Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master - Chapter 1022 - Asserting Dominance

Chapter 1022: Asserting Dominance

What else was there to discuss at this point? Discuss how to deal with the Tower of Dusk? What a joke. The Tower of Dusk was helmed by a Sanctuary powerhouse, and though the factions had been strengthened by the magic tides, they would definitely still die in the face of a Sanctuary powerhouse!

After the chubby mage took the lead, the others also immediately stood up to bid everyone goodbye in a bid to go back to their own territory as soon as possible. Even if they had to die, they had to settle their family first. There were even some who were thinking of disbanding their forces immediately after returning to avoid suffering the Tower of Dusk’s revenge.

The noisy and chaotic gathering hall fell silent in the blink of an eye, and the members of the Black Sun Brothers Union like Anlork and the others, as well as Engory who had lost everything and had nowhere to go, were the only ones left.

“Atrocious, do those guys not know that we can only go against the Tower of Dusk if we join forces!?” Anlork yelled furiously as he slammed his hand against the table forcefully, causing it to break into pieces. However, he could not hide the horror in the depths of his eyes.

While he said that, assembling the forces together did not mean that they would have the power to go against the Tower of Dusk. Actually, he did not believe it, either. There was a Sanctuary powerhouse in the Tower of Dusk, and it was indeed true that those below the Sanctuary-realm were insignificant small fries. Besides, the Tower of Dusk had even obtained the Sky Castle

this time—a powerful weapon that the High Elves had used to dominate Anril.

Suppressing the fear and horror in his heart, Anlork turned to look at the side, and suddenly asked, “Why hasn’t Master Canuman come over yet? Haven’t you guys informed him of the meeting today?”

“President, we already went to inform him yesterday, but when we went over again this morning, Master Tanu was no longer around,” a subordinate said to Anlork cautiously while standing behind him.


Upon hearing his subordinate’s reply, the other leaders of Black Sun Brothers Union could not help but exclaim in shock, just like Anlork. However, they soon understood that Master Tanu had surely fled after realizing that things were going awry. At the thought of this, their faces turned sullen because they were the only ones who knew that they had come to deal with the Tower of Dusk after being persuaded by Master Tanu.

However, just when Anlork and the others were filled with anger, those who had just left in a hurry surprisingly scurried back, as if they had heard Anlork’s call.

Seeing this scene, Anlork and the others couldn’t help but be a little shocked, as they did not believe that those people were also there to deal with the Tower of Dusk. Hence, he questioned in a hostile tone, “Weren’t you guys going to go back and prepare for the remaining matters? Why have you returned?”

“Damn it, Anlork, do you think I was willing to come back?! Tell me, did you secretly already submit to the Tower of Dusk and sell us out!?” The leader of one of the forces in the crowd cursed angrily at Anlork and the others. The others immediately responded to his words, and turned to look at Anlork and the rest ferociously.

“What do you mean?” Anlork was a little confused, but he was mostly infuriated. He was the mighty leader of the Black Sun Brothers Union. Since when had he ever been smeared and scolded harshly!?

Under normal circumstances, none of the forces would dare to even cast angry gazes at Anlork because of how powerful the Black Sun Brothers Union was. However, some of them had clearly decided to go all out. After hearing Anlork’s harsh questioning, they immediately put on looks of derision without feeling a tinge of fear at all. “You’re the one who did it, and you have the cheek to ask us? Didn’t you trick us into coming here just to claim credit from the Tower of Dusk!?”

“Make yourselves clear!” Anlork was so exasperated that he was shivering uncontrollably from head to toe. If not for his brothers who were holding him back, he would have long issued orders to have those people killed.

“Drop the act, the people of the Tower of Dusk are right outside, and your purpose has been achieved. Why bother fooling us?” The chubby mage who had left the earliest was seated on a chair and looking upward, clearly already prepared to resign to fate and die.

“The people from the Tower of Dusk!” Hearing those people’s words, Anlork immediately felt his vision blacking out as he involuntarily took two steps back, not knowing that he had knocked over the chairs behind him.

At this moment, a group of mages from the Tower of Dusk stood outside the gathering hall, blocking the entrance. The people in the hall finally stopped berating Anlork when they saw the people of the Tower of Dusk. Shivering continuously, they looked out of the door, as if they were waiting for the Tower of Dusk to make the last verdict.

The one in charge of the Tower of Dusk’s team was the leader of the group of mages, Alan, and behind him were Lin Li’s Undead servants, Ujfalusi and Norfeller, as well as 100 level-18 and level-19 Archmages. Those Archmages were not the same ones who had followed Lin Li to explore the Sky Castle, but having 20 to 30 of them was enough to make the entire team seem domineering.

“You guys…” Pointing at Alan and the others, Anlork could not bring himself to finish speaking. They were indeed there to settle the scores with him, and there was nothing he could question them for.

Without even looking at Anlork and the others, Alan reached his hand out, and a mage beside him immediately placed a scroll on his hand. Next, he opened the scroll and watched it move slowly while saying in a cold voice, “Engory, the leader of the Blood Crow Bandits, Anlork, the president of the Black Sun Brothers Union, the deputy presidents Genavan, Robert, and Jordan, the leader of the Silver Sword Mercenary Corps, Caro, and the deputy head, York, the leader of the Red River Mercenary Corps…”

In the beginning, the people in the crowd did not quite understand what exactly the people of the Tower of Dusk meant by reading out those names. However, as the names were read out one after another, they gradually found one thing in common between those people—they had all once directly used force against the Tower of Dusk.

The Tower of Dusk had always been particular about settling issues regarding businesses in a businesslike manner. No matter how despicable the means that their opponents resorted to, they would always counterattack with business tactics. If not, even if they had to resort to other means, it would not be a hard thing for them to wipe out all the forces in the Breezy Plains with Lin Li, the Sanctuary powerhouse around.

