Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1991 - Yi

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Chapter 1991: Yi

“Ah?” A hint of shock appeared on the black robed man’s face as he looked at Yi with a disbelieving expression. “What did you say?”

“Brother Shengyuan, he said the two of us are trash!” the furred man remarked with a laugh.

The two of them exchanged a look, and erupted into laughter.

This was really too amusing. A cultivator from a weak Heaven actually dared to say that the two of them were trash? If they were trash, then what others would be? Worse than trash?

“I, Luo Shengyuan, am ranked ninth among the Severing Mundane Tiers of the Three Capitals Heaven!” The black robed man pointed at his own chest, his expression filled with pride.

The Three Capitals Heaven was a Heaven that was ranked in the middle echelon. Since he was able to rank ninth in this Heaven, Luo Shengyuan’s strength was naturally incredibly strong. It was no wonder that he would be so confident.

“Shi Bin, ranked 10th of Three Capitals Heaven!” the furred man declared.

“Not interested.” Yi waved a hand, his expression incredibly condescending.

“What a truly arrogant guy,” the furred man, Shi Bin, said coldly.

“Then just kill him!” A malicious killing intent rose from Luo Shengyuan.

“Right, just kill him!” Shi Bin strode out. Peng, his foot had clearly just landed softly on the ground, but the whole ground itself was shaking wildly.

This was a true prodigy, capable of shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

He was trying to gain the upper hand with a show of strength, deliberately exerting pressure on Yi.

“Come see, come quickly. Shi Bin is going to make a move.”

“This is a monarch tier ranked 10th in the Three Capitals Heaven. Whichever of the surrounding Heavens he is in, he would not be weaker than the strongest prodigy there.”

“Who is his opponent? He is going to be in big trouble now.”

“That may not be the case, as he is Yi!”

“The number one prodigy of the Wide Prosperity Heaven?”

“That’s right.”

“Still, the Wide Prosperity Heaven is too weak. They rank the lowest in the Eastern Celestial Realm, together with the Calm Peace Heaven and Dispelling Cloud Heaven. Even if he is the number one monarch tier, just how strong could he actually be?”

“En, I, too, think better of Shi Bin’s chances.”

“Me too.”

Those around them all discussed the situation avidly with each other. After the Yang Soul Ocean opened, it was inevitable that a great battle would erupt among the masses. Only the one who was the most outstanding could obtain the greatest rewards from the heaven and earth, and cultivate the strongest Yang Soul.

Thus, even if two people did not meet the entire time, they were actually still rivals, just that they were not exchanging actual blows, but pitting their good fortune against one another.

Yi showed a mocking grin, and when Shi Bin’s palm strike reached him, he suddenly moved. As his large hand stretched out, it turned into a colossal hand, multiple Regulations turning into chains that enshrouded over Shi Bin.

Shi Bin’s expression changed drastically.

As a monarch tier, he was naturally incredibly proud, but if he could not even distinguish the strength of his opponent, he would not have been worthy of being a monarch tier, but should rather be called a great and absolute idiot.

“Three Moons Bright Flame!” he uttered lightly. Boom, an immortal flame rose up from his entire body, turning into a seal of great dao that moved to suppress Yi.

“The Bright Flame Celestial King’s technique?” Yi bared his mouth in a grin. The giant hand did not shrink back in the slightest, but rather continued to grab out at Shi Bin.


The two of them had completed the first exchange of blows. A momentary stalemate appeared, and then they immediately began an intense battle.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. They both moved quickly, and in an instant, they had exchanged a few dozen blows.

So fast.

Everyone felt everything was a blur to their eyes. They could not tell who had the upper hand and who was in a disadvantageous position at all.

“Gods, is that really someone from the Wide Prosperity Heaven? How could he possibly be so strong?”

“Even if he lost to Shi Bin, his name would be worthy of spreading throughout the entire Celestial Realm.”

“I really had not imagined this, so the Wide Prosperity Heaven actually still had such a powerful monarch tier!”

“Don’t you guys forget. The Wide Prosperity Heaven has quite a number of Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings, and which of them had not been prodigies that crushed all the peers of their generation when they had been in the Severing Mundane Tier?”


