Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1834 - Audacious

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Chapter 1834: Audacious

He Shaolin wasn’t a king tier, so he more so desired to crush king tiers under his feet. This could be regarded as the most mesmerizing sensation in the world.

His expression was haughty as he gazed at Fu Gaoyun, and he would definitely crush Fu Gaoyun’s face under his feet today. Even if Fu Gaoyun became a Dividing Soul Tier elite or even Immortal Palace Tier elite in the future, he still wouldn’t be able to wash away the humiliation of today.

“Heh, my horizons have been broadened again today. I’ve finally witnessed the true meaning of shamelessness and having no bottom line,” Ling Han said with a shake of his head. He then calmly strode forward.

The Empress stood behind him and clasped her hands behind her back. She couldn’t be bothered dealing with such trash.

“Ling Han, there’s no need to hurry, it’s not your turn yet!” Bei Xuanming said with a sneer. Did Ling Han think that he would forgive him? How naive!

“But I’m already getting impatient!” Ling Han said as he continued to advance. He wasn’t interested in watching Bei Xuanming’s deplorable performance. Moreover, even though he had already cut off all ties with Fu Gaoyun, he had still received many benefits from him, after all. At the very least, the Empress’ Blood Dragon Armor had been given to her by Fu Gaoyun.

In addition, Fu Gaoyun was also a fairly decent person.

“Halt!” a man shouted as he dashed over from behind Bei Xuanming. He raised a fist and swung it toward Ling Han. Since an underling was present, their master naturally wouldn’t need to step forward. Otherwise, what would such an underling be for?


The fist swung over with an astonishing might, drawing on the power of the great dao and forming numerous symbols in the air.

This was a third severance elite who had already reached the peak stage. In reality, his battle prowess was even superior to that of Bei Xuanming. He was only weaker than He Shaolin.

This punch yearned to brutally crush Ling Han.

Ling Han instantly replied with a strike of his own. No one saw how he achieved it, but with a casual move, he instantly grabbed the man’s wrist and forcefully stopped him in his tracks.

Bei Xuanming’s jaw dropped in astonishment. Ling Han was only at the first severance, so he hadn’t imagined that he would be powerful enough to rival a third severance elite, regardless of how freakish he was. However, Ling Han’s action instantly gave him a slap across the face.

‘Third severance!

‘Ling Han is actually at the third severance! How is this possible?!

‘How many days have passed? Yet he’s already advanced from the first severance to the third severance? He’s already surpassed my cultivation level? How can such a thing have occurred?!’

“Does pummeling people feel good?” Ling Han asked the man before him. His expression was eerily calm.

The man was almost about to wet his pants in fright. He didn’t know how to answer this question.


Ling Han grabbed the man’s hand, and swung it toward his face.

Pa, pa, pa!

“Does it feel good? Does it feel good?”

With each time he repeated this question, he would use the man’s very own hand to slap him.

The man’s face became bruised and battered, yet Ling Han didn’t look like stopping at all. It wasn’t long before blood started to spray into the air. After that, it was broken flesh and shattered teeth that flew through the air. At this moment, even the man’s bones had become visible. This was a bloody and brutal sight.

However, Ling Han felt absolutely no sympathy. After all, this man had clearly yearned to crush him to death. If it weren’t for his insane cultivation speed, and if he weren’t an emperor tier, whom could he have complained to if he were beaten to death?

“Stop!” Bei Xuanming roared.

He had no option but to roar. His underling was being beaten to death, so who would still agree to serve him if he didn’t express his displeasure at this moment?

However, would Ling Han listen to him?

Pa, pa, pa!

Ling Han continued to force the man to slap himself. At the same time, he started to drag him toward Bei Xuanming. There was a murderous aura in his eyes, and it was clear that Bei Xuanming was his next target.

“Shaolin!” Bei Xuanming hurriedly exclaimed.

He Shaolin nodded in reply. He then leaped over with a cold sneer, and said, “Third severance king tier? Heh, before me, you’re nothing but trash!”

King tiers were only invincible among those at the same cultivation level. Right now, He Shaolin possessed an advantage of one minor level, and he had more so tempered himself at the peak stage of the fourth severance for countless hundreds of millions of years. As such, his battle prowess could completely rival that of king tiers.

