Chapter 1098: Let’s Not Do It Then

Lea put down the salt and preserved meat in his hands and changed between his beast form and human form so that he was spotlessly clean from head to toe.

Standing up, he hugged Gu Mengmeng into his arms. His left arm circled around her waist tightly while his right pinched her chin. He adjusted the position of where she was looking at so that her eye could meet his directly.

Lea looked at Gu Mengmeng affectionately in all seriousness and said, “Mengmeng, I am a witch doctor, and I dared to say that I am the best one in the entire Beast World. But even so, when you were in difficult labor when giving birth to Kanwu, I could do nothing except to pray to the Beast Deity, begging him to keep you save. The sense of helplessness when I could not do anything but looking at you on the verge of death would really drive me crazy.”

“But…”Gu Mengmeng wanted to explain that it was more difficult when she was giving birth to the Hede brothers because it was her first time. Moreover, with Snakel’s power guarding her, she would definitely be alright.

But Lea did not give her the chance to open her mouth. Everything after her ‘but’ was stopped in her throat as he crushed the words into lingering moans with his tongue.

Lea did not stop the kiss until Gu Mengmeng was lying in his arms weakly, being stripped of all strength, while the Fox Seductive Fragrance had been dispersed around the place. Lea’s slender, deep eyes were misty, with an infinite amount of self-restraint and frustrations as he said, “When you were injured back in the Snake King valley, the most fortunate thing I felt was that as a witch doctor, I could save you. But I still wish for my medical expertises to be never used on you.”

“Mengmeng, I have said this before, if you hurt yourself in anyway, it was equivalent to stabbing me in the heart. I was not kidding when I said that.

“The chance for females to survive labor is as low as ten percent. Even if you have Snakel’s power protecting you, the pain will still be felt. The memories of you giving birth to Kanwu still haunted me and Elvis until now. If I had to experience the feeling of not being able to do anything when you are in unbearable pain… Mengmeng, I can tell you this beforehand, I might be slitting my chest open and crush my own heart from not being able to withstand the pain.

“If you insist on giving birth to a nest of foxes despite all this, I will give it to you.”

Gu Mengmeng stopped playing a fool, she became sullen and looked at Lea in a pitiful state, she pouted and muttered to herself, “Alright, let’s not do it then, why did you have to say such scary words?”

Lea heaved a sigh of relief and said, “That’s a promise, never mention the topic of giving birth to fox cubs ever again.”

“Alright, I won’t mention it! Tsk!” With that, Gu Mengmeng turned around and walked into the cave bearing grudges, ignoring Lea.

This was first time Lea let her throw a tantrum without comforting her.

He could not give in on this.

How could he let her do it knowing what she would be experiencing during labor?

Sighing in frustration, Lea went back to the pile of salt and squatted down to continue preserving the meat.

He looked back at the entrance of the cave and there was not a sound, she must be really angry…

“Only if you are like Auretin, I could make lots and lots of delicious food to please you.”

Lea smiled helplessly, before telling himself to remind Elvis that other than land beasts, Mengmeng also liked fishes in the waters and bird eggs on trees, so that he could bring some back the next time.

Gu Mengmeng threw the tantrum for two, three days, while Elvis and Lea were acting in a careful manner at home. Finally, Elvis could no longer stand Gu Mengmeng being in low spirits and suggested a plan.

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