Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1767 - Bold Woman

Chapter 1767: Bold Woman

“Heh, it’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Xiang Yan purposefully said. He was wearing a fake expression of calm and modesty as if he didn’t want to be congratulated.

Meanwhile, Situ Tang was completely stunned. He poured the alchemical pill out before carefully examining and smelling it. His expression became increasingly fervent, and even his beard was starting to shudder.

He had already spent billions of years to perfect the ancient pill recipe for the Winds and Fires Nine Clouds Pill. In fact, he had even engaged in numerous arguments with Xiang Yan over the direction of the pill recipe. It was also because of this that they had become opponents and adversaries.

He had been extremely confident that he was correct, and he had also been certain that he could definitely succeed in refining the alchemical pill at some point in time. However, who would have thought that his opponent would succeed in refining it before him?

“Huh? Grandpa Yan, you truly succeeded?” Situ Xiaozhen asked. She wasn’t shocked by this sudden turn of events.

“Of course! How can your grandpa compare to me?” Xiang Yan replied smugly.

This was only a friendly competition between him and Situ Tang, and the relationship between them was actually extremely deep. Thus, he treated Situ Xiaozhen as if she were his own granddaughter.

Situ Xiaozhen raised her thumb, and said, “Grandpa Yan, you’re so talented!”

Situ Tang looked at Xiang Yan as he finally came to his senses, and asked, “Y-you genuinely succeeded?”

“It’s naturally because I chose the correct method. Moreover, my alchemy skills are far superior to yours, so I was able to easily refine this pill,” Xiang Yan said without any sense of shame.

If it weren’t for Ling Han’s help, he would have definitely still been stumbling around like a headless chook.

Situ Tang naturally didn’t believe him. After all, he understood Xiang Yan better than Xiang Yan understood himself. The reverse was also true. Under his relentless interrogation, Xiang Yan had no option but to spit out the truth.

“Hmm?” Situ Tang looked Ling Han up and down. After a while, he said, “Brat, why don’t you become my disciple.”

“Piss off! I found him first!” Xiang Yan immediately said.

“Bullsh*t! Your sh*tty skills will only hold him back! It’s naturally better if he becomes my disciple!” Situ Tang said with a scoff. “Just a single hand of mine is more powerful than you!”

“Just a single finger of mine is more powerful than you!” Xiang Yan said, unwilling to back down.

“Just a single fingernail of mine is more powerful than you!”

“Just a single hair of mine is more powerful than you!”

The two elders glared at each other, and it was as if they were about to break into a fight. They didn’t possess the reservedness and dignified aura of great alchemists at all.

“Let’s go, these two old geezers are arguing with each other again. It’ll be a dozen or so days before they finally stop.” Situ Xiaozhen clapped her hands, and continued, “Hurry up and leave. What are you still standing there in a daze for? Is your a*s feeling itchy?”

Ling Han glanced at Fu Gaoyun, and Fu Gaoyun also glanced at him. This young woman was even bolder and more vulgar than men!

They left the courtyard, and it wasn’t long before they heard a series of banging and clanging sounds. It was clear that the two elders had already started fighting.

“It’s not like you have three heads and six arms or anything, so why are you so adored by those two old geezers?” Situ Xiaozhen asked in curiosity. She was wearing the expression of a pervert, and she looked him up and down as if he were a beautiful woman. “Perhaps you have some extraordinary ‘talent’?”

She turned her gaze toward Ling Han’s lower body, and it was as if her gaze possessed little hands that were also “observing” him.

Ling Han almost raised his leg to kick her away. This woman had definitely reincarnated into the wrong body.

“Brother Fu, didn’t you say we were going somewhere just then?” he suddenly said.

“Yeh, that’s right!” Fu Gaoyun hurriedly clapped his hands, and said, “I almost forgot about that! Anyway, let’s go!”

The two of them hurriedly turned around to flee.

“You’re trying to ditch me?” Situ Xiaozhen said with a snicker. As she said this, she immediately started to chase after them.

However, she couldn’t keep up with Ling Han and Fu Gaoyun’s speed, so it wasn’t long before she completely lost track of them. She stopped in irritation, and she murmured, “This city is only so large, and there’s no way you can run to the heavens. I’ll find you two sooner or later!”

