Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1832 - Who is the bad influence?

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Chapter 1832: Who is the bad influence?

Three people!

Ling Han was at first stunned, which was followed by great joy.

This damn Small Tower actually caused him a moment of needless worry.

After the pleasant surprise had passed, he couldn’t help but feel curious, and asked, “Didn’t you say that the Heavenly Dao Jade can only allow two people to refine it at most?”

“…If you think that three people is too many, you can throw away whatever’s left,” Small Tower said very shamelessly.

‘Fine then, it’s your win.’

Ling Han shook his head as he headed back outside, each arm holding an infant.

Actually, the infants of the race of dwarves were not small. They were basically the same size as the adult dwarves. Clearly, they would not grow any further once they were born.

“Is there any way for them to become normal humans?” Ling Han asked Small Tower.

“You are truly ignorant,” Small Tower scoffed. “The reason why this race is so small in build is because they do not cultivate. Once their cultivation level increases, their build would naturally grow bigger, so what need is there for you to worry about them?”

Right, he was again looked down on.

Ling Han rubbed his chin in self-reflection. Was there any time that he would not be looked down on by Small Tower?

No, definitely not. This tsundere Tower seemed to take joy in striking him down. Sigh, he had really never seen this kind of precious Tool. It was really too disrespectful to its master.

“Heh, well, I’m so sorry,” Small Tower said with a fake smile while using a tone that would incite irritation.

Ling Han could confirm that Small Tower and the large black dog had to be bad friends. Even the way they threw out mocking remarks was similar. This also made him feel curious. Just what kind of character was the master of the Tower of Three Realms to be able to create a Tool Spirit like Small Tower?

Had the large black dog also been badly influenced by that person?

“Yi?” Seeing Ling Han carry out two infants, both Bewitching Maiden Rou and the Empress were surprised. You had gone in to retrieve treasure, but why had you carried two “little precious” out?

Ling Han briefly explained the situation, and only then did the two women know that these were the last descendants of the race of dwarves.

“Let’s leave this place.”

The three of them went back in the direction they had come from, and this place had also completed its mission. Perhaps it would return to being ordinary not long after.

Regarding the Heavenly Dao Jade, Ling Han only told the Empress. This precious jade could be used by three people, and Bewitching Maiden Rou had indeed shared in the tough and easy times with them, but to allow her to take a share in the Heavenly Dao Jade just for that, Ling Han had to admit that he could not bring himself to do it.

Their relations were not as good as that.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had not advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier yet. Otherwise, she could use the Heavenly Dao Jade as foundation to make up for the previous imperfections. Then, even if she did not strike the heaven and earth, she would be able to forcibly reverse the circumstances.

For the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden to take this step, she would need at least 100 million years at least. Even if Ling Han gave her Celestial medicines to consume every day, it could not possibly shrink down the time too much.

The step from mortality to immortality was really, really too hard. It was the true deciding factor that would differentiate king tiers, prodigies, and normal people.

A day later, they had arrived at the Ascending Dragon Palace. There was nothing stopping their way. They exited the palace, and that massive volcano once again appeared ahead of them. Black smoke was wafting from it, and the smell of sulphur was everywhere in the air around them.

The two infants had naturally been sent into the Black Tower. Coincidentally, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was very bored, so giving her two babies to take care of would help her pass some time.

“I will definitely repay your life-saving debt!” Bewitching Maiden Rou said to Ling Han, slightly indignant. This guy actually ignored her charms their whole way here, causing her to doubt herself. Was she really a great bewitching maiden that would cause chaos in the world?

However, Ling Han was too dangerous. Not only had he killed the descendants of two Celestial King Tier forces, most importantly, witnesses were left alive after that. She did not dare to mingle too closely with Ling Han, or she, too, would be attacked.

If a Celestial King Tier force made a move, what was the Purity Sect worth?

Thus, she definitely had to draw a clear dividing line.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and casually tossed a jade vial over.

Pa, Bewitching Maiden Rou caught it, and asked, “What is this?”