Lin Li’s purpose of establishing that principle was because he hoped that the Tower of Dusk could grow healthily in the business sector, and not get rid of all obstacles tyrannically with brute force. However, if anyone were to use non-business means to deal with the Tower of Dusk, they would definitely be dealt with using the harshest means.

This time, Lin Li left for three years in one go, and those forces had already forgotten the rules of the Tower of Dusk. Forces like the Black Sun Brothers Union and the Blood Crow Bandits could not come up with any clever business tactics, so they would naturally resort to using brute force, which was the most direct and simplest method. Anyway, in their opinion, the Tower of Dusk would not be able to continue upholding the rules, because Lin Li the Sanctuary powerhouse was not around. Thus, they felt that they could do whatever they wanted to do with them.

After knowing the significance of Alan reading out those names, the leaders of the various forces in the hall had strange expressions too. Those who had their names called looked extremely dejected, while the others who did not get named were secretly thankful, but also worried. After all, they were involved in the suppression of the Tower of Dusk, and even if they were lucky not to die, they would probably have to pay a huge price.

Finally, Alan rolled up the scroll and handed it to the mage beside him while looking coldly at the people around him. “Kill!”

That word was like a cold gust of wind that blew into the hall, causing the temperature to drop. The hall immediately became chaotic. Some were cursing loudly, while others were looking around for a way to escape. There were also some who were grimacing and trying to fight.

Since the people in the hall could become the leaders of the various forces, they were naturally competent. Almost all of them were Legendary powerhouses, especially a few level-21 and level-22 Legendary-mages who had advanced to level-23 or level-24 after the magic tides.

“What are you panicking for? There are so many Legendary powerhouses here. Are we supposed to just let them kill us!?”

“Let’s fight them to death. Even if we die, they must pay the price!”

Those tyrants were not kindhearted people in the first place. Alan’s command immediately triggered the ferociousness of those people, and they decided to go all out and drag a few people down with them. Besides, in their opinion, there was a possibility of survival. After all, there were more than 10 Legendary powerhouses on their side, while the Tower of Dusk only had three Legendary powerhouses even though they had more people.

Hence, in their opinion, as long as they could escape successfully this time and immediately leave the Breezy Plains, then even if the Sanctuary powerhouse of the Tower of Dusk stepped in, he might not be able to get them all.

Of course, those who wanted to fight for their lives were those whose names had been called. The remaining ones who weren’t named had all snuck to the corner in the hall. To them, staying alive was the most important issue, and even if they had to lose everything they had, they would be able to rise again.

Generally speaking, Alan was actually not acting too smart, and he felt that he could send some people to split up and siege the place, which was the real foolproof way. Now that he had angered all of them, they would definitely be provoked, and that would make his mission a lot more difficult.

It was not that Alan did not think it through well, but because the Tower of Dusk was not only seeking revenge this time. They also wanted to assert dominance in the Breezy Plains and tell all the forces that the master of the Tower of Dusk had returned.

Lin Li had been away for only three years, and the forces in the Breezy Plains had already begun to forget about the authority of Lin Li, a Sanctuary powerhouse. That just meant that the deterrence Lin Li had given them before was not enough.

If it had been the Supreme Council, things would have been different. There had been rumors of the three Arbitrators dying in Anril. After all, the three Arbitrators rarely appeared in front of the world, but no force had ever dared to verify the truth. In the past 1,300 years, they had already accumulated so much authority and power that no one dared to provoke them. Even if the three Arbitrators did not appear for 100 years, those forces would not dare to covet the Supreme Council’s power.

The Tower of Dusk was established for a short period of time, and they did not have much time to manage it, so they could only assert dominance by resorting to menacing methods. Using the enemies’ blood and lives to assert the dominance of the Tower of Dusk would make those people too scared to even think of touching the Tower of Dusk.

Although the Tower of Dusk only had three Legendary powerhouses including Alan, Ujfalusi and Norfeller were powerhouses who were at the peak of the Legendary-realm, and had experienced many near-death situations which honed their skills. They were far more powerful than those who had received a sudden surge in power.

Besides, they were supported by 100 Archmages who could get into a Magic Net Array and have the strength to confront a Legendary powerhouse who was at the peak of the Legendary-realm. In fact, even without Ujfalusi and Norfeller, the Archmages alone would definitely not allow them to escape easily, even if they could not kill the enemies.

The people in the hall were just screaming for their lives when Norfeller disappeared into thin air, and turned into a black bolt of lightning that flashed into the hall. Norfeller was holding the Heaven’s Wrath Daggers in his hands which were glowing red under the fusion of power. Before the others could react, they saw two heads floating in midair, while blood spurted out like a fountain before splattering like rain.

Seeing that two people had been beheaded as soon as they started to fight, the people in the hall finally realized what was going on. Intense fighting spirit emerged in the hearts of the Sword Sages, and the Legendary-mages raised their elemental shields, while two Legendary-level Assassins silently hid in the shadow of the shields.

“Master Ujfalusi, don’t let them escape,” Alan said to Ujfalusi respectfully. Although he was a servant of Lin Li, no one in the Tower of Dusk dared to regard him and Norfeller as servants.

“Haha, don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure none of them can escape.” Ujfalusi chuckled sinisterly and raised his Skeleton Staff. As a ray of light emerged from the gemstone on top, a large number of skeletons appeared in the hall and covered it.

It was merely a Necromagic spell known as a Bone Cell whose function was to briefly limit the enemy’s movement. Usually, it would cause one to be trapped by more than 10 bones.

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