“However, in front of the Madman, everything would be useless.”

“The Madman is too powerful!”

“That’s right, and someone actually said that the Madman had lost to someone called Ji Wuming. This really is too hilarious, but is it possible?”


Just as they were discussing spiritedly, a figure streaked past them. The battle had been decided. One person had been sent flying out, and he landed heavily into the mountain rock, no sign of him left to see.

Who was that?

Because he had sunk into the rock, they couldn’t see, but this did not cause any problem for them, because they only had to see who was the one that was still standing.

It was Yi!

This incredibly devilish young man had actually defeated Shi Bin. Oh gods.

They all couldn’t believe this, but facts spoke louder than words.

This was heaven-defying. How could the young generation of the Wide Prosperity Heaven possibly be so powerful?

Yi did not laugh out proudly, still looking very unconcerned and casual, as if the person he had defeated was not the monarch tier ranked 10th in Three Capitals Heaven, but rather an unimportant nobody.

But it was this kind of lack of concern that was even more shocking.

“Are you the next one?” Yi stretched out his hand, pointing at Luo Shengyuan.

A hint of humiliation and fury rose up from Luo Shengyuan. He really wanted to fly into a rage, but he suppressed the urge.

His rank was indeed higher than Shi Bin’s, but it was only just a single rank higher. His strength was not all that much higher than Shi Bin’s. Against Yi, the possibility that he, too, would lose was much higher.

Then what need was there for him to ask to be humiliated?

Though refusing the challenge was a little embarrassing, how could losing in public be any better?

Yi showed a devilish grin, and said, “Scared now? Too bad, you two really should not have trifled with me!”

Xiu, his figure charged out. Who cares if you want a fight or not? He made his move directly.

This time, the strength that he showed was even more powerful. It was like the battle just now was just a warmup, and only now had he gotten serious.

He really was very strong. The Regulations of the Great Dao turned into many divine chains that moved to wrap around Luo Shengyuan. That was definitely comparable to Three-Star-level Celestial Tool, and against Yang Soul, or even Yin Soul, it possessed a powerful destructive ability.

Luo Shengyuan called Yi a maniac internally. How could it be that such a terrifying prodigy would appear in the Wide Prosperity Heaven? This was practically illogical and completely unimaginable.

But his opponent had already charged towards him, so how could he not accept the challenge?

The battle instantly reached its climax. Unfortunately, Luo Shengyuan was quickly beaten to the point that he could only parry and defend, firstly because Luo Shengyuan’s fighting spirit had not been high at the start, and secondly because Yi was indeed too strong.

Everyone inhaled sharply. Yi’s strength was something that they had not been able to imagine at all.

So the Wide Prosperity Heaven actually had this kind of monarch tier!

However, this should only be a rare individual. Those like the Calm Peace Heaven and Dispelling Cloud Heaven should not have this kind of super genius.


After battling a while longer, Luo Shengyuan was sent flying with a punch from Yi, and this time, Yi’s killing intent was flourishing. He was about to set out in pursuit, wanting to kill Luo Shengyuan, but the latter had used an escape technique, directly fleeing through instant teleportation.

“Who else is there?” Yi’s killing intent had not found its outlet. His golden and silver eyes were as bright as the sun. After he swept his eyes over those around him, he suddenly charged out. He actually committed a random massacre, without caring if it was right or wrong.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. His battle prowess was incredibly strong, and wherever he charged, multiple human figures would be sent flying. There was practically no one that was a match for him. Some were even insta-killed at his hand, their blood pooling all over the ground.

He was indeed a maniac. The Madman couldn’t even compare to him.

“Yi, you’ve gone crazy!” Shu Yarong hurriedly charged out, wanting to stop Yi’s unbridled massacre. Otherwise, he could just go berserk, but other prodigies could also come and commit a random massacre in the Wide Prosperity Heaven. Then the whole world would be in complete chaos.

There were some rules that everyone had to adhere to.

Yi did not reply to her at all. His golden and silver eyes shone ever brighter. Suddenly, his eyes became fixed on Ling Han and his group, and he charged towards them.

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