Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master - Chapter 1229 - Deal 

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Chapter 1229: Deal

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Although the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor was only Bacarolet’s spare armor, it was still a very powerful magic armor set in this era according to Grand Duke Vidi’s introduction. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have qualified to be Bacarolet’s spare armor.

The most powerful attribute of the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor was the Domain Barrier. Domain Worlds could be created and owned only by mages. Even Sanctuary-level Warriors wouldn’t be able to create their own Domain Worlds, let alone use their domains to defend themselves like mages. However, the combination of mageweath arrays on the armor gave it Sanctuary-level power, which was the best defense.

Next, it was the Powerful Mageweath which seemed to be straightforward, and whose functions could be deduced from its name, but it did not mean that it was rudimentary. The Powerful Mageweath could be considered a mageweath that was used the most frequently in armors or magical equipment. However, the best Powerful Mageweaths generally increased the power by at most over 10 times.

However, the Powerful Mageweath on the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor could increase one’s power by a hundredfold. How incredible would it be if the power of the Giant Shark Clan, which had massive strength by nature, was increased by a hundredfold?! If the people of the Giant Shark Clan were to wear the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor, they would probably be able to flatten a mountain peak with a single punch after being enhanced by the Powerful Mageweath. Clearly, the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor was a suit of armor that was made for the Giant Shark Clan.

Hence, when Grand Duke Vidi announced the start of the bidding for the armor, the people of the Giant Shark Clan immediately placed a bid that was double the starting bid, pushing the price to 2,000,000 gold coins.

“Connoris, this armor seems to be quite useful for you, do you want it?” Lin Li asked. His main close-combat fighters were Connoris and Norfeller. However, being an Assassin, Norfeller wouldn’t benefit from the armor, so it seemed that only Connoris would need it.

However, after looking out of the private room to look at the auction item, Connoris shook his head in disdain and declined. “That kind of thing is only suitable for those brainless shark monsters, it won’t be of any use to me.”

In fact, that wasn’t very surprising. In terms of strength, Connoris’ perfect body was several times stronger than those of the Giant Shark Clan, and it was even comparable to the ancient wyrms and Titans. Besides, Connoris was not purely a close-combat fighter. As a great ancient demon deity, close combat and magic were his forte, and wearing the armor might affect his performance instead. Hence, the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor wouldn’t provide much help for him, and would instead even become his burden.

Seeing that Connoris did not want it, Lin Li naturally did not bother to say anything more. Besides, that armor might be rare for others, but Lin Li could create armor that was even more powerful as long as he had enough time and materials. In fact, even Angelano’s funny-looking armor might not be inferior to the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor.

Of course, the value of the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor was not ordinary for the Sea Clan. In particular, the Domain Barrier gave the armor an extremely excellent defensive power, even though it could not be compared to the Domain World of Sanctuary Masters. If a Legendary-level Sword Sage were to wear the armor, there would probably be no problem for him to contend with Sanctuary powerhouses.

After the people of the Giant Shark Clan offered a price of 2,000,000 gold coins, there was a brief moment of silence in the auction hall, but soon it became lively again. The people of the Sea Serpent Clan quoted a price of 2,500,000 gold, and before Grand Duke Vidi could ask if anyone would offer higher bids, the Barbarous Whale Clan placed a bid of 4,000,000 gold coins.

The bidding stopped for a moment at the price of 4,000,000 gold coins, but immediately afterwards, it shot up again by 500,000 gold coins. Those who had previously placed bids had no choice but to give up, while some gritted their teeth. Apart from a few Sea Clans, even the Octopus Clan joined the bidding.

Among the various Sea Clans, the Octopus Clan should be considered one of the few more financially powerful ones. Their main source of income was their magic scroll business, which was about to monopolize the magic scroll industry. Although the Giant Shark Clan was also the strongest of the seven overlords of the sea, and even controlled the largest Red Sea region, their economic growth was mediocre in comparison to the Octopus Clan’s.

