Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1913 - Duplicate of heaven and earth

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Chapter 1913: Duplicate of heaven and earth

Ling Han looked at Shang Da that had been sent flying, yet put away the Divine Demon Sword. He did not have the time to linger and waste his time on the latter. He had to ascend to the summit as soon as possible. Only the person that reached it first could gain the great fortune from heaven and earth.

“Let’s go.”

The Empress nodded, and Bewitching Maiden Rou put on a pitiful appearance, casting a pleading look at Ling Han.

Ling Han sighed internally. He clearly knew that having too much contact with Bewitching Maiden Rou was not a good thing, but the charm technique that this Bewitching Maiden cultivated was really something. It affected him subconsciously, causing him to accept this person more and more.

Not because he had designs on her, but rather already taking her as his friend.

Moreover, if he abandoned Bewitching Maiden Rou here, she would be easily “devoured” by others. Would a mere three-star force be enough to intimidate these heirs from Celestial King Tier sects?

If this kind of thing spread out, it was guaranteed that a great many people would turn around, and say that it was Bewitching Maiden Rou that was claiming a connection with those above her station. If they wanted beautiful women, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake?

He stretched out a hand and pressed down, taking Bewitching Maiden Rou into his Spatial God Tool… Of course, it could not possibly be the Black Tower. His trust in this Bewitching Maiden was far from reaching that level yet.

Ling Han and the Empress walked side by side. The others stared at his back for a while, and then set off as well.

Some did not make a move, because they did not have enough confidence. Even if they did make a move, that would only be asking for their own humiliation. Others, meanwhile, were in a hurry. After all, Ling Han was extremely powerful. Defeating him would need a very long time, perhaps even a year or more, and they would really be too late by then.

The higher they went, the more frightening the aura undulating on this peak was. It was not strong enough that made it difficult for them to even take a single step, but it was still incredibly hard to take a step. Their foreheads were streaming with sweat.

Both Ling Han’s and the Empress’s speed was too low, far from being capable of comparing to that of Yan Xianlu and his group. Going by the look of things now, to say nothing of getting the first prize, they might not even be able to get any consolation prize.

But what could they do?

They were not at the fifth severance, and were a whole cultivation level lower than Yan Xianlu and his group. Furthermore, this was an incredibly crucial level at that.

…The others were Severing Mundane Tiers, yet possessed the battle prowess of the Dividing Soul Tier. This was too astonishing.

Ling Han turned to the Empress, and said, “Going by this rate, there is definitely no way we can catch up to those three in front.”

The Empress nodded. “Unless we can break through to the fifth severance!”

“The pressure here is strong enough. Perhaps we can find the trigger to breaking through here.”

“If that is the case, then that would in fact be the greatest fortune for us!”

The two of them exchanged a look, both breaking into a smile.

Right. In front of the fifth severance, what greater fortune could there be?

Ling Han had a slightly easier time than the Empress, but for the sake of the Empress’s future, he did not think of taking the Empress into the Black Tower. Instead, she used her full effort to resist the terrifying aura on the peak, climbing the mountain one step at a time.

This was the Broken Clouds Mountains. They were so tall that they could block the clouds. Though Three Yang Peak was not the tallest summit here, its height was still enough to make one flinch.

One day, two days, 10 days, a month!

They had actually walked a whole month on the mountain. Even though they were not walking very fast, after so many days, they could no longer see the foot of the peak since a long time ago. The only thing remaining in sight was drifting clouds, and if they looked higher, they still could not see where the summit was.

This peak was really too high!

Ling Han and the Empress did not know if Yan Xianlu and his group had reached the summit. However, under the pressure of this aura, it was as if they were constantly exchanging blows with a frightening opponent. The barrier in their bodies was becoming clearer and clearer.

The fifth severance!

They could already see hopes of the fifth severance. It was close at hand, as if they could touch it just by reaching out. But if they really did stretch out their hand to reach for it, it would seem to be far upon the horizon, and they still could not touch it.

This kind of feeling drove them very crazy.

