting for him to express his views.

Lea always had ways to deal with Gu Mengmeng. Whether it was her crying or throwing a tantrum, he could always please her afterwards.

But this time, only this time, her neither crying nor throwing a tantrum was more cruel than the previous time in the stray beast camp, where she chased Elvis and him out of the cave. The absolute cold violence was driving him crazy.

In the past few days, he had almost given up and say “Do it, do it then, at most I will just crush my heart and commit suicide once you are in pain!”.

Now seeing that she had given in, he suddenly felt as though the spring had arrived.

Sitting beside Elvis, Lea held Gu Mengmeng’s hand to his lips and kissed it as he said, “You have to promise, if the Beast Deity could do nothing about it, you will never be upset about this ever again.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded and smiled the first time in the past few days.

Turning around, Gu Mengmeng laid on the bed and slowly closed her eyes, while still smiling faintly.

When layers of white fog surrounded her, Gu Mengmeng saw Beast Deity standing on the clouds and she had a guilty smile on.

The previous time she was here, she had promised to be a filial daughter and come back here to watch television dramas with him whenever she was free.

But after what happened to Oakley, she suddenly had a deep insight to farewells and she anxiously wanted to treasure everyone around her…

Hence, she had totally forgotten what she had promised the Beast Deity.

As the saying goes, those who are guilty smile first.

Gu Mengmeng smiled like a sunflower and pounced into the Beast Deity’s arms. She said with a sweet Taiwanese accent, “Papa~ Your little girl miss you so so so much~”

The Beast Deity, being experienced after all, did not laugh out at Gu Mengmeng’s fawning manner. He remained the usual kind state and rubbed Gu Mengmeng’s head lightly. He said, “Right, a married daughter is like spilled water, although I was mentally prepared, I was still looking forward to it when you said you were going to come back and accompany more the previous time…”


Gu Mengmeng felt a stab on her heart.

She blinked her eyes a few times and the words ‘please forgive me’ were clearly written on her face.

The Beast Deity held Gu Mengmeng’s hands and walked towards the two-seater wooden bench as he said, “It’s alright. Little magpie, with a long tail, married with a wife and forgot the mom.”

With that, the Beast Deity paused for a moment, looked back and Gu Mengmeng, smiled and said, “Well, married with a partner and forgot the dad, it’s the same. It’s alright, I am fine, I was prepared for this. You said it the last time, that being parents and children just means that in this lifetime, you will be destined to watch their backs fading further and further away. You stand at one end of the road as you watch them disappear and the area where the road turns, and they will use their back views to tell you, you don’t have to chase, you don’t have to chase.”

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