Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2177 - Great Reversing Yin and Yang

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Chapter 2177: Great Reversing Yin and Yang

Ling Han entered the Black Tower, where time flowed 100,000 times faster than in the outside world. In just a few hours of real-time in the outside world, he had already examined all of the information left by Sui Yuanliang.

Because Sui Yuanliang hadn’t anticipated facing any dangers, he had indeed left a lot of clues in his Spatial God Tool.

“Great Reversing Celestial King… Great Reversing Yin and Yang Sword… Great Reversing Celestial Technique…” Ling Han murmured to himself.

When he opened his eyes again, he had already grasped all of Sui Yuanliang’s knowledge.

“As it turns out, this is actually a Seven-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tool and the secondary sword to the Great Reversing Yin and Yang Sword,” Ling Han explained to his lovers and son. “However, being a Seven-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tool isn’t the most impressive thing about this sword. Instead, one can use this sword to find the Great Reversing Yin and Yang Sword.

“Moreover, the Great Reversing Yin and Yang Sword is a Celestial Tool, and even the Great Reversing Yin and Yang Technique, the Great Reversing Celestial King’s cultivation technique, is sealed inside this sword!”

“What kind of existence was the Great Reversing Celestial King?” the Empress asked.

Both might be Celestial Kings, but how could a Fifth Heaven Celestial King compare to a Ninth Heaven Celestial King? Their standard was extremely high now, so those under the Fifth Heaven, Sixth Heaven, or even Seventh Heaven wouldn’t be viewed very highly by them. Only those at the Eighth Heaven or Ninth Heaven could be regarded as freakish.

Ling Han paused for a moment before saying, “I should probably start from the beginning. The Great Reversing Celestial King is someone with many stories.

“If one wants to become a Celestial King, they definitely need to possess immense talent. After all, even king tiers are unable to become Celestial Kings.

“However, there are always exceptions in this world.

“During his earlier years, the Great Reversing Celestial King only possessed ordinary talent, and no one believed that he could reach the Severing Mundane Tier. However, even though he stumbled and struggled, he still managed to ascend to the Severing Mundane Tier. Afterward, no one believed that he could reach the Fifth Severance, yet after obtaining a rare treasure, he was able to complete this feat.

“In summary, he struggled through each cultivation level, but he was always able to come across great fortune, allowing him to reach perfection in each cultivation level.

“Those of the same generation as him were either far superior in cultivation level, or they died after failing to resist their Immortal’s Tribulation. However, he was always able to just barely break through when the Immortal’s Tribulation started to threaten his life.

“Interestingly, his bumpy path didn’t stop him from becoming a Celestial King. Moreover, he became a Ninth Heaven Celestial King.

“In the beginning, the Great Reversing Celestial King wasn’t prominent among the Celestial Kings. However, after creating the Great Reversing Cultivation Technique, he came from behind to surpass all others, becoming the ruler of heaven and earth in that generation.


Ling Han’s expression suddenly became strange.

“But what?” the others all asked in curiosity.

“But… the Great Reversing Celestial King eventually became a woman,” Ling Han revealed.

“What do you mean?” the others asked in confusion.

“The Great Reversing Celestial King had originally been a man, yet he always believed that he should have been a woman. However, even though celestials can transform their bodies, they’re unable to genuinely reverse yin and yang. Yet, the Great Reversing Celestial Technique that he created could reverse yin and yang, ultimately allowing him to become a woman. He became a genuine woman,” Ling Han said in a leisurely voice.

Everyone was astonished. Something like this was possible?

“The Great Reversing Yin and Yang Sword also possesses this ability. For those who are struck by this sword, men will become women, and women will become men. However, since they haven’t genuinely practiced the Great Reversing Yin and Yang Cultivation Technique, this transformation will only last for a limited time,” Ling Han said.

“So fun! So fun!” Hu Niu said as she clapped her hands. “Niu wants this sword!”

After hearing this story, it was clear that the Great Reversing Celestial King was genuinely an extremely interesting person.

“Heh.” Ling Han tossed the Cold Moon Light Sun Sword to his son, saying, “Since you obtained this sword, it’s up to you whether you obtain the Great Reversing Celestial King’s cultivation technique and Divine Sword or not.”

Ling Jianxue accepted the sword, and placed it in his Spatial God Tool with a nod, saying, “I’ll decide when I have the chance.”

