Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2345 - A narrow victory

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Chapter 2345 A narrow victory

Huai Jian’s expression was grim. Even against a prodigy like Xue Ge, he was still filled with confidence, and thought that he would definitely win, but now a bewilderment he had never experienced before rose up in him.

He could no longer be certain!

This kind of hesitation made him feel anxious. He, the top Monarch Star, was actually capable of feeling anxiety?

But quickly afterwards, a strong fighting spirit rose up in his heart, surging out of the top of his head like flames, and soaring into the skies.

This kind of battle was what he aspired for. Otherwise, if the result was clear from the get-go, the battle would only be a mere formality, and even his blood would be cooling down, which also caused him to behave gentle and refined, as if there was nothing in this world that could anger him.

But very, very long ago, he had not been like this.

He had been filled with passion and fighting spirit, longing to challenge powerful opponents. Before surpassing his opponents, he would’ve buried himself in cultivation, and that amazing feeling at the instant of victory could not be described.

This was what a real battle was. This was the path of cultivation that he had walked, his original aspirations and yearning to become strong!

Huai Jian laughed loudly, his aura majestic. It was like he had risen again from the ashes, his battle prowess actually increasing greatly.

This was a change of his mental state, and caused him to be completely transformed.

Actually, he had long since been able to advance into Ninth Lotus, but firstly, he wanted to represent the academy in this tournament, and secondly, he kept feeling that his condition had not reached perfection yet. Now that his mental state tensed and relaxed, he knew where the last sliver of his inadequacy lay. Once he fixed it, his battle prowess naturally reached consummate level.

This kind of Huai Jian was too frightening. Every move he made could launch Sword Qi, and even as his eyes blinked, a pair of precious swords would leap out, slicing into the heaven and earth.

Ling Han was stunned. He had not thought that such an astonishing change would occur in Huai Jian, but after his moment of surprise, he was only filled with fighting spirit.

This kind of opponent was too rare!

With a battle cry, Ling Han unleashed his full battle prowess, using various Regulations with proficiency, and showing their amazing might to the maximum extent.

This was not piling Regulations on top of one another. When an attack approached, he would meet it with the Regulation of Earth that inclined towards defense, and when he attacked, Regulations of Slaughter and Regulations of Metal would move simultaneously. In terms of movement technique, the Regulations of Space naturally were unique and unmatched. In the use of Regulations, Ling Han was already close to perfection.

And under the pressure posed by a powerful enemy like Huai Jian, Ling Han was presently speeding towards perfection.

Those watching outside were all amazed and entranced, and felt an impulse to grab their heads and exclaim in shock. Whether it was Huai Jian or Ling Han, this kind of prodigy should be unique and unrivaled, yet now two such prodigies had actually appeared. Would it be a relation of mutual hatred and friendship, and only one of the two could advance into Heavenly Venerable Tier, or would they encourage each other, and both of them would eventually become Heavenly Venerates?

The two people in the arena had already forgotten everything else, and were merely pouring all their efforts into battle.

At this time, honor, prizes, and even victory had already been completely erased from their minds. There was only one word left in their minds: battle!

Fight until they were completely exhausted, fight until even their bones shattered.

The two great prodigies were showing their full brilliance, exuding the glory that belonged to them, and others were also paling in comparison. Only Xue Ge and the other supreme monarch stars were still filled with fighting spirit, swearing that they would surpass the two of them. The others were all mediocre in comparison, and even Monarch Stars would feel a kind of helplessness.


Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, and fight until the final bit of energy they had.

Ling Han and Huai Jian were evenly matched. Even when time acceleration was started, 10 days had already passed outside, but they were still fighting intensely.

This was a time acceleration of 1000 times. 10 days outside were equivalent to more than 20 years inside!

At first, the two great prodigies were fighting intensely, but now their speed was becoming lower and lower, with them only launching an attack after a long period of time.

This was not because they were worn out, but rather that they had used all techniques at their disposal. Now, while they were fighting, they were pondering and scrambling their brains thinking of new moves to make.

This was an even harder test of the two of them. If one’s imagination, power of creation, and ability to react were slightly inferior, the battle would be decided in an instant.