“Is it that we haven’t been tempered enough, or should we refine the Heavenly Dao Jade?” the Empress asked.

Ling Han did not know, either. To say nothing of the fact that they did not have any experience of breaking through to the fifth severance, there was none among those that they had come into contact that had the experience, either. They were completely unable to ask for experience from others.

Yan Xianlu? Lao Song? Shan Jitong?

Wasn’t that a joke? To say nothing of the fact that there was completely no trace of them now, even if they were here, how could Ling Han bring himself to ask? Even if he did, would they even answer?

In Celestial King Tier sects of sixth heaven and above, there would be one or two people that broke through to the fifth severance every epoch. Then, Yan Xianlu and the others would have some that could offer them guidance, so they would take a few less wrong turns.

Most importantly, neither Ling Han nor the Empress were sure that they could attempt to break through to the fifth severance in this situation.

“Let’s not refine the Heavenly Dao Jade first. Just wait and see.” Ling Han considered for a moment, and thought that it was impossible to break through to the fifth severance so easily.

The Empress nodded in reply.

The two of them continued on their way, and not long after, they saw fog twist and turn, turning into some kind of shape.

At first, this was very normal—the altitude here was too high, and there were clouds everywhere—but now the fog had actually taken the form of a human figure. Furthermore, it was getting clearer and clearer. Not only were his features clearly seen, his body was filling out as well.

In the time for just a single breath, this human figure had completely taken form. If Ling Han and the Empress had not seen this kind of change with their own eyes, they would’ve definitely been unable to tell that this figure was actually formed from fog.

This was a man. He was very young, and his head of black hair hung loosely. There was a kind of coarse and wild air about him.

HIs pride soared, the light in his eyes astonishing. If one looked closely, there was actually a cross pattern in the depths of his pupils.

“Sword Demon Race!” the Empress suddenly declared.

“What Sword Demon Race?” Ling Han asked.

“My bloodline memory has information about this race,” the Empress explained. “This is a frightening race. They do not have a large number, but every single member is incredibly talented, and a considerable number of Celestial Kings have come from this race.”

A considerable number of Celestial Kings!

“In this race, every member is an expert swordsman. Once they deliver a sword strike, any existence would be sliced into quarters.

“This is Regulations of the supreme level!”

While the two of them were talking, this young man had already walked over to Ling Han and the Empress. He opened his mouth, and said, “Yi Wushang, you have been named as one of the top 10 prodigies of the Eastern Celestial Realm, and rank eighth. I, Gu Fei, have deliberately come to ask for guidance.”

‘What’s going on?’

Ling Han looked at the Empress, and the Empress also looked at Ling Han. Who was this Gu Fei talking to? Yi Wushang? Neither of them were named Yi Wushang.

“Yi Wushang, you rank eighth among the top 10 prodigies. Be careful that this will not become a curse, and you will only remain an eighth heaven Celestial King in your whole lifetime!” Gu Fei continued. “Come on then, you claim that Eternal Prosperity, and this for me is a taboo!”

Both Ling Han’s and the Empress’s heart jolted, and then realization dawned on them.

Yi Wushang… was the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King!

This was where the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King had achieved Dao. An epoch ago, the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King had comprehended Dao here, and broken through to Celestial King Tier. All the opponents he had encountered on his whole way here had been duplicated, and he had reviewed his life of battle.

When a Celestial King achieved dao, it had drawn a mysterious response from the heaven and earth, which had thus duplicated these memories.

After an epoch, a bizarre event was birthed once more from the heaven and earth, and thus came Gu Fei’s “revival”, showing again the scene when he issued a challenge all those years ago.

Gu Fei was clearly a character from an epoch ago. Perhaps he had long since died, or perhaps he had already become a Celestial King, and was immortal, but the Gu Fei now was the Gu Fei of Yi Wushang’s memories.

“Come and fight me!” Gu Fei declared loudly. When he shouted these words, another clump of clouds gathered again, turning once more into a human figure. However, it was not Gu Fei, but rather a valiant and formidable-looking man.

“Yi Wushang, I, Zhang Yun, challenge you!”

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