Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution - Chapter 226 - The Training Ground Almost Blew Up?

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Chapter 226: The Training Ground Almost Blew Up?

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Shangguan Muran and the others suddenly exploded with aura. Countless energy cannons and energy blades covered the entire training ground. The energy beams of their strength-based armored envoys shot toward Lin Tian and the others.



The battle was about to break out, and the explosions came one after another. The ground of the entire training ground was shaking violently, and countless cracks appeared on the ground. The surrounding ground had already cracked, forming a dense layer, it was like a messy pattern on a turtle shell.

Countless pieces of gravel rose up, and a lot of energy rushed out from the ground, spreading in all directions. The waves of energy undulated one after another, lifting up the entire ground. There was no longer any good place in the training ground.


Following another loud explosion, Zhang Wei was sent flying backwards. The earthen yellow armor on his body shattered, and as another energy beam shot over, Lin Tian’s hands formed an energy blade in time to save Zhang Wei.

“These women are crazy, right?”

Zhang Wei looked at the charred mess on his hands and said in a deep voice. He really could not withstand the few waves of energy just now. These people seemed to have suddenly gone crazy as they rushed over. Lin Tian patted his shoulder.

After which, he rose into the air once again to face Shangguan Muran’s team. At the same time, countless vines slapped towards these people.


“Boom! Boom!”

However, these vines were unable to block Shangguan Muran’s team. Countless vines were instantly blasted into two halves and the two sides directly collided.

“Wolf King Bomb!”

Lin Tian’s hands condensed an energy cannon. The energy was even more terrifying than before. Shangguan Muran was shocked. She did not expect Lin Tian to be able to condense such terrifying energy. She could only retreat. However, her eyes were still focused on Lin Tian’s right side.



As Shangguan Muran and Lin Tian’s energy collided, everyone held their breaths, anticipating who would be the first to take the lead. The battle between the two main forces would definitely be an important part of boosting morale.

However, just as everyone thought that the energy collision between Lin Tian and Shangguan Muran would end in a draw, the light from Lin Tian’s white energy cannon became even more intense. Then, it broke through Shangguan Muran’s energy ball and flew towards Shangguan Muran.

“How is this possible?”

Shangguan Muran frowned. She could not understand why Lin Tian could do this. It was clearly a draw before, but it did not hinder her next plan.

“So what if you block me?”

Shangguan Muran smiled coldly. Her goal was to block Lin Tian, Zhang Wei, and the others. Lin Tian and the others were not Shangguan Muran’s targets this time. Their team had another target. Lin Tian looked at Shangguan Muran’s confident smile, he shook his head and smiled.

“Then isn’t your goal a little too obvious?”

Lin Tian said in a deep voice. Then, Shangguan Muran frowned. Wang Xue, Long An, and the others had already rushed towards Li Na. They had guessed that Li Na would become the breakthrough point for Shangguan Muran’s team, so they had already been paying attention.

Just now, when Shangguan Muran and the others suddenly attacked, Long An and the others felt that something was wrong. As expected, Li Na had really become their target.

“I am a part of the team!”

However, at this moment, Li Na said in a deep voice. Then, she also exploded with a powerful energy, and the two sides clashed again. But now, Li Na became serious. At this point, Shangguan Muran’s team would not have the chance to face the full-power on Lin Tian’s team.


Boom! Boom! Boom

A huge explosion sounded, and Shangguan Muran and the others were sent flying backward. After a collision, their faces were filled with shock. They had not expected Long An and the others to be so strong.

“How can Li Na be so strong?”

At the same time, they were also surprised by Li Na’s terrifying strength. It turned out that Li Na had not shown her true strength all this time. When she really exploded, they finally reacted, the gap between them and Li Na was so big.

Li Na had hidden it very well, hadn’t she?

“Damn it!”

Shangguan Muran shouted angrily. She had underestimated Li Na. When she saw her team being pushed back, an ominous feeling flashed through her heart. They were probably going to lose this time.

“How can I lose to a lowlife like you!”

The hatred in her heart was vividly displayed. She could not lose. She did not want to lose to a lowlife like Li Na. In her eyes, Li Na and she were like the heaven and the earth. She did not want to lose to Li Na.

Her evil thoughts started to focus on that mysterious power again. A black light lit up on her body again. However, Lin Tian had already noticed that Shangguan Muran would jump over the wall when she showed signs of losing.

“Xiao Hua, activate Flower Curtain. Activate Seduction!”

Lin Tian gave the order. At this moment, the vines of Mandala Flower began to shake violently. Mandala Flower attached to it bloomed. Pink pollen began to spread in the air and spread rapidly.

At the same time, Lin Tian’s body lit up.

“Moon Howling Strike!”

“Frozen Miles!”

Lin Tian struck out with all his strength, while Wang Xue and the others unleashed their strongest attack. It was as if they had a telepathic connection and had guessed what Lin Tian was thinking.

At this moment, the five of them were about to unleash the mysterious techniques of Imperial City University.



The scene was instantly covered by a layer of bright white light. At the same time, the three moons hanging high in the sky lit up the entire training ground.

A huge explosion instantly swept through the entire training ground.

Almost all of the ten people on the field had been spread by the explosion, and their figures had long been obscured. The group of students from the five great universities surrounding the training ground also couldn’t see what was happening inside.


The explosion continued. The terrifying energy had almost destroyed the entire training field. The ground within a radius of 200 meters had been turned into ruins. A huge hole had appeared in the training field, the thick smoke that rose from the explosion was so dense that it made people feel suffocated. When they stretched out their hands, they could not even see where their fingers were.

The white light was even brighter than the lights on the training ground.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The lights on the training ground were all shattered. Countless glass shards fell down like snowflakes. At the same time, the moon in the sky had begun to dim and begin to disappear.

After an unknown amount of time, the smoke and dust began to disperse.. A human figure was the first to be revealed.

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