Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 876 - The Omnipotent Black Doggy Sun

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Chapter 876: The Omnipotent Black Doggy Sun

“Pui, you want to snatch my white deer? Why don’t you guys piss on the floor and take a look at your own reflections? Are you even worthy?”

Wuyeqin walked toward the two fainted students and spat on them. If the school didn’t state that they had to cease attacking after their enemies had lost all ability to resist, he would have crippled them.

Because of these two fellows, he suffered new injuries, and the amount of spirit qi he had remaining was dwindling.

“If this continues, I won’t be able to bring the white deer back to the endpoint. I have to think of a solution!”

Wuyeqin was the #3 ranker among the seventh-year students. In the entire school, his strength was ranked within the top thirty.

Other than that, his intelligence was relatively high as well.

During the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony this time around, Wuyeqin’s luck was off the charts. He had managed to find the white deer just an hour after the start of the event. However, according to the rules, he had to wander around for at least three days before he could return.

With the white deer, trouble followed him. After all, its size wasn’t small. He had no way to conceal that he was carrying it as it was just too conspicuous.

Hence, even before a day had passed, Wuyeqin had fought a total of eight rounds. In three of them, he had to fight against several students at once.

Although he won every round and could keep the white deer, he felt that he was almost at his limit.

“I’ve miscalculated. I got too joyful and have forgotten that the person who obtained the white deer would be the target of a multitude of arrows.”

Sadly, there was no medicine for regret in this world. Also, there was a rule that said the person who acquired the white deer was not allowed to hide it. They had to bring the white deer with them openly.

“Could it be that I have to find someone to group up with?”

Wuyeqin actually wanted to get first place alone, but given the current situation, it was impossible. “I might as well pretend I cannot win and ‘give’ the white deer to another person. I will then stealthily follow them and snatch it back after three days.”

Wuyeqin pondered. Just when he wanted to sit down and rest to dress his injuries, he saw a young girl rushing into the poplar forest.

“Damn, there’s someone here!”

Wuyeqin cursed silently and brandished his blade with his right hand, not fleeing. He then swiftly took out a bottle from his bag and pulled the stopper out, pouring a medicinal pill onto his palm…

“What a quick reaction!”

Xianyu Wei had been staring at Wuyeqin all the time. When she saw this scene, chills appeared in her heart. She knew she had met an expert.

Actually, she didn’t wish to clash head-on and hoped that her opponent would flee. Her strength was her advantage, and she could use it to exhaust her opponent further.

However, her opponent wasn’t reckless and decisively ate a medicinal pill…

(Wait, he hasn’t eaten the pill yet!)

Xianyu Wei wanted to cry but no tears were coming out. (How much do you look down on me?!) After that, she grew even more focused.

“Don’t be afraid. I can win!”

Xianyu Wei gave a low roar. (I want to fight for the sake of Teacher’s glory!)

In the past, Xianyu Wei wouldn’t be able to observe and discover so many things. But now, she could do so because of Sun Mo’s excellent teaching.

“A third-year?”

Wuyeqin’s gaze drifted toward Xianyu Wei’s collar. There were three silver lines embroidered there.

The Dragon Subduing Academy used such a method to differentiate the students according to their year of study.

Even if Wuyeqin was considered an arrow at the end of its flight, he wasn’t worried he couldn’t defeat a female school junior. Hence, he put the pill away.

If he consumed something like this continuously within a short period, his body would build up resistance and the medicinal effect would be greatly decreased. Hence, he wanted to only use it in crucial moments.

At the next instant, Wuyeqin’s gaze turned to Xianyu Wei’s face. He wanted to observe her combat strength through her expressions.

However, when he looked at her, his eyes immediately brightened as he felt a little awed by her looks.

This girl was so beautiful!

Other than having some baby fat, she had no flaws at all. What was even better was her height. She was half a head taller than him and when he saw her long legs breaking into a run…

“Why do I feel that she’s a little like a wild boar? Her aura is a little brash!”

Wuyeqin was speechless. In the plains, everyone loved to compare girls with wild horses. Not only were they referring to the figures of the girls, but they were also referring to their personalities.

To tame a ‘wild horse’ was what the men from the grassy plains loved the most.

But this beautiful girl before his eyes really resembled a wild boar.

“Oi, what is your name?”

Wuyeqin spoke, “Actually, we can cooperate. After all, given the stories of the past hunting kings, it is impossible for a single person to bring the white deer back.”

“I won’t give you any chance to recover.”

Xianyu Wei shouted. She suddenly increased her speed and charged toward Wuyeqin’s side.

“Qi, you are quite smart.”

Wuyeqin wanted to buy some time for him to recover his spirit qi. Sadly, his opponent had seen through it.

He could only fight then.

Wuyeqin attacked in place of defense. His curved blade slashed out furiously as he wanted to defeat this wild boar girl before his spirit was exhausted completely. Even if he couldn’t defeat her, it was good if he could injure her.

No matter what, he could at least exert some dominance.

Although Wuyeqin’s idea wasn’t bad, the reality was too cruel.