Now that they had battled to this point, the people outside were actually not so concerned about whether it would be Ling Han or Huai Jian winning anymore. The two had already proven their strength, and they were both undoubtedly the top two prodigies of the Foreign Realm, being capable of dazzling an


Perhaps, the two of them would each go to a battlefield after a few tens of billions of years, leading various prodigies. One side would conquer the Celestial Realm, while the other would be in charge of standing against the Dark Inverse Realm.

After over 20 years of intense battling, the two great prodigies were covered with various wounds. Though they had both grasped recovery skills with astonishing effects, this kind of rate of recovery was far from catching up because the battle was really too intense. At this time, Ling Han’s tough physique was a very great advantage. The injuries he suffered were slightly lighter, and so his rate of recovery was slightly faster. Though it was just only by a little, but as it accumulated, this became an advantage, and was also becoming a winning situation.

By the 13th day, after Huai Jian clashed with Ling Han again, his figure finally swayed as he flopped onto the ground, unable to battle any further.

His injuries were too severe.

Killing intent rose up in Ling Han’s heart. Huai Jian was too frightening. In the future, he really could possibly become a Heavenly Venerate. To the Celestial Realm, this was definitely not good news. Ling Han had an impulse to directly kill him here and now, but firstly, he had developed an appreciation for the other party as another prodigy after battling for so long, and secondly, there was an Ancestral King watching over, so there was no good chance to make a move.

With this in mind, he slowly dismissed his killing intent.

“Ba, victory!” The Ancestral King spoke, his voice calm and without any sliver of fluctuation. It was practically an impossible feat to spy on the emotional changes of an Ancestral King.

The seal on the battlefield unlocked. Ling Han had not even walked out when he saw dense clouds spread out in the skies, with frightening lightning bolts flashing.

Heavenly tribulation!

He looked at Huai Jian in shock. This guy had broken through after this battle.

He was really outrageously bold. This person’s battle prowess actually was not inferior to his own; it was only his physique that was inferior, which ultimately resulted in a narrow loss. Of course, Ling Han had not used his stamina, either, and it was on the pinnacle level of Great Accomplishment of the Ascending Origin Tier, which was a bit stronger than his power of Regulation.

Now, Huai Jian was covered with wounds, yet still dared to break through. How could it be anything but outrageously bold?

But if he could survive even in such a state, that would be a great boost to Huai Jian’s self-confidence, and could even be a rebirth of his mental state.

As expected of Huai Jian!

Ling Han shook his head, and walked out of the arena. The first thing on his agenda was to run straight for the Primordial Battle Beast egg. Now, it belonged to him.

“Ba, I wish to battle you again!” Jing Zhongyue walked elegantly over, a precious sword in her hand. It looked like crystal, exuding a chilling aura.

When she had her sword in hand, that was when she was truly the strongest she could


“I, too, wish to battle you!” Xue Ge declared in a grave voice. He had taken the form of a sturdy bald man, his skin blood red all over. His skin was extremely smooth, and it was guaranteed that there was not even a single pore to be found on it.

Xu Xing also stood at the sidelines, and did not say a word, but the fighting spirit blazing in his eyes said everything.

Ling Han stowed the egg of the Battle Beast away, and then cast a guarded look at the three of them. “You guys want to snatch my Battle Beast egg?”


Jing Zhongyue and the others felt an urge to pummel Ling Han. How could they possibly do that?

“Three days later, Sunset Mountains.” Jing Zhongyue left these words behind, and departed.

Now that Jing Zhongyue had snatched the lead, Xu Xing and Xue Ge could only rub their noses, and did not set a date for a battle.

…It was still hard to determine who would be winning between Jing Zhongyue and Ling Han. Furthermore, even if Ling Han won, he could still be severely injured, and winning a battle against him at that time would only be unjust.

The Ling Han they wanted to defeat was the Ling Han in his strongest state.

Ling Han returned to the side of Hu Niu and the other women, and immediately saw the incredibly excited expressions on Qi Shuang’s and Yuan’s face. Xun Feng and the others, though, had dark expressions. They naturally had no wish to see Ling Han shine so brightly.

“Niu wants to eat an egg!” Hu Niu set her eyes on Ling Han, already drooling.

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