Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2157 - Killing Lin Xuan

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Chapter 2157: Killing Lin Xuan

In Ling Han’s hands, the Source Powers of heaven and earth displayed their mysterious power one after another, moving to suppress Lin Xuan.

The Regulation of Slaughter allowed Ling Han to be anywhere and everywhere, while the Regulations of Time allowed him to create disorder in the past, present, and future to a limited extent. The Regulations of Lightning was overbearing and ferocious, while the Regulation of Slaughter meant being indestructible. Channeling the Regulations of the Five Elements in turn, it was like he was creating a new heaven and earth.

Lin Xuan was indeed very strong. In the first place, he was a monarch tier, and now that he had unlocked the seal of the power of darkness, he was strong to the point of matching a super monarch tier like An Ran.

Unfortunately, his opponent was a monarch of monarchs that was rare to come by even in several epochs, a true great monarch!

Thus, he could only be beaten down on. Very soon, he was bleeding all over, and the bizarre thing was the fact that after he had unleashed the power of darkness, his blood had also become inky black.

He held on with much difficulty. He was filled with longing for life, and had absolutely no wish to die here.

And this really caused him to burst out with greater battle power. Furthermore, he had also activated a kind of secret technique, allowing his injuries to rapidly heal in a short period of time, no matter what injuries he had sustained, and it was as if he was completely unaffected.

Ling Han did not believe that his recovery ability could be maintained at such a powerful level, but rather that the other party would have to pay a hefty price for it.

However, Lin Xuan was indeed capable of continuously healing his injuries at present. Though his physique was not invincible, added with this kind of recovery ability, it was close to invincible.

“You cannot kill me. I have the protection of the power of the Deity, and even the heavens here cannot kill me!” Lin Xuan laughed loudly. His confidence had recovered instantly. Even if his battle prowess was no match for Ling Han’s, so what? He cultivated the power of darkness, and its level was higher than the Celestial Realm’s. In the end, his accomplishments would also be superior to Ling Han’s.

Ling Han shook his head, and muttered, “Ignorance.” An indescribably terrifying power surged out from his body.

He couldn’t bother himself to continue fighting Lin Xuan. Thus, he used the Great Clash of Source Powers.

Suddenly, a nervous expression came over Lin Xuan’s face. He had already sustained loss from this move once. If it were not for the fact that the Spiritual Mountain Celestial King had laid out a celestial technique on him, he would have long since died… Perhaps he would also be creating history, and that history would be that he would be the first Immortal Palace Tier that died in the hands of a Dividing Soul Tier in a head-on clash.

But when he thought back to his present recovery ability, wounds would probably be recovered just as they appeared, so what was the use of a powerful attack?

He was fearless!

Moreover, he couldn’t flee even if he wanted to. In front of Ling Han, who had grasped both the Source Power of Space and Time, if he could really manage to flee, wouldn’t it be an insult to these two great Source Powers of heaven and earth?

Boom, the Great Clash of Source Powers exploded, and the five elements supported and subdued each other, resulting in an effect that was far more than one plus one equaling two.

Lin Xuan also waved his spear as he sent out a piercing strike at Ling Han, bursting out with his strongest attack.

However, his expression immediately changed. As the Great Clash of Source Powers assaulted him, his body exploded into pieces without any suspense, and under the crushing pressure of the violent storm, the recovery ability did not even have the chance to heal his injuries, and his body was instantly turned into dust.

“No…” he howled, yet his voice came to an abrupt halt as he was instantly turned into dust.

The storm of energy surged past, and Ling Han stood firmly. Five great seals of dao flickered on his body, and slowly dimmed.

Though he had accomplished the magnificent feat of killing one stronger than himself, Ling Han did not look the slightest bit proud of himself. Firstly, Lin Xuan was completely not his ideal enemy, and secondly, he was worried about exactly how many people like Lin Xuan there were in the various great forces, and he was completely incapable of feeling any optimism.

“Ling Han, you are so awesome!” Hu Niu ran over, and pounced immediately onto his back.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and patted the little girl’s ******. All of his worries had vanished without a trace.

The little girl always had this kind of charm to her, bringing only joy to others.