That being the case, how could he not feel a sense of superiority?

Ling Han dragged the collapsed man toward He Shaolin. He didn’t speak, and in his eyes, it was as if He Shaolin were nothing more than a puff of air. He didn’t need to pay any attention to him at all.

“How arrogant!” He Shaolin said with a cold humph. He raised his right hand and struck at Ling Han’s face.

‘You like to slap people, yeah? Then have a taste of being slapped yourself!’


Ling Han raised a hand and grabbed He Shaolin’s wrist.

He Shaolin’s expression instantly froze.

‘How is this possible?!’

Bei Xuanming was also struck with shock and disbelief. In his eyes, He Shaolin was powerful enough to rival Holy Sons and Holy Daughters at the peak stage of the fourth severance. Yet, his wrist had actually been caught by Ling Han?

It was as if there existed a huge gulf between their battle prowess.

“You also want to feel good, hey?” Ling Han said in a calm voice. He raised He Shaolin’s hand and swung it toward his face.

He Shaolin hurriedly unleashed his full power to resist. However, he was completely unable to rival Ling Han’s overwhelming power.


A stinging pain instantly traveled across his face. Tears of pain flowed from his eyes.

These were tears of pain, yet they were also tears of humiliation. He was being slapped before so many people, so how could he endure this?

Ling Han flicked his hands.

Pa, pa!

He Shaolin and the man were thrown before Bei Xuanming’s feet. Their arms and legs were spread, and they had already lost their consciousness.

Bei Xuanming involuntarily took a step back. There was shock and fear on his face.

Just like how Fu Gaoyun couldn’t find any reinforcements here, he couldn’t, either!

Although he wasn’t the only Holy Son of the Lunar Sect who had entered this mystery realm, the relationship between Holy Sons was that of competition and rivalry. Thus, how could he seek their help in his own personal matters? Firstly, he couldn’t bear the humiliation of asking them for help. Secondly, asking them for help would only cause him to become a joke.

As such, he now felt just as helpless as Fu Gaoyun had felt just then.

Bei Xuanming gritted his teeth, and said, “I… admit defeat!”

The veins in his forehead were bulging. After saying this, he commanded his underlings to help He Shaolin and the man up. Perhaps he couldn’t defeat Ling Han, but he could still choose to flee, couldn’t he?

Ling Han humphed, and said, “You want to leave just like that?”

“What do you want?” Bei Xuanming asked in a solemn voice. He also knew that he had to pay a price for his actions.

Ling Han grinned, and said, “Just then, didn’t you say that I should behave humbly and obediently because I offended the Ziyun Clan? Heh, let me tell you something. I already killed Zihe Bingyun a few days ago!”


Bei Xuanming felt a huge and deafening tremor in his mind, and he almost fainted in shock.

‘Lies! This is definitely a lie!’

If Ling Han only offended Zihe Bingyun, the Zihe Clan definitely wouldn’t hunt him at all costs even if they decided to target him. If he killed Zihe Bingyun, however, the situation would become completely different.

Who could humiliate a Celestial King Tier force?

At that time, perhaps everyone here would have to die alongside Ling Han!

Bei Xuanming shivered in fear, and he couldn’t help but think that Ling Han was a madman. Or perhaps he was lying and playing a pointless prank.

“Y-you’re definitely spewing bullsh*t!”

Ling Han smiled, and said, “You think I have the time and effort to joke around with you? Didn’t you call me arrogant and audacious? Heh, I’m simply showing you just how arrogant and audacious I am.”


With a snap of his fingers, a burst of sword light pierced through Bei Xuanming’s forehead, and exited through the back of his skull.


Bei Xuanming’s legs weakened, and he instantly fell onto his knees. At the same time, life drained from his eyes.

Meanwhile, Fu Gaoyun and the others went completely numb with fear. At this moment, Fu Gaoyun also recalled a question that Ling Han had asked him in the past. He had asked whether or not he was allowed to kill Bei Xuanming. Back then, Fu Gaoyun had only treated this question as a joke. Thinking back now, it was clear that Ling Han had already developed killing intent toward Bei Xuanming back then!

He was far too audacious!

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