The prince of the Octopus Clan, Harquess, suddenly joined in the bidding. Apart from the presence of Grina of the Giant Shark Clan, whom he didn’t get along with, the most important reason that he decided to join the auction was the mageweath on the armor. A mageweath that could create a Domain Barrier was definitely a mageweath that was close to the peak of the Guru-level. For Harquess, it was definitely worth studying.

However, in the eyes of Grina, the only reason Harquess would do that was to irritate him. The Giant Shark Clan and the Octopus Clan were not considered archenemies, but their relationship definitely wasn’t cordial, especially between Grina and Harquess who could argue for three days and three nights.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time that people would do such things to irritate each other at auctions. During the auctions at the Sea Market in the past, such actions were commonplace. People would insist on buying things they didn’t need, just to anger their enemies. Even if they didn’t succeed in buying it in the end, they would still be thrilled to have raised the price and made the other party spend a huge sum of money.

Of course, such things did not happen only between Harquess and Grina. Anyway, the several Sea Clans had never gotten along very well with each other. It would either be Grina and Manson vying with each other or some other big shots vying with each other. Actually, in the end, no one was the true winner, because the one who reaped the most profit was the auctioneer. Due to the competition between them, an item that could have been sold at 5,000,000 gold coins ended up being auctioned off at more than 10,000,000 gold coins.

After Grina offered a price of 10,000,000 gold coins, the tension in the auction hall finally eased. The only person who was still bidding was Harquess of the Octopus Clan. The others who tried to win the bid for the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor were intimidated, and decided to give up halfway through the auction.

“10,000,000 gold coins going once! 10,000,000 gold coins going twice!” Grand Duke Vidi exclaimed while suppressing his joy. 10,000,000 gold coins was definitely a good price for the auction.

In the private room that the Giant Shark Clan was in, Grina had already picked up a glass of wine, and was tasting it while waiting for Grand Duke Vidi to call the third time, and the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor would belong to him. To him, 10,000,000 gold coins was already a huge sum of money, and it was actually above his budget. If anyone offered a higher price, he would have no choice but to give up, or else it would affect his plans for later.

However, Grina wasn’t extremely worried about that point. He was afraid of affecting his plans for later, but so was everyone else. In fact, before the auction began, they had engaged professionals to analyze a variety of situations. For example, if the Octopus Clan was interested in an item, they would have rough estimates for how many gold coins they could spend on it without affecting their plans for later.

However, at this moment, someone in the auction hall spoke up just as Grand Duke Vidi had raised the wooden hammer, and was about to drop it.

“12,500,000 gold coins!”

Upon hearing his voice, many people immediately turned their heads to look in the direction where the voice came from, only to see a human mage who was seated in a private room on the second floor with a bidding sign in his hand.

“Felic!” Grina almost choked on a mouthful of wine when he heard the offer, and hurriedly looked out the window, only to see that it was Lin Li who was swaying the bidding sign.

Lin Li was not deliberately going against Grina, but rather he suddenly recalled that he had a friend who also needed such armor. It was a warrior named Sean, whom he had befriended before he came to the Breezy Plains. However, after Lin Li arrived in the Breezy Plains and started managing the Tower of Dusk, Sean went under the tutelage of a certain Sword Sage. It had been a long time since then, and Lin Li reckoned that Sean should have already made significant progress.

Lin Li was just that loyal to his friends. Once one became Lin Li’s friend, they would forever remain his friend. Now that Lin Li had found armor that was suitable for Sean, a price of more than 10,000,000 gold coins meant nothing to him. He didn’t want to meet Sean again without a presentable gift.

However, Grina had no idea about that, and he merely thought that Lin Li was purely going against him. However, when he was about to raise his bid again, Zorro of the Giant Shark Clan, who was at the side, quickly reached out to stop him. “Prince, please don’t forget that we have further plans. We can let them have the armor for now. Anyway, they won’t be able to leave the Endless Ocean.”

