All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 165 - Get a Divorce 2

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Chapter 165: Get a Divorce 2

The word ‘divorce’ fell heavily on Lin Shuya’s heart.

Old Madam Qin had always asked her to divorce Qin Hai. She did not give birth to a son for Qin Hai, and Lin Shuya was also worried and afraid that Qin Hai would really divorce her one day.

After the divorce, she would have nothing.

Without the help of the Lin family, how could she marry into a good family, not to mention enjoying the lives of these rich ladies?

At this moment, hearing Qin Hai’s words, Lin Shuya could not control her emotions and pounced on Qin Hai, hitting him on the body.

Lin Shuya cried out with a heart-wrenching voice, “Qin Hai, you heartless man. If it weren’t for the fact that I would rather sever my relationship with the Lin family and dig out the last bit of funds from the Lin family, would you be able to live the good life you have now? Now that you’re rich and powerful, you’ve forgotten about me, haven’t you? Qin Hai, do you have a vixen outside?”

Qin Hai’s clothes were torn into a mess by Lin Shuya. His face was so dark that ink could drip out.

Qin Hai’s fortune indeed depended on the money that Lin Shuya brought out from the Lin family. At that time, he had no choice but to take a liking to Lin Shuya’s family background. That was why he wanted to pursue her.

At that time, Lin Shuya’s brain was also infected by love, and she was charmed by Qin Hai.

The Lin family also saw through Qin Hai’s character and asked her to break up with Qin Hai. Lin Shuya did not listen to them and later threatened them that the Lin family would not have a daughter. Lin Shuya left without hesitation and even took a large sum of money away when the Lin family was in its most difficult time.

Lin Shuya’s parents were completely angered. They were also disappointed in Lin Shuya.

For a man, she didn’t even want her own parents.

Lin Shuya had always regarded her parents as the villains who separated her and Qin Hai. After she married Qin Hai, she had never contacted them.

There was also an obsession in her heart. She wanted to live a good life, slap her parents in the face, and tell them that she, Lin Shuya, was not at fault.

Lin Shuya was too ashamed to go back to the Lin family.

Qin Hai was hit in the foot. Previously, he had selectively forgotten that he had made a fortune by relying on the Lin family’s money. Now, he was so angry that he could not care less about Lin Shuya.

After throwing Lin Shuya away, Lin Shuya fell to the ground. Her hair was messy and her face was full of tears.

“Lin Shuya, don’t think that I really don’t dare to divorce you!”

After saying that, Qin Hai left the room without hesitation.

Lin Shuya sat on the ground and covered her face as she started to cry.

She had been doted on since she was young. Her parents had never been willing to let her suffer even a little, and her brother was the same. As long as Lin Shuya wanted something, he would give it to her.

Lin Shuya didn’t understand why things had developed to this state.

Old Madam Qin also returned to her room before Qin Hai left.

This Lin Shuya actually dared to question her son like this. It seemed that she had still shown mercy to Lin Shuya.

No, they must get a divorce!

Qin Hai drove away from the Qin family’s villa and went straight to an apartment.

“Yan’er, I’ll stay here tonight.” Qin Hai’s expression softened.

Not long after, the door opened.

A woman in a nightgown walked out.

“What? Aren’t you at home with your wife?” Li Yan said with a smile.

Qin Hai hugged Li Yan and smiled happily. “Are you jealous?”

“Who’s jealous?” Li Yan gave Qin Hai a coquettish look. She pushed Qin Hai away and returned to the apartment, but the door was not closed.

Qin Hai looked at Li Yan’s graceful posture, and began to think.

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