Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1990 - Asking to be humiliated

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Chapter 1990: Asking to be humiliated

Ma Tongguang had already walked back, though he could not bring himself to face Ling Han and his group. However, when he saw Shu Yarong, his eyes involuntarily lit up.

This woman was also very beautiful, and had a sharp bearing, just like an ultimate Divine Sword that had been unsheathed. Others would subconsciously want to avoid her sharpness. This kind of aura was really too amazing and captivating.

Ma Tongguang’s heart throbbed wildly. He had only seen this kind of aura in some mighty figures, yet now it had actually appeared on a woman in the Severing Mundane Tier.

This was inconceivable!

More importantly, this woman clearly was extremely antagonistic towards Ling Han.

The enemy of an enemy was an ally.

He immediately walked over, and said, “I am Ma Tongguang from the Western Celestial Realm. I have also concocted a few alchemical pills, and am presently a Three-Star Alchemist.”

Awesome, wasn’t it? Not only was he a prodigy of cultivation from the Western Celestial Realm, he was also a Three-Star Alchemist. These two factors compounded together made the halo of light above him even more brilliant and blinding.

Shu Yarong swept an eye over him, and quirked her lips in a clearly disdainful manner.

She was a high and noble Celestial King who had reached the height of Seventh Heaven in the past. Did she have to pay any attention to a minor Severing Mundane Tier monarch tier or a Three-Star Alchemist? Those that were worthy of her attention could only be true prodigies of cultivation such as Yi and Ling Han.

“Scram!” she declared coldly, her voice icy.

‘F*ck!’ Ma Tongguang couldn’t help but curse internally. ‘Why is everyone from the Eastern Celestial Realm so arrogant? Could it be that they have not heard that I have come from the Western Celestial Realm, and am a Three-Star Alchemist at that?’

“You are too condescending!” he said, and brazenly attacked her.

Previously, he had experienced a great loss fully in public. If he did not hurry and regain some face, how was he supposed to face others in future? Furthermore, he considered himself a cultivator of the Western Celestial Realm in all aspects, showing a strong sense of superiority. No matter what, he could not allow himself to end up in such a dejected state.

Shu Yarong was originally angered already, and now she was involuntarily even more enraged. With a wave of her slender hand, she, too, used a celestial technique, greeting Ma Tongguang’s own attack.

While one Shu Yarong was naturally no match for the combined might of the Empress and Hu Niu, she had been a Celestial King in her last life, and that was much stronger than any other ordinary monarch tiers. At the time, even Ling Han could only manage to be her equal in battle prowess.

How was Ma Tongguang supposed to match that?

He was indeed a monarch tier, and had come from the Western Celestial Realm, where the overall level of strength was stronger, but there were naturally stronger and weaker monarch tiers in the Western Celestial Realm. At least, he definitely could not be ranked amongst the strongest in the Western Celestial Realm. He should only manage to match Yan Xianlu.

This was very impressive, but to fight with Shu Yarong, a reincarnated Celestial King?

No way!

In about 100 moves only, Ma Tongguang had already fallen into a disadvantage, and after 500 moves, he clearly looked like he was going to lose, and after 1,000 moves, he was already in a panicked frenzy.

Seeing this scene, everyone only felt contempt.

Without enough strength, why was he pretending to be a wolf? How humiliating!

Even Lu Xianming felt a little embarrassed. At least for now, he was still Ma Tongguang’s subordinate. Now that his master had lost face, it was embarrassing for him as well.

“For the sake of Su Huanxiang, I will spare your life!” Shu Yarong reprimanded softly, sending Ma Tongguang flying once more. However, she did not follow up on her assault and kill him. Instead, she stopped her attack coldly.

Peng, Ma Tongguang fell heavily onto the ground, feeling his chest burn fiercely, and his face was hot with shame.

However, what he felt more was shock because the Su Huanxiang that Shu Yarong had spoken of was his founder!

Su Huanxiang was a legendary character of the Western Celestial Realm, succeeding Dao with the means of an alchemist. She was both a Five-Star Alchemist and a Celestial King, and was a Fourth Heaven existence at that. There was even hope of her breaking through to the Fifth Heaven, Sixth Heaven, or an even higher cultivation level.