Grina might ignore the persuasion of others, but after hearing Zorro’s words, he finally calmed down a little, and said with a cold and menacing smile, “Yes, we’ll let him keep it for me for a few days!”

At this moment, Grand Duke Vidi called the bid for the third time, and finally lowered the wooden hammer in his hand forcefully. He declared, “Since there are no higher bids, the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor is sold to President Felic of the Tower of Dusk!”

“What are you buying such a thing for?” Connoris asked with some puzzlement. Although 12,500,000 gold coins was peanuts to the Tower of Dusk, it would be a waste to buy armor that would not be of any use.

“Don’t you remember that I had a warrior following me around back in Alanna?” Lin Li said with a smile as he finished the wine in his glass in one go.

Hearing Lin Li mention that matter, Connoris asked in shock, “Come to think of it, you mean that burly but silly guy?”

Sean could be considered a giant among humans, and it wouldn’t be exaggerated to call him a humanoid magical beast. He wasn’t really silly, and was actually just a little naive. If he had really been a fool, he wouldn’t have become the successor of that old man whose name Lin Li did not know.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen him for a long time. When I came to the Breezy Plains, Sean went under the tutelage of an old man. When we parted, he was already almost breaking through level-15. With his talent and the teachings of that old man, he should have already reached the Legendary-level. This armor is the perfect meeting gift for him.” Lin Li had never asked Sean whom exactly the latter had met in Alanna, but based on the rapid progress that Sean had been making, Lin Li could tell that the person who taught him definitely wasn’t an ordinary person. Only then did Lin Li put his mind at ease and go to the Breezy Plains.

Actually, it had already been a few years, and based on Sean’s fast progress, the person who taught him would have had to be a fool if Sean hadn’t reached the Legendary-level yet. However, Lin Li didn’t know if Sean would go to the Tower of Dusk to look for him.

In order to prepare a meeting gift for Sean, Lin Li casually purchased the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor, but it gave everyone at the auction a huge shock. It was the opening item, and yet it had fetched a price of more than 10,000,000 gold coins. They reckoned that the competition later would surely be even more intense.

Moreover, what surprised the people in the auction hall was not the price of the item; well, all the people there were wealthy, and many of them could easily afford a sum of more than 10,000,000 gold coins. What truly shocked them was the fact that Lin Li had the audacity to snatch something from Grina.

Harquess of the Octopus Clan and Grina who vied with each other had equally powerful backgrounds, and though the Giant Shark Clan was also the strongest of the seven overlords at sea, the other six clans weren’t necessarily afraid of them. However, they thought that the Tower of Dusk was just a small and nameless force of the Breezy Plains. Yet, they had the audacity to offend the Giant Shark Clan. Aren’t they afraid of dying in the Endless Ocean? 

However, some people soon thought of the two major incidents that happened in the Gilded Kingdom previously that were extremely humiliating to the latter, and how Lin Li managed to make them swallow their anger and not retaliate. Hence, they wondered what the background of the Tower of Dusk really was like since they actually had the guts to offend the Giant Shark Clan after escaping scot-free despite having offended the Gilded Kingdom!

“Felic is really fearless. I really suspect that he doesn’t feel scrupulous towards anyone in this world!” exclaimed Bradlor, who felt extremely vexed after seeing that Lin Li had offended Grina again. The previous incident had just been settled, and yet Lin Li had offended Grina again. He reckoned that he would have to rack his brains to think of a way to settle this dispute after the auction again!

However, regardless of what others thought, Lin Li didn’t bother considering the consequences he would bring about by doing so. He didn’t even take Grina, the prince of the Giant Shark Clan, seriously. So what if the Giant Shark Clan was the strongest of the seven overlords of the Endless Ocean? They weren’t the ruler of the Endless Ocean anyway. Besides, even if the Giant Shark Clan could control everything in the Endless Ocean, Lin Li wouldn’t think that there was anything he had to worry about.

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