Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution - Chapter 225 - Mysterious Black Light, Imperial City University’s Weapon?

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Chapter 225: Mysterious Black Light, Imperial City University’s Weapon?

Shangguan Muran looked at Lin Tian and the others in anger. She was pretty rough, and this was the first time she was in such a sorry state. If it weren’t for Li Na, the commoner, who had helped her block the attack at the last moment, she would have made a fool of herself.

She wanted everyone to pay the price. A black light lit up on her body, and a ferocious smile appeared on her face. She glared at Lin Tian and the other students of the Imperial City University.

“Shangguan Muran, are you crazy? You should know the consequences of using that thing!”

However, at this moment, a stern voice resounded throughout the entire training ground from the crowd of the Imperial City University. Everyone turned to look and saw a bespectacled girl berating Shangguan Muran loudly beside Chen Zheng, her face was ice-cold.

Chen Zheng’s brows furrowed slightly.

“Wolf King Bomb!”

Lin Tian gathered energy with both hands and sent one of his opponents flying. He glanced at Shangguan Muran. He felt a powerful murderous aura coming from her just now. It seemed to be the black light on Shangguan Muran’s body.

Moreover, looking at the expressions of the students of Imperial City University, he had already guessed a thing or two. The black light on Shangguan Muran’s body wasn’t simple at all. It must be some special method of Imperial City University.

“Could it be the same as the man-made armored weapons of the Hex City University?”

Lin Tian couldn’t help but think to himself. If that was the case, then it would make sense. After all, to be able to become one of the five great universities, it must have its own outstanding points. And the Hex City University had the Armored Envoy Association, which was backed by the headquarters of the Armored Envoy Association. It was normal for them to have man-made armored weapons.

As for the Hex City University, they had man-made armored weapons. It could be said that it was the outstanding point and the unique strength of the Hex City University. As for the black light just now, it was probably the unique strength of the Imperial City University.

He was quite curious about the special methods of the Imperial City University, but when he felt that murderous aura, he felt that it was probably some kind of destructive energy. Of course, now it was up to Shangguan Muran’s choice.

Even if she really exposed this mysterious power, it wouldn’t affect him much. She had methods, and as a student of the Hex City University, she wasn’t to be trifled with. They also had special methods.


Shangguan Muran’s face twisted, but when she heard the shout, her face turned from twisted to conflicted. She had already put her hand in, wanting to pull out that power.

But when she thought of the terrifying consequences, she became conflicted again. One had to know that the Imperial City University was a huge force in the Imperial City. How many families dared to contend against the Imperial City University? And this time, the Imperial City University had prepared for the tournament for a long time.

The Imperial City University had even increased their research and development efforts, with the goal of being able to get first place in the university tournament. If she really exposed the secret methods that were strictly prohibited, her family would probably be wiped out in an instant.

Moreover, her family wasn’t the main family of the Shangguan family. It was just a branch family, and even a branch family from a small base. If she hadn’t been admitted to Imperial City University, she probably wouldn’t have been able to raise her head in front of the main family.

If she really dared to expose the method, the main family of the Shangguan family would probably wipe her out before Imperial City University made a move. Although Shangguan Muran was ruthless and crazy, she wouldn’t lose her mind because of Li Na. When determination appeared on her uncertain face, she had already made her choice.

Shangguan Muran ultimately chose not to expose herself, but her actions just now had already caused the other students to be on guard.

“She’s not doing it?”

Lin Tian couldn’t help but sigh. He didn’t expect Shangguan Muran to hold herself. It seemed that this mysterious power had a very big implication. Otherwise, with Shangguan Muran’s personality, she definitely wouldn’t be able to hold it. Even though Lin Tian wasn’t very familiar with Shangguan Muran, but after a short period of contact, he had a bit of understanding of her.

It might really have a huge influence. Otherwise, Shangguan Muran wouldn’t have done this. However, her actions just now had caused the students of the surrounding five great universities to become restless.

“I didn’t expect Imperial City University to have prepared a secret weapon. It seems like there’s going to be a big move!”

“In recent years, the movements of the magical beast have become more restless. The resources given by the country have also become more and more abundant. It seems like Imperial City University came prepared!”

“Does Imperial City University think that they can control everyone just because they have a secret weapon?”

“Interesting. I really want to see where Imperial City University’s confidence comes from.”

They all began to discuss in low voices. Lin Tian’s ears twitched, and he heard quite a bit of news. He didn’t expect that the resources given out by the country would increase quite a bit in this year’s university tournament.

Lin Tian thought that the reward for winning the first place would be even more generous. Although he knew that after such a long period of study, everyone’s strength had improved, so it would still be difficult for them to get first place.

However, people still had dreams, so it was not impossible for them to get first place.

After such a small interlude, Shangguan Muran and the others stood in a row. Lin Tian and the others did the same. They looked at each other, Shangguan Muran and the other team members discussed in low voices before attacking again.

“Wolf King Bomb!”

“Star-moon Blade!”

Lin Tian gathered energy cannons with both hands. Zhang Wei still rushed to the front to block Shangguan Muran and the rest. Zhang Wei’s mission was very simple. He was to act as a shield in the team and help the team block the attacks.


Following that, Zhang Wei went up against Shangguan Muran’s armored envoy. However, Shangguan Muran and the rest were moving towards the right. Most people might not have noticed this point, but Lin Tian did.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. Even though he was an agility-type armored envoy, with the strengthening of his five senses, he still had the ability to look at the entire scene, listening to the sounds made it easy for him to quickly construct a map in his mind.

Coupled with his dynamic vision, everyone could roughly guess what Shangguan Muran and the others were trying to do.

The battle continued.

The vines of Mandala Flower shot out in all directions, greatly hindering the movements of Shangguan Muran and the others. However, Shangguan Muran and the others still went their own way and attacked Lin Tian and the others.

The energy of both sides exploded again. In the training ground where countless vines stretched out, both sides fought back and forth. Lin Tian’s Wolf King Bomb had disrupted the formation of the other side several times. Meanwhile, Li Na had also calmed down and joined the battle.

However, at this moment, a change occurred.

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