Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2178 - Innumerable Love Rivals

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Chapter 2178: Innumerable Love Rivals

This Senior Brother Wang was called Wang Liangchun, and he had entered the Heavenly Saint Palace earlier than Ling Jianxue and Chen Shuangshuang. He had also reached the Fourth Severance before them, and right now, he was cultivating toward the Dividing Soul Tier. Once he reached this cultivation, even though he would still be a core disciple, his status would definitely rise by a significant amount.

Chen Shuangshuang was a renowned beauty of the Heavenly Saint Palace, so even though she was airheaded, and even though she had a strange hobby of being “attracted” to beautiful women, her beauty and cultivation talent were still able to win her many admirers.

Wang Liangchun was one of them.

“Heh, no need for Senior Brother Wang to worry,” Ling Jianxue said in an emotionless voice. Since he knew that Wang Liangchun was a rival in love, he would naturally treat him with hostility.

Wang Liangchun wore a faint smile, and said, “Oh, that’s right, Lady Tu San is looking for Junior Brother Ling everywhere again.”

Ling Jianxue frowned upon hearing this. Lady Tu San was called Tu Hongying, and she was the granddaughter of Celestial King Jiuhua. For some reason, she had fallen in love with him at first sight. Moreover, she had loudly claimed that she would marry no one but him.

This matter had startled even Celestial King Jiuhua, and he had even locked Ling Jianxue up in an attempt to make him yield. However, after 10,000 years, Ling Jianxue had still been resolute and unwilling to give in. In the end, Celestial King Jiuhua could only free him in exasperation.

After all, he was a core disciple of the sect, and he hadn’t committed any crimes, had he?

Because of this, Celestial King Jiuhua ended up becoming extremely appreciative of Ling Jianxue. He believed that this young man was true to his heart, and he wouldn’t give in to external forces. He was someone who could achieve greatness. As such, he encouraged Tu Hongying to continue pursuing him.

“That’s right! What’s wrong with Lady Tu San? Junior Brother, why can’t you accept her feelings?” Chen Shuangshuang said in agreement.

At this moment, Ling Jianxue truly wanted to vomit blood. In front of this airhead, his heart truly ached. He didn’t want to speak.

However, even though he didn’t speak, Ling Han naturally wouldn’t ignore this. He patted Wang Liangchun’s shoulder, and said, “Senior Brother Wang, right? Come, take me on a tour.”

As he said this, he forcefully dragged Wang Liangchun away.

Wang Liangchun couldn’t help but feel astounded. Hee was at the peak stage of the Fourth Severance, and he had even reached the barrier to the Yang Soul. Once he opened his Yang Soul, he was confident that he could definitely advance. However, before Ling Han, his strength was seemingly nonexistent. Ling Han had easily patted his shoulder, and he had easily managed to drag him away. He couldn’t resist at all.

He looked at Ling Han, yet he couldn’t discern his cultivation level no matter what. He felt like Ling Han was a towering mountain, a boundless sea, profound and unfathomable.

Ling Han dragged Wang Liangchun away, saying that he wanted a tour of the sect. In reality, however, it was he who was dragging Wang Liangchun around. Only after several hours did he return to look for Ling Jianxue. However, he knew that such kind of help could only be used once. In the future, it was still up to Ling Jianxue himself.

By the looks of it, he needed to give his son some special training.

Once they returned, Ling Jianxue immediately brought Ling Han and Wenren Yue to the great hall of the sect. This was where outsiders would have their cultivation talent and comprehension ability examined. Those who passed the examination could remain, while those who failed could only piss off.

“Wenren Yue!” an elder responsible for the examination shouted. He was an Immortal Palace Tier elite.

As expected of an Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier force. Even Immortal Palace Tier elites had to lower themselves to such lowly tasks. If this were outside, Immortal Palace Tier elites were powerful enough to found their own sects and become the ruler of a land.

Wenren Tang was just about to walk over, yet three men coincidentally entered the hall at this moment. The man in front wore a bright and colorful robe, and he radiated with an aura of elegance and nobility. The two men following him were also dressed with dignity, and they also radiated with astonishing auras.

However, it was surprising that the man in front was only at the Fourth Severance, while the two men behind him were at the Earth Soul.

‘The weaker person is actually their leader?

