Chapter 1510 Treasure Trove

The majority of the palace had already been destroyed. Even if there were a considerable number of rooms that had not suffered the direct hit of the massive claw, they had still suffered serious damage.

One could imagine what kind of terrifying shock wave had been generated when this paw had landed. Even a palace built of Saintly Material could not withstand it, and had been shattered into ruins by the force.

This should have been the move of a Saint King. That was the only way that a mere shock wave could damage Saintly Material—the lowest grade of Saintly Material.

As Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing circled around the palace, they continued to gather pieces of Green Origin Jade. Whether intact or damaged, they’d just store them away first, and then could slowly pick through them later. Ling Han was like a swarm of locusts sweeping through, leaving nothing behind wherever he passed.

The Empress hid her smile behind a hand, feeling that this was amusing.

They had soon finished clearing the last area in the farthest outskirts, and were advancing inwards. They saw that this giant paw had slammed into the palace and shattered the ground, and an underground space was revealed.

Ling Han and the Empress glanced at each other and simultaneously exclaimed, “Treasure trove!”

There was another space beneath the palace; what else could it be but a treasure trove?

Initially, it should be that it could only be opened when one found the right mechanism, but the owner of the massive paw was too strong. With a single strike, he had damaged the walls of this treasure trove. His power had reached the level of destroying Saintly Material.

The tips of the claws had penetrated into the ground, but because these claws were too big, even if they pierced only holes, they were big enough to allow one person to enter.

However… even if a tiger had died, its might was still present. This paw was still exuding a powerful aura, and the closer one approached, the stronger the feeling of suffocation. Even the Empress could not stand against it. If she tried to forcefully approach, her delicate figure would be shattered by the force.

Ling Han was still fine. His physique was too strong, and had far surpassed his actual cultivation level. This kind of pressure from a mere aura was also based on Regulations, and merely targeted one’s cultivation level instead of being absolute. Hence, Ling Han was even more relaxed than a Saint.

He drew the empress into the Black Tower first, and then slowly approached again.

Now that he had reached this place, even he dared not walk too fast. He could clearly see that the Regulations had solidified in the area surrounding the giant claw, and formed multiple blades of gold that were floating in the air.

Stimulated by the ripple of air caused by his entry, these golden blades floated towards him. They merely trembled, and even the air itself was cut open, revealing multiple tears.

Ling Han involuntarily paled. This was not just power of Regulation, but rather the non-dispersible willpower of a Saint King. If he suffered a single strike, it was guaranteed that he would be torn to pieces even with his physique.

After all, his absolute physique was only equivalent to being close to Level 15 Godly metal. He would not be able to withstand them at all.

The golden blades floated over at a very slow pace, but the might would not decrease just because their speed was slow. They still possessed the destructive power that was enough to destroy a Small Saint or even a Medium Saint.

In the instant that the golden blades came close, Ling Han entered into the Black Tower. The golden blades swept past like soft ripples on the surface of a lake, and the ripples slowly smoothed out.

When peace had returned, only then did Ling Han exit the Black Tower and continue onwards.

He had to enter into the Black Tower with every step he took. It was clear that he was merely about 100 steps away from the underground treasure trove. Under normal circumstances, he could cover that distance with a single leap, but now he took half a day’s time to breach this distance.

He had finally arrived.

Ling Han looked at that giant paw that was just before his eyes. The metallic outer skin was exuding a cold aura, just like the oldest god in the universe. It was obviously incredibly hideous, yet had a kind of sacred aura that filled one with reverence.

Too bad he couldn’t store this thing away. Otherwise, if he managed to extract even a single drop of blood essence, that would still be a precious treasure without equal.

Ling Han shook his head. If he used divine sense to wrap around this massive claw, it would definitely be shattered at the very first moment and damage his spirit. Even if he did not become an empty shell, his essence would still be injured, and he would not even have to think about advancing further in future.

He couldn’t help but feel suspicious. This paw so coincidentally just happened to press down on top of the treasure trove; could it be that its owner had long since been aware that there was something good hidden underneath?

If this chariot had been drawn through the universe by three living Phoenix Kings all those years ago, then even if he similarly was a Saint King, how could he have managed to catch up? He must have known the course these three Phoenix Kings would travel on, and then set up an ambush in advance.

Could it be that a spy had appeared among those close to the Heavenly River King?

This also well corresponded with the situation now. In a surprise attack, a massive paw appeared, and directly damaged the undefended main palace, reaching the treasure trove directly. But there was no lack of elites on the Heavenly River King’s side, either. Immediately, they proceeded to counterattack, and snapped this giant paw off.

Ling Han imagined that scene happening, and couldn’t help but feel fired up. A battle on the level of Saint Kings would definitely shatter the heavens and crack the earth. It might even be able to destroy stars.

He cautiously descended through the crack in the ground. There was a space there that would allow three people to pass through, but the massive paw was just right next to it. He did not dare make any big movements, or it would definitely be an action of courting death.

Slightly less than half a day later, Ling Han finally managed to climb down. He felt that the clothing on his back was already completely wet with sweat.

He breathed a long sigh of relief, and only then did he survey his surroundings.

This was indeed a treasure trove, and there were innumerable God Tools and Godly metal stored here.

That mountain path previously had been paved with Level 16 Godly metal, and just think, even Level 16 Godly metal was only used as paving stones. So, how valuable would those treasures be that deserved a place in this treasure trove?

Level 17, Level 18, Level 18, Level 20; they were all Saintly Material!

Ling Han immediately grinned, his smile so wide that it almost reached his ears.

He was rich! He was rich!

He stored everything away without any reservations. Though there were a great many high-grade God Tools here, none of them were Saint Tools, because they did not contain the martial intent imprinted by a Saint, so they could not resuscitate themselves.

But God Tools were still God Tools. As long as they landed a direct hit, their murderous aura would enter the body, and the destructive power was similarly frightening.

His big brother, second brother, and third brother, each of them should get one. His wives, the Empress and Feng’er, should also have one each. He could not forget his six disciples, either; each of them should have one. Additionally, he might also have to exchange for the horn of a true dragon with Long Xiangyue’s aunty, so he had to keep one in reserve, right?

Sigh, there was really not enough to go around.

As Ling Han stored them away, he sighed mournfully. He also released the Empress so that she could accompany him in his “worry”.

It was certain that countless people would be willing to have this kind of worry.

“Could it be that this Heavenly River King had burglarized the treasure trove of a major force of the Celestial Realm?” When the Empress saw this, she also received a shock because there was really too much Saintly Material in this place. Even if the whole Immortal Realm was searched, they might still not be able to gather so much.

Thus, there was only one possibility. The Saintly Material originated from the Celestial Realm.

Ling Han took whatever was valuable, but there were some Saintly Materials that had been damaged by the giant claw. Some Level 17 and 18 Godly metal had also cracked, which caused Ling Han’s heart to ache. But when he thought that they would be swallowed by the Divine Demon Sword in the future anyways, who cared if they were damaged or not?

Aside from Saintly Material, there were still Saintly medicines here. But they were not alive. Instead, they had been harvested, which made Ling Han very disappointed. If he could transplant them into the Black Tower, his gains would be even greater.

In any case, whether he recognized them or not, he stored them all into the Black Tower.

“But if there’s just this stuff, is it enough to draw the combined attack of so many Saint Kings?” the Empress suddenly asked.

Ling Han startled. Indeed, these things were all valuable, but if it was claimed that a whole group of Saint Kings moved together just to get a piece of Saintly Material or Saintly medicine, this seemed to be making too much of a fuss over a minor issue, right?

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