Using the Transference Portals, they then set off for the Heavenly Saint Palace. After arriving at Red Blossom Village, Ling Han drew all of his lovers into the Black Tower. He was going to become a student to learn that omnipresent technique, and his goal was extremely clear. Thus, it was better for his lovers to cultivate in the Black Tower.

Because of this, only four people remained when they arrived before the Heavenly Saint Palace—Ling Han, Ling Jianxue, Chen Shuangshuang, and Wenren Yue.

From the foot of the mountain up, everything belonged to the Heavenly Saint Palace. Outsiders were strictly forbidden from entering, and there was a gigantic formation enveloping the entire sect. From the outside, one could only see a hazy mountain range that was hidden amid clouds and mists. Nothing could be seen clearly.

If one possessed a token of the Heavenly Saint Palace, they could ignore this formation, and directly fly inside. If one tried to forcefully barge in without a token, they would be immediately crushed by the might of the formation.

Of course, this was unless one was as powerful as a Celestial King.

Thus, if outsiders wanted to enter the Heavenly Saint Palace, they had to pass through the large gates at the foot of the mountain. There were people standing guard here, and only those who were granted permission could enter.

Initially, Chen Shuangshuang and Ling Jianxue could have entered without any problems. However, because there were two outsiders in Ling Han and Wenren Yue, they didn’t enter the sect directly. Instead, they went to the large gates together.

“Our respects to Senior Sister Chen and Senior Brother Ling!” The four disciples guarding the gate bowed and spoke in greeting when they saw Chen Shuangshuang and Ling Jianxue.

All four of them were at the Severing Mundane Tier. However, they were only at the First Severance. Moreover, they were all far older than Chen Shuangshuang and Ling Jianxue.

They had reached the Severing Mundane Tier earlier, but because they weren’t talented, they were still unable to take that next step. Thus, they could only remain external disciples who guarded the gate. When they saw core disciples such as Chen Shuangshuang and Ling Jianxue, they naturally had to pay their respects.

What was important in the sect wasn’t age. Rather, it was strength and talent.

Ling Jianxue nodded in acknowledgment. He then pointed at Ling Han and Wenren Yue, and said, “These two are potential talents that Senior Sister Chen and I discovered during our adventures. We especially brought them back to introduce to the sect, so help them get registered.”

“Understood,” the four external disciples said with a nod.

There was indeed such a tradition in the sect. Whenever disciples went out to adventure and train, they would keep an eye out for cultivation talents to bring back and examine. If they passed the examinations, they would be accepted into the sect. If they didn’t pass, however, they would naturally be sent back wherever they came from.

In reality, most disciples had joined like this. In fact, some disciples had even been personally recruited by the elders and protectors of the sect. For example, there might be a cultivation ceremony in some place, and those who managed to shine would be recruited by all kinds of powerful sects. If they didn’t send elders, protectors, or Ascending Origin Tier elites and Celestial Kings, how could they possibly snatch these outstanding talents?

After registering their information, Ling Han and Wenren Yue were easily let through by the four external disciples. In any case, the following examinations wouldn’t be their responsibility. They had already finished their job.

Ling Han and the others entered the sect, only to see a winding, serpentine mountain path. On the sides of this path were dense bushes consisting of flowers and peculiar plants that were radiating with a divine glow. In the distance, there were also many pagodas and abodes that were faintly discernible. Sitting atop the mountain, it was as if they were hovering in the air. This was much like a celestial abode.

“Junior Sister Chen!” Immediately upon entering, they saw a young man arriving on a sword. He was wearing an azure robe, and his appearance was relatively handsome.

“Senior Brother Wang,” Chen Shuangshuang said in greeting.

Meanwhile, Ling Jianxue seemed slightly displeased, and he pursed his lips as he also greeted Senior Brother Wang.

Ling Han immediately understood the situation. This “Senior Brother Wang” was definitely his son’s rival in love. Even though Ling Han had no animosity with this Senior Brother Wang, who told him to fight for his future daughter-in-law? He definitely had to help his son.

Only at this moment did this Senior Brother Wang shoot a sideways glance at Ling Jianxue, saying, “Oh, so Junior Brother Ling is also here. I didn’t know that you had already been released by Grand Elder Jiuhua. Heh…”

His act of provocation was as clear as could be.

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