When he saw Xianyu Wei not dodging and continuing to punch forward, he was thinking that Xianyu Wei was a fool. She must be a newbie. An instant later, the punches collided with his curved blade.


A surge of power blasted over and directly caused Wuyeqin’s hand that was wielding his curved blade to be knocked aside, revealing an opening.


Wuyeqin was badly shocked. He knew things were bad because his curved blade couldn’t come back in time to defend. Hence, he could only kick out full force with his left leg.

Xianyu Wei threw punches continuously with both her hands.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The heavy sounds were the sounds of bones being fractured.

Kacha! Kacha!


Wuyeqin cried out. He endured the pain and frowned as he thought to counter-attack. However, Xianyu Wei’s speed was truly too fast.

Bang! Bang!

Two more punches slammed into Wuyeqin’s shoulder.

Wuyeqin was like a kite with a broken string. He flew through the air and smashed onto the ground before fainting.

Xianyu Wei charged forward and when she saw the unconscious Wuyeqin, she scratched her head in astonishment.

“Eh, I won just like that?”

Wuyeqin’s battle strategy wasn’t bad, but he underestimated Xianyu Wei too much. Xianyu Wei’s innate strength plus the Dharma Skyshock Fist was a lethal combination. Although she might not be able to defeat Wuyeqin at his peak, it was no problem for her to defeat the tired Wuyeqin. If she couldn’t one-shot him, it would truly be a letdown to Sun Mo’s meticulous guidance during these two months.

After she started for a while, she hurriedly rushed toward Wuyeqin and took the white deer away, tying it onto her back.

“Little deer, don’t be afraid. I won’t eat you.”

She walked a few steps before turning her head back and looking at Wuyeqin’s broken leg. She couldn’t bear it and decided to find a few tree branches to help him set his leg.

In the forest filled with poplar trees, two silhouettes lay on the ground and silently watched everything.

They were the same as Xianyu Wei. Huting De and Huting Le had watched as Wuyeqin fought against the earlier two opponents, but they didn’t choose to act then, wanting to further continue to watch and see if there would be any changes to the situation.

They didn’t expect that their cautiousness really paid off.

“Let us go!”

Huting Le urged.

“Wait a minute!”

Huting De pulled on his elder brother’s arm.

“What’s wrong?”

Huting Le frowned.

“That girl is very powerful!”

Huting De reminded.

“Have you gone stupid? We are going to fight two against one.”

Huting Le was unhappy and shook his younger brother’s hand off.

“That is Wuyeqin, the #3 ranker of the seventh year. Although he fought consecutive battles and his spirit qi was greatly exhausted, the pretty girl could one-shot him.”

Huting De analyzed.

“Besides, what should we do after we acquire the white deer? We might as well just follow behind her and be a fisherman that reaps the final benefit.”

Xianyu Wei continued to travel, not knowing that there were two people stalking her.

If one peered downward from a great height, they could see that the lights illuminating the campsite of the Dragon Subduing Academy had dimmed.

“Obtaining twelve white stars in a single day. Sadly, you didn’t manage to break the record of the number of stars obtained during the first day.”

Mei Ziyu felt some regret. She had obtained five white stars today and this was considered average.

“By saying this, you are looking down on the Dragon Subduing Academy too much.”

Sun Mo chortled and didn’t mind it.

“I’ve checked. In the history of the Dragon Subduing Academy, over ten headmasters were once record-holders.”

Mei Ziyu passed the rabbit meat she grilled to Sun Mo. “Do you want to challenge the record?”

“It’s impossible.”

Sun Mo shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to waste his energy.

There was no way to cheat if one wanted to break the records in the Dragon Subduing Academy. Sun Mo knew that during this period, many great teachers from the barbarian race had been challenging the speed-clearing record because they wanted to wipe Sun Mo’s image that was imprinted on the walls.

After all, it was considered a type of humiliation to the barbarians if someone from Central Plains broke the record.

However, in the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony, which was such an ‘open’ competition, no matter how many stars Sun Mo obtained, there would surely be people with more stars than him.

Mei Ziyu thought about it and sighed.

“That’s true. As long as there are judges presiding over the competition, hidden things would be happening behind the scenes.”

For the glory of their school, the judges would let genius great teachers from the barbarian race have an easier time.

Just like what Sun Mo predicted, his performance today had scared several people.

The school leaders immediately met up for an emergency meeting and were discussing a solution to this.

They couldn’t possibly allow Sun Mo to break a record again.

If not, how would they, the great teachers from the plains, still have face?

On the second morning, the mist was very heavy. But as the sun rose in the sky, much of the mist was dissipating.

At the tent where the judges were, a student pushed aside the door curtain.

“How is it?”

Everyone knew that this was Beardie’s personal student.

“Teacher Sun hasn’t headed out. He’s simply waiting in his tent, but quite a lot of students are queueing up to consult him.”

The student reported factually.

“Seems like Sun Mo is a very tactful individual!’

A great teacher sighed ruefully.

The judges nodded their heads.

If they were in