All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot - Chapter 163 - Buying a Villa For a Position

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Chapter 163: Buying a Villa For a Position

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“Oh, right, Ah Hai.” Old Madam Qin suddenly spoke.

“What?” Qin Hai was very confused.

Old Madam Qin: “Your younger brother is not doing well in his previous company and has already resigned. As his older brother, you can’t possibly see your younger brother staying at home all day and worrying about work every day, right?”


As soon as these words were said, Lin Shuya wanted to object, but was stopped by Qin Churou. She shook her head at Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya also gradually calmed down.

Even if she objected, it would be useless. On the contrary, it would invite Old Madam Qin’s revenge.

Lin Shuya could only look at Qin Hai with a nervous face. She prayed in her heart that Qin Hai would not agree. Otherwise, the company would be in a mess because of Qin Wei. She did not want a little ancestor to enter the Qin Real Estate.

However, Qin Hai was a filial son. Old Madam Qin’s request was not excessive. It was just a position. It was not a big deal.

Qin Hai immediately agreed. “Mom, I’ll immediately arrange for my younger brother to come to work at the company.”

Old Madam Qin: “Ah Hai, your younger brother graduated from a university. You can’t let him down. You have to give him a role as a manager.”

Lin Shuya really wanted to retort. Graduated from a university? He was just a junior college student, and he also skipped classes every day when he was in school. What ability could he have?

However, after being glared at by Qin Hai, she swallowed the words that were on the tip of her tongue.

Qin Hai agreed to Old Madam Qin’s request again. “Of course, Mom. Don’t worry. I will never let my younger brother suffer.”

Old Madam Qin nodded in satisfaction. She didn’t give up. “There’s more.”

Hearing Old Madam Qin continue to speak, Lin Shuya’s heart also rose. She was worried that Old Madam Qin would make even more unreasonable requests.

Old Madam Qin patted her thigh and sighed, “Your brother doesn’t have a house in H City either. He has a family with him. I’m planning to come and live with him. You can’t let him rent a house outside, right? The housing prices in H City are high right now. I’m afraid that he would need a month’s salary to rent a house. He still has to support his son and wife and an old woman like me. How is he going to live like this?”

“Mom, isn’t there a company apartment? The company’s executives all have a dorm room. Brother Hai will arrange a big dorm room for you guys so you can stay there,” Lin Shuya said in a low voice.

Lin Shuya really couldn’t stand Qin Wei’s family sucking the blood of the Qin family.

How many things did Qin Wei take from her family?

If it were her, she would have fallen out with him a long time ago.

Only Qin Hai cared about his family and helped their family.

As soon as Lin Shuya finished speaking, Old Madam Qin glared at her. “Do you think we are those people from your company? Do you still want me to squeeze into a small dormitory at my age? Lin Shuya, what are you doing? Are you intentionally jealous of this old lady and trying to make things difficult for me?”

Old Madam Qin was very talkative and threw each sentence at Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya was choked speechless and her face turned red.

Qin Hai quickly said, “Mom, I will buy a villa for my brother and his family.”

“This house must be your brother’s. If he lives in someone else’s house, he might be driven away one day.” When she said this, Old Madam Qin deliberately glanced at Lin Shuya.

Qin Hai immediately promised, “I’ll write yours and Brother’s names on the property certificate.”

When Lin Shuya heard this, she felt her heart ache terribly.

In the past few years, the housing prices had risen tremendously. H City was also a city with good economic development. The housing prices were very high. A small commercial house would cost over a million.

A better villa would cost at least 20 million.

Right now, Qin Hai only had more than 200 million in cash on hand.

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