Fu Gaoyun stopped, and said, “Brother Ling, starting from tomorrow, you and your wife can both enter the Heavenly Dragon Academy.”

“What Heavenly Dragon Academy?”

“It’s an academy founded by the Fu Clan. Apart from members of the Fu Clan, this academy also educates the members of some nearby clans. In addition, it also recruits prodigies from other cities,” Fu Gaoyun explained. “For example, Black Moon City’s Changsun Liang. However, because the lowest requirement for recruitment is reaching the Severing Mundane Tier, Changsun Liang wasn’t able to enter in the beginning. Otherwise, he would have been recruited to the academy long ago.”

Ling Han nodded in understanding. He then asked, “What about my other wife?”

Fu Gaoyun patted his chest, and said, “Heh, we naturally have to open the backdoor for you. Sister Heavenly Phoenix will be enrolled as if she were a member of the Fu Clan. She’ll definitely reach the Severing Mundane in under 100,000,000 years!”

The Fu Clan held Ling Han in such high regard not only because of his cultivation talent, but also because of Xiang Yan’s adoration toward him. Otherwise, how could the Fu Clan break their own rules for a measly Severing Mundane Tier prodigy?

‘Reaching the Severing Mundane Tier in under 100,000,000 years?’

This wasn’t slow. In fact, it could even be regarded as astonishingly quick. However, Ling Han didn’t want the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden to perform a normal severance. Otherwise, she could only sever her own mundane relationships. Severing heaven and earth would be far too difficult for her.

‘Perhaps there exists some supreme Celestial medicine or Celestial pill that can help her sever heaven and earth.’

Ling Han trusted his own alchemy skills. It didn’t matter too much if he couldn’t refine such a pill now—he would eventually be able to refine it. Perhaps he would succeed in doing so when he became a Celestial King.

Fu Gaoyun waved goodbye.

Ling Han retrieved the huge amount of Godly metal to feed the Divine Demon Sword, and when all of this Godly metal was transformed into scrap metal, the Divine Demon Sword finally advanced to the level of Two-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal.

Pseudo-Divine Metal was divided into 10 ranks, and those above the highest rank could be regarded as genuine Divine Metal!

‘I’ve almost consumed two-thirds of my wealth… Moreover, it’s already so expensive now, so how expensive will it be when I want to raise the Divine Demon Sword to the level of Seven-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal or Eight-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal?’ Ling Han was slightly worried upon thinking of this. At that time, he would need to spend an astronomical amount of Star Stones.

‘Whatever… that’s a problem for the future. As I become more powerful, obtaining wealth should also become easier and easier.’

The next day, Ling Han set off for the Heavenly Dragon Academy with the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. In order to avoid trouble, the Empress had already concealed her true appearance. However, she was slightly unhappy about this because she was unable to show her beauty to Ling Han at all times.

After walking for a while, they arrived at their destination.

The Heavenly Dragon Academy was incredibly large!

Three-Star Cities were at least 10 times the size of Two-Star Cities. Although this city was divided into four smaller regions, and although this academy only occupied one corner of Heaven Departing City, the Heavenly Dragon Academy was still as large as the entire Dark Moon City. There were tall mountains in the academy, and there were also large seashores in the academy. The Heavenly Dragon Academy was like a huge standalone city.

The gate of the academy was comparatively small, with the two gate pillars only measuring 300 meters in height. Moreover, there was only a gate lintel, and there wasn’t actually a physical gate door. The pillars were engraved with coiling Heavenly Dragons, and these dragons looked extremely lively and realistic. Their mouths were also wide open and roaring in fury, and this would make one feel a sense of intense might and pressure.

Although there was no physical gate door, this didn’t mean that any random person could enter the academy. This was because there existed a formation that blocked anyone who didn’t possess the relevant talismans from entering.

During his visit yesterday, Fu Gaoyun had already given Ling Han three talismans to enter.

At this moment, there was seemingly some argument going on before the gate. Ling Han looked over, only to see Mao Dai furiously arguing with a young man. His eyes were burning with anger.

“Crawl through my legs, or f*ck off!”

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