All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 164 - Get a Divorce

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Chapter 164: Get a Divorce

He had to give up a lot of his savings for this villa. How could Lin Shuya bear to do that?

However, Qin Hai had already agreed. If she objected, it wouldn’t have any effect. On the contrary, it would make Qin Hai unhappy.

Lin Shuya could only suppress that anger in her heart.

Qin Churou had been silent the whole time and didn’t interrupt to speak.

The depths of her eyes were filled with resentment. It was hatred toward Old Madam Qin, as well as anger toward Qin Hai.

Old Madam Qin valued sons over daughters. Just because she was a girl, she made things difficult for Qin Hai.

Qin Hai and Qin Wei were both her sons, but Old Madam Qin’s heart was biased toward Qin Wei. She kept pulling things from Qin Hai’s hands and sending them to Qin Wei.

Qin Hai was filial to Old Madam Qin. Basically, if she was the one who asked for it, he basically would not reject it.

Was there a need to be filial to such a mother?

Qin Churou couldn’t understand. Old Madam Qin had already made it so obvious, but Qin Hai still didn’t realize it?

Qin Churou was furious at Qin Hai’s stubbornness.

If Qin Hai didn’t favor Old Madam Qin, would she have to suffer such grievances?

In the living room, the four of them didn’t sit for long. Soon, they returned to their rooms.

Lin Shuya closed the door and looked at Qin Hai. She was very dissatisfied, and she finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Brother Hai, why did you agree to give the villa to your random younger brother? I won’t say much if you arrange a position for him, but it’s a villa. It’s worth tens of millions, not tens of thousands or even one or two million.”

Qin Hai frowned. He was rather magnanimous. “Isn’t it just a villa? We can earn it back in a few months.”

“Why should our family’s money be given to him?!” Lin Shuya screamed.

The soundproofing of the Qin family’s house was not very good. When Old Madam Qin passed by their room, she heard every word Lin Shuya said.

She stopped and looked around. There was no one else.

Old Madam Qin simply stood at the door of the bedroom and continued to listen.

“He is my younger brother. A few tens of millions is not a problem. I will help him.” Qin Hai was a little impatient and spoke perfunctorily.

“A few tens of millions isn’t a problem?” Lin Shuya sat on the bed. Her expression was very bad. “That’s good. Aren’t you very rich? Then give me a few tens of millions.”

Qin Hai’s expression was cold.

Lin Shuya’s appearance was simply unreasonable.

Qin Hai was getting more and more disappointed with Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya was also furious. At this moment, she dared to go against Qin Hai.

Not only did Lin Shuya miss her life in the Lin family, but she also had her father, mother, and younger brother spoiling her. They couldn’t even bear to let her wash the dishes. How could she have suffered such grievances in the Qin family?

If she hadn’t severed her relationship with the Lin family, they definitely wouldn’t have let her suffer such grievances,

Lin Shuya’s eyes reddened. She complained, “Qin Hai, what did you say back then? You said that if I married you, you would definitely protect me and not let me suffer. What about now?”

“If I had known, I would have listened to my parents and married a young talent. I would be living a much better life now.”

Qin Hai was trampled on. At the mention of the Lin family, he recalled how they had made things difficult for him back then.

Back then, he had worked hard and they still refused to let Lin Shuya marry him!

Lin Shuya was very spoiled. If he was not willing to marry her, who would want her?

If he wasn’t interested in Lin Shuya’s family background, he wouldn’t even glance at such a woman.

Qin Hai’s face darkened. “Lin Shuya, if you continue to be unreasonable, we’ll get a divorce.”

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