“Tea leaves,” Ling Han replied casually, and wrapped an arm around the Empress’s slender waist as they continued onwards.

The Empress, meanwhile, was a little displeased. That was a Nine Revolutions Charm Physique, and her husband should have snatched her over as his bed partner so that he could increase his cultivation level. Why should she be allowed to benefit another?

But since Ling Han was so insistent, she was not willing to resist Ling Han’s wishes, either. In any case, the lifespan of a cultivator was prolonged, and there would come a chance eventually—even if Bewitching Maiden Rou really did marry, couldn’t they still kidnap the bride?

She thought without the slightest concern. There was nothing that she dared not do in this world. So what if it was a Celestial King? Sooner or later, she, too, would be able to ascend to this cultivation level, and challenge all the strongest in this world.

Bewitching Maiden Rou almost smashed the vial in her hand into the back of Ling Han’s head.

Though she admitted that Ling Han had saved her life, she had also helped Ling Han and the Empress afterwards. No matter what, it could be considered they had stuck together in hard times, and now they had obtained some kind of precious treasures, but actually used a vial of tea leaves to dismiss her?

How could anyone do that!

However, she ultimately did not throw it. If she did, wouldn’t it be a bigger loss to her? She would really end up completely empty-handed.

Just wait, she would immediately steep these tea leaves, and then drink the tea down in front of Ling Han to vent her ire.

…She only had to open the lid of the vial, and she would realize how very precious this vial of tea leaves was. They were tea leaves that had been sprouted from the Mother Tree of the heaven and earth. Though its effects were slightly weaker at present, it was definitely a precious treasure to any Severing Mundane Tier.

Ling Han had no intention to clarify matters. From a certain aspect, he was also mischievous.

He and the Empress advanced towards that gigantic volcano. With the Nine Heavens Flame and Flame Control Technique Ling Han had grasped, not only did he want to obtain even more Blood Dragon Stones, he also had a sliver of curiosity. Just what kind of story did that Celestial King have?

Because it had taken a long amount of time for him to retrieve the Heavenly Dao Jade, Ling Han and the Empress were seriously left behind. They could not see a single person in their surroundings, and the Blood Dragon Stones along their way had naturally all been collected by others. It was practically impossible for any to be left.

Ling Han and the Empress did not have that in mind, either. Their target was that volcano, and they were resolute to do something big.

Bewitching Maiden Rou did not fall too far behind them, because she, too, wanted to go to that volcano.

The reason was very simple. She, too, had cultivated the Flame Control Technique. However, because she did not have the Black Tower, the “time” she had cultivated for was naturally short, and her grasp of the Flame Control Technique was far from being comparable to that of Ling Han and the Empress.

But even so, she was still able to advance much further than others.

…One could not just walk around here completely unreserved even with the Blood Dragon Armor. The closer one got to the volcano, the more frightening the Fire Element of heaven and earth would be. Even the Blood Dragon Armor could not fully protect them.

After over a dozen days, they arrived at a canyon. This was the area that was “closest” to the volcano. If they went on further, even the Blood Dragon Armor would melt.

This canyon was astonishingly huge. It was said that this was also a very precious site. Among the areas that everyone could enter, the Blood Dragon Stones in this canyon numbered the most. Most people would stay a good few years here, and search for Blood Dragon Stones every day.

Moreover, the canyon was also a natural barrier. There was an underground stream here, which effectively decreased the invasion of Fire Element, largely extending the lifespan of the Blood Dragon Armor. Thus, even if a considerable number of people would search for Blood Dragon Stones outside the canyon, they would still come back here every once in a while so that their Blood Dragon Armor could “rest” for a while.

When Ling Han and the Empress arrived at this canyon, they saw that this place was like a marketplace, and there were extraordinarily many people here.

As they entered into the canyon, a group of five just happened to walk out of the canyon.

“En?” Both sides paused. That was because those five people just happened to be Fu Gaoyun and his followers, as well as Fu Xiaoyun and Situ Xiaozhen.

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