Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1833 - Revenge

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Chapter 1833: Revenge

“B-Brother Ling?” Fu Gaoyun looked at Ling Han, his expression very strange.

To say nothing of him, the expressions on Cheng Zhong and the others’ faces weren’t much better, either. That was because Ling Han’s head was presently completely bald. He had lost even his brows. That appearance naturally was very disharmonious no matter how they looked.

Ling Han rubbed his bald head, and gritted his teeth. He had forgotten about this, and now? Great, his image was completely ruined.

“Hehe, how are your profits?” he asked, changing the topic.

“Brat Ling, is your a*** all right?” Situ Xiaozhen asked with some concern.

Ling Han almost threw up a mouthful of blood. ‘Only my head has gone bald, so why are you so concerned about my a***? Do the two have any relation between them? What kind of leaping thought process do you have here?’

Fu Xiaoyun could only flush bright red, and pretend she had not heard. She really was completely helpless about this Situ Xiaozhen whose thoughts were filthy to the extreme.

Thankfully, Fu Gaoyun piped up at the right moment, and said, “Not too bad. The volcanic eruption this time was extremely ferocious, and there are more Blood Dragon Stones than the previous few times. Our luck wasn’t too bad; we encountered a bountiful year.”

“Ling Han, why have you arrived only now?” Cheng Zhong asked. Though the two of them had already clarified their relationship, seeing Fu Gaoyun being so cordial, he could only open his mouth and show some concern.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “I was held back by some matters.” He had no intention of showing off.

Immediately, Cheng Zhong’s expression became prideful. Even traveling here was a bumpy road for you? You were really quite inferior.

“Yi, isn’t this Ling Han?” Another voice rang out, and Bei Xuanming walked over, his arms crossed behind his back. Meanwhile, a few people tailed behind him, and one of them stood out the most, seeming like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed.

Though Bei Xuanming was a Holy Son, and was furthermore clearly the leader of these few people, his limelight was completely stolen by this person.

He was a fourth severance peak stage, and had settled in this cultivation level for who knew how many years, tempering his battle prowess to an incredibly frightening extent, and only then could he show off so much strength.

“How outrageously bold. Having offended the heiress of a Celestial King Tier clan, you actually still dare to appear so bravely here. I really have no idea where your courage comes from?” Bei Xuanming’s expression was filled with mockery. He had been waiting a very long time for this day to come.

Ling Han looked at him as if he was looking at a clown. “Do you want to know just how bold I can be?”

“Foolish clown, you won’t be able to make trouble for too many days more. Once Celestial maiden Zihe encounters you, she will definitely take your life!” Bei Xuanming scoffed, then swept his eyes over Fu Xiaoyun, and said, “Fu Xiaoyun, you gave me up just for the sake of this piece of trash? Heh, are you regretting it now?”

Fu Xiaoyun’s expression was filled with disdain. The reason why she was not willing to marry Bei Xuanming was not because she had fallen for another, but purely because she had seen through the true character of Bei Xuanming. He was the type to avenge every slightest fault, and did not have any tolerance at all.

How could this kind of man be worthy of her?

She didn’t bother to pay him any attention, either. She only pursed her lips slightly, and pretended that this person in front of her was empty air.

Bei Xuanming couldn’t help but feel his anger rise when he was given the cold shoulder, but being wary of Fu Gaoyun, he did not make a move. However, Fu Gaoyun had given all the slots of entry to his subordinates, and actually did not bring an elite with him. This was really too stupid.

Bei Xuanming turned around, and asked that “showy” person, “Shaolin, are you getting an itch in your fists?”

The person broke into a grin, and asked, “Whom does Lord Holy Son want me to thrash?”

“There, those few of them.” Bei Xuanming pointed in the direction of Fu Gaoyun.

This ex-brother-in-law of his had always looked down on him, and he had worked earnestly on gaining his favor for nothing. F***.

And now, since the betrothal was over in any case, he should teach him a harsh lesson, and vent his anger!


Heh, to say nothing of the fact that he would not enter into the Fu Clan’s territory after this at all, even if they would occasionally have relations, with the prestige of the Lunar Sect, what could the Fu Clan do to him?

