Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 483 - Concealed

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Chapter 483: 483 Concealed

Fu Hang had no choice but to approach Su Xiu on foot.

Su Xiu’s face clouded when Fu Hang approached, and she asked, “What are you doing here now?”

Before departing, the women around Su Xiu greeted Fu Hang with bright smiles.

Su Xiu accepted a cup of fruit juice from Fu Hang, who retrieved it from the waiter’s tray. “Can you settle the score with me in a few days, Mom? Let’s forget about it tonight?”

Su Xiu was so enraged that she began to chuckle. She grabbed the juice from Fu Hang and teasingly stated, “Now that you’ve matured, you’re more capable. You have even learned to conceal it. I’m curious as to what else you’re hiding.”

Fu Hang stated sincerely, “There is nothing else besides this.”

Fu Hang observed that Su Xiu’s countenance had improved and stated, “Don’t be upset. I did not intentionally conceal this matter from you. I simply do not wish for Grandpa to know.”

Su Xiu’s demeanor shifted somewhat when she mentioned Old Master Fu, but she quickly regained her composure.

“I just learned that you are the CEO of MK. They congratulated me and praised my son’s accomplishments just now, but I was still in a daze. I am your mother, and I am the last person to learn about this. How can I endure this?”

“Isn’t it surprising?” Fu Hang remarked with a grin.

When she heard Fu Hang say it, Su Xiu couldn’t help but laugh. “Whatever you do, I will support you. Can you tell me about this in advance the next time?”

“Okay.” Fu Hang nodded and said.

Su Xiu’s smile gradually faded, and she inquired, “When do you plan to return home?”

“Once I have accomplished my goals and Shen Yan is no longer furious, I will return home.” Fu Hang gazed at Su Xiu worriedly. “Mother, do you blame me?”

“Do not worry, I will help you.” Su Xiu remarked, “With Cheng An around, your request will be granted in short order!”

“Thank you, Mom.”

“Okay, I recommend that you confess to Shen Yan as soon as possible. Otherwise, what if she breaks up with you?” Su Xiu was compelled to offer advice.

“When the time comes, I’ll take the blame and ask for forgiveness. Don’t say anything,” Fu Hang couldn’t help but exhort.

“Okay, I got it. Go about your business. Don’t disgust me here!” Su Xiu chased him away directly.

Fu Hang approached Shen Yan.

When Fu Hang went to look for Su Xiu, Shen Yan didn’t wander around.She simply took a seat in the front row and stood there by herself.

Lu Yan appeared in front of Shen Yan at this time.

“He told you long ago?”

Since the car accident, Shen Yan had not seen Lu Yan for a considerable amount of time. When she looked at Lu Yan’s face, his red eyes surprised her.

Shen Yan, in a trance, recalled the time she was kidnapped in Sai City.

The eyes of the kidnapper were identical to those of Lu Yan.

The hands of Shen Yan were softly clenched. She recognized at this point that she and Lu Yan might not be able to keep their poise on the surface.

“Then, what do you want to say?”

Shen Yan regarded Lu Yan with suspicion.

Lu Yan still remembered Shen Yan’s prior kindness towards him. Now, Shen Yan was guarded and hostile towards him.

Lu Yan looked at Shen Yan’s hand holding the wine glass and couldn’t help but clench his fits. “Nothing.”

Lu Yan saw that the distance between himself and Shen Yan was widening.

“Lu Yan, please get a girlfriend if you do not already have one. Don’t keep staring at my girlfriend.”

The voice of Fu Hang came from the side.

When Shen Yan heard Fu Hang’s voice, he turned his head to see.

Hearing Fu Hang’s statements, Lu Yan’s facial expression became extremely unpleasant. His eyes were filled with discontent as he stated, “Shen Yan ought to be mine.”

After saying this, Lu Yan slurped down the red wine in his glass, glared bitterly at Fu Hang, and left with a cold smile.

Shen Yan was startled by the smile on Lu Yan’s face and didn’t come back to her senses for a moment.

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