‘By the looks of it, this person definitely has a powerful background. Otherwise, how can he command two Earth Soul cultivators?’

“Oh, it’s Young Master De!” the Immortal Palace Tier elder exclaimed. To Ling Han’s surprise, he also stood up to bow slightly at the Fourth Severance cultivator.

His background was truly powerful. At the very least, even Immortal Palace Tier elites didn’t dare to offend him.

Young Master De wore an expression of disdain, and when he swept his gaze across Ling Jianxue, he said, “Lord Duan, aren’t you aware that the sect examination rules have already changed?”

‘What change?’

The Immortal Palace Tier elite wore a confused expression. He had always been responsible for these examinations, so if there were any changes, how could he not be aware?

“You should head over there!” Young Master De said as he pointed at a nearby column.

The Immortal Palace Tier elite opened his mouth slightly. He instantly came to a realization. Young Master De was purposefully making things difficult for him.

Sure enough, the rumors weren’t false. Young Master De was currently pursuing Lady Tu San, yet Lady Tu San was head over heels in love with Ling Jianxue. This was something that everyone in the Heavenly Saint Palace knew. Thus, Young Master De was naturally extremely jealous, so he wanted to target Ling Jianxue everywhere that he could.

However, even though Young Master De was also the descendent of a Celestial King, because they were in the same sect, and because Ling Jianxue was held in high regard by Celestial King Jiuhua, Young Master De naturally didn’t dare to take things too far. However, making things difficult for those that Ling Jianxue had brought into the sect was definitely no trouble at all.

Lord Duan had initially planned to examine Ling Han and Wenren Yue using the examination for external disciples. However, the examination that Young Master De pointed at was the examination for true disciples. These examinations were as different as heaven and earth!

In the Heavenly Saint Palace, disciples were divided into four levels. From the bottom to the top, they were external disciples, internal disciples, true disciples, and core disciples. By raising the examination from the level of external disciples to the level of true disciples, the chance of these people passing was naturally infinitesimally close to zero.

After all, true disciples were all king tiers!

“Young Master De…” The Immortal Palace Tier elite was slightly troubled by this. If he helped Young Master De, what would happen if news of this got out? He would also be unable to bear the consequences.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back,” Young Master De said in an extremely arrogant voice. He casually threw a vial of alchemical pills at the Immortal Palace Tier elite, saying, “This is a River of Time Pill. You’ve been stuck at the First Secret for many years, and this alchemical pill can give you a sliver of a chance to advance to the Second Secret.”

The eyes of the Immortal Palace Tier elite instantly lit up. He hurriedly caught the vial, and said, “Since Young Master De has promised, I naturally don’t have anything to worry about.”

This was a naked and undisguised exchange.

Ling Han quietly observed this, and a cold smile involuntarily tugged at the corners of his lips. Initially, he had only wanted to enter the Heavenly Saint Palace, after which he would use the Black Tower to enter their treasure storage. After that, he would then learn that omnipotent celestial technique.

However, this Young Master De or whatnot was clearly trying to bully them. This caused him to become angry.

“Ye Jiande, you’re taking things too far!” Ling Jianxue couldn’t help but chide.

“Impudence!” the two Earth Soul cultivators behind Young Master De roared in unison. “You actually dare to directly utter Young Master De’s name? Kneel down and apologize!”

Young Master De, or Ye Jiande, waved his hand, and said, “No need to lower yourselves to the same level as him. Who told me to have a Fifth Heaven Celestial King Tier ancestor? Does he have one? Ling Jianxue, I admit that I’m blatantly bullying you. But what are you going to do? Bite me?”

Ling Jianxue shook in fury, yet Ye Jiande was already admitting his brazen shamelessness, so what else could he say? He was rendered speechless.

Ling Han sighed in his mind. Although his son’s cultivation talent wasn’t weak, his ability to argue was far too weak. In the future, he definitely had to send his son to train with the large black dog. Even if he couldn’t kill others with words, he could still at least learn how to deride others.

He patted his son’s shoulder and stepped forward to interrupt, saying, “Regardless of what examination it is, can we start now?”

The Immortal Palace Tier elder looked over to Ye Jiande, who gave a nod of approval.

Only after receiving this approval did he nod and say, “Indeed.”

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “I’ll go first.”

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