It was fine as long as there was no fatality.

That showy person’s name was He Shaolin. He looked towards Fu Gaoyun with a slightly disdainful smile, and said, “You all can join forces against me. It will save me some energy as I can deal with all of you in one go.”

Fu Gaoyun and the others were furious. However, the Fu Clan itself had this kind of “strange genius”. They clearly knew how formidable this kind of strange genius could be, so how could they dare to seek their own humiliation? They all forcibly suppressed their anger.

Who asked Fu Gaoyun not to have brought a single strange genius of this sort with him to save on the entry places?

“What is it? You don’t dare to even make your move?” He Shaolin scoffed with a disdainful grin. “And you call yourself an heir of the Fu Clan; you are practically a spineless coward!”

“You are a fourth severance peak stage, and you can actually bring yourself to challenge us like this?” Fu Xiaoyun couldn’t bear having her brother be mocked like this, and stretched out a hand to rebuke him.

“Weak is weak, what excuse is there to be found?” He Shaolin asked coldly. Could it be that cultivation was thrown down by the gods on him? It was he himself that had cultivated with much toil and difficulty.

Fu Gaoyun lowered his hand in a pressing motion, signaling to his sister not to be rash. He darkly declared, “I will admit defeat this time!”

In the outside world, who would really have a just battle with you? Power was might!

Who asked Bei Xuanming to have the might now?

“Let’s go!” He waved a hand, planning to leave with his party.

“What is it? Planning to leave with just a few words?” Bei Xuanming couldn’t help but smirk coldly. “Don’t you know the rules? Since you have admitted defeat, you have to leave something behind!”

Fu Gaoyun gritted his teeth, and raised his right hand. Pa, he slashed down with a palm strike, and blood spattered in all directions. His left arm had been severed.

“Brother!” Fu Xiaoyun exclaimed in shock.

Yet Fu Gaoyun did not even cast a look at her, and only set his eyes on Bei Xuanming. “Is that enough?”

Bei Xuanming laughed loudly. This idiot! Previously, he had curried favor with him, and he had not cared for it. And now? He had finally suffered the consequences of his own actions! However, did he think that that was the end of the matter? Since Bei Xuanming had started this matter, it was natural that courage had given rise to his evil intentions. He coldly declared, “Not enough!”

This time, even Cheng Zhong and the others felt unbridled fury. He said it was not enough even with having one arm severed? Then what more did he want?

Bei Xuanming set his eyes on Fu Xiaoyun, and his lips quirked, showing a vicious expression. “Fu Xiaoyun, the reason for this scene today is all because of you! Since that is the case, whoever started the trouble should end it.”

“What do you want?” Fu Xiaoyun bit her lip tightly.

“Take off your clothes,” Bei Xuanming stated calmly. “Let everyone admire your beautiful figure!”

He had already dismissed the thought of marrying Fu Xiaoyun, and once a man was intent on revenge, he would sometimes be even more malicious than any woman, and Bei Xuanming was precisely that kind of man.

Fu Xiaoyun’s face instantly turned pale. To be completely naked in public, what face would she have to see others in future? Even if she eventually became a Celestial King in future, this would become a humiliation that would never be erased.

Situ Xiaozhen was the first to lose control, and immediately leaped out, and said, “Are you f****** still a man? Come on then, if you have the guts, come and rape me, see if I won’t squeeze you to death!”

At first, Ling Han planned to make a move to get them out of the dilemma, but hearing such formidable words from her, the muscle in his cheek involuntarily twitched madly.

Thankfully, old Situ Tang was not here. Otherwise, if he had heard these words, he would probably spit out a mouthful of blood, killed by his towering fury!

Even Bei Xuanming gritted his teeth. Even if someone gave him courage, he would not dare to rape the granddaughter of a three-star alchemist. He waved a hand, and said, “Shaolin, since Miss Fu is unwilling to save her brother, then just beat them all into submission!”

“Understood, Lord Holy Son!” He Shaolin slightly bowed. He knew that Bei Xuanming’s future accomplishments would definitely be above his, and thus displayed much respect.

Then, he turned a sinister look on Fu Gaoyun and his group.

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