But judging from Shu Yarong’s tone, not only did she know of Su Huanxiang, they were even familiar with each other.


Even he had not seen the Founder many times, so how could this mere Severing Mundane Tier from the Eastern Celestial Realm have met her? ‘You really are being too boastful, aren’t you?’

But what need did she have to deceive him?

“Who exactly are you?” Ma Tongguang asked.

Shu Yarong did not bother to answer, three words clearly written on her expression: you are unworthy.

Ma Tongguang was very hurt, and could only walk gloomily to one side.

F***, why were all the women from the Eastern Celestial Realm so powerful?

“Scram, you are blocking my way.” Just as he sat down on a rock, a voice rang out from behind him. It was very cold and proud, and held an arrogance that could not be described with words.

Ma Tongguang was displeased now. ‘I was sitting here, minding my own business. If you were passing by, couldn’t you have just walked around me? How much f***** space would I have taken?’

“You are seeking death— wu!”

Ma Tongguang had just said a few words when he felt a grip tighten around his neck. Then, his whole person was completely lifted off the ground, and then his body became light and was sent flying. In midair, he could only see a tall, broad-shouldered figure barging into his vision like a mountain, exuding an endless overbearing air.

Peng, Ma Tongguang was once more stuck into the woods, his limbs sprawled out.

He struggled out with an expression filled with shock, repeatedly coughing out blood. First, it was black as ink, and then it became bright blood, which ultimately became golden.

One blow, it had only been one blow, and he had sustained a serious injury!

Though he had indeed underestimated his opponent, no matter how far he had underestimated him, it could not conceal the fact that there was a massive gap in strength between the two of them.

‘My gods, is the Eastern Celestial Realm going to become heaven-defying?’ How was it that anyone that popped out could easily thrash him?

“Yi!” Shu Yarong’s pupils shrank as she exclaimed softly.

That tall, broad-shouldered man turned around, showing a face that was wild yet filled with charisma. His black locks lay disheveled around his shoulders, looking a little unkempt, but it made him possess a charm that was even more confident and laidback.

It was Yi, the number one prodigy of the Wide Prosperity Heaven whose power even overwhelmed the two reincarnated Celestial Kings, Shu Yarong and Tang Minglong. His strength could not be described.

And what surprised Ling Han was the fact that one of his pupils was golden, while the other was silver, emanating a devilish charm.

“What is it? You decided to sleep with me?” Yi looked at Shu Yarong, showing an incredibly devilish grin.

Shu Yarong’s pretty face involuntarily tensed. This man was wanton and unbridled. He clearly had incredibly astonishing natural talent for cultivation, but did not have the slightest demeanor that was befitting of a future grandmaster. His devilish air was bursting at the seams.

“You have finally appeared!” she said, looking at Ling Han again.

If Yi had managed to appear at the Three Blooms Valley, then even if he had not been able to stop Ji Wuming, he would at least have managed to stop Ling Han, and preserved some lives of the Wide Prosperity Heaven. The situation would not have been like it was now, where all their monarch tiers were practically all dead.

“Hahahaha, why have just these few people come from the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Calm Peace Heaven?” A long bout of laughter was heard, and a man with lanky build appeared, dressed in black robes, his face handsome.

“So weak. Do these two Heavens even have the need to exist? Why don’t they just merge into our Three Capitals Heaven instead?” Another man appeared. He was covered entirely with fur, and was not dressed, either. Instead, multiple chains wrapped all around his body. In any case, he had a lot of fur, so there was no need to worry about the problem of going naked.

The Wide Prosperity Heaven had risen up for just 100,000,000 years. This was a very short amount of time in the Celestial Realm. The majority of their prodigies were still maturing, and their reputation had yet to spread. Thus, in the eyes of the other Heavens, these two Heavens were just like the Dispelling Cloud Heaven, all of them being incredibly and extraordinarily weak.

And from the look of things now, that was indeed the case as well. The other Heavens had a great number of competent people, but there was just a pitifully small number of monarch tiers from the Wide Prosperity Heaven and Calm Peace Heaven.

Yi showed a devilish grin, and turned to look towards those two men. “You two pieces of trash, do you guys want to die?”

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