“Taking advantage of this chance, let’s hurry and sneak away,” Ling Han said. Otherwise, when the Spiritual Mountain Celestial King managed to free a hand, he would definitely come and find him. Even if he was a rare Dividing Nine Souls great monarch tier, what was that worth in front of a Celestial King?

“En!” All four women nodded. They were naturally aware of the current situation.

It was possible that there were a great many secrets and treasures hidden within this Mystery Realm, yet Ling Han did not feel the slightest greed. He had already obtained the Source Power of Time, and this was his greatest gain. Additionally, freedom was the most valuable treasure there was.

Ling Han channeled the Source Powers of the Five Elements, and this formed a perfect protection for him, hiding his aura, so it was as if he had completely vanished from the world.

He drew the four women into the Black Tower once more, and then strode forwards. Retreat.

A few days later, he had returned to the vicinity of the great river. Unfortunately, he was met with the assault of a fierce beast again. It was an Ascending Origin Tier, and he had no choice but to flee in a sorry state. He spent an additional seven days’ time to finally arrive at the foot of the tall mountain.

On the mountain peak, there was still celestial light surging, which was incredibly terrifying. He was sure that this should be a contest that was still taking place among the Celestial Kings. Perhaps some super treasure had indeed appeared.

Ling Han suppressed his greed. The chances of being able to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth—in this case, from the Celestial Kings—was endlessly close to zero, and his best option was still to flee as quickly as he could.

Xiu, a figure raced down from the mountain, his speed extremely fast. In a mere blink of the eye, he could see there was another person in hot pursuit behind him, and his speed was even faster, the distance between them becoming closer and closer.


Ling Han showed a hint of astonishment. The person running in front had a golden and a silver eye. Who else could it be but Yi?

Yi, the top prodigy of the Eastern Celestial Realm, who would not have known Ling Han without a battle, and had nurtured a friendship out of battle with him.

Strange. Why had he also come to the Western Celestial Realm?

And the person chasing behind Yi… Ling Han actually knew him as well. It was Ai Kaifeng from the Imperial Void Sect.

Yi had clearly discovered Ling Han’s presence, yet he acted as if he had not seen him at all. Instead, he shifted his steps slightly. At first, he was practically running in Ling Han’s direction, yet now he had shifted to a slight angle. Because the two of them were still slightly far off from each other, when he reached level with Ling Han, he should also still be very far from Ling Han.

Ling Han knew that it was not that Yi had become conceited, and was unwilling to recognize him as a friend. Instead, it was the absolute opposite. Precisely because he saw Ling Han as a good friend, he deliberately ignored him to avoid dragging him into the trouble.

Yet how could Ling Han be the type not to lend a helping hand when he saw a friend in trouble?

He immediately rose up, and approached Yi, saying, “Long time no see, Brother Yi!”

“Ling Han!” Ai Kaifeng involuntarily released a furious roar. He had long since disliked Ling Han, but because An Ran had stood in his way, his schemes had failed. Now that he saw Ling Han, it was natural that his rage would reignite.

Moreover, Ling Han was acquainted with Yi.

“He is a First Secret Immortal Palace Tier, run!” Yi sent out a wave of divine sense. A seal lit up beneath his feet. Peng, as he stepped on it, his figure bounced back up, and his speed suddenly soared greatly.

So that was the reason. Without it, he would have been captured by Ai Kaifeng long ago.

“Neither of you can run!” Ai Kaifeng smirked coldly. An Ran was no longer beside Ling Han. Very good, there would be no one that could stop him from killing him this time.

He moved, one hand grabbing towards Ling Han, while the other grabbed out at Yi, wanting to capture both of them in a single stroke.

He was naturally confident about this move. Ling Han was only a Heaven Soul, and Yi was only a Yin Soul. The two of them added together and multiplied by 100,000,000 would still be no match for him.

“Humph!” Ling Han had long since become displeased with this guy. He similarly sent out both fists, one fist blasting towards Yi, helping him to resolve Ai Kaifeng’s offensive, while the other fist was launched in front of himself.

Peng! Peng!

Two heavy sounds rang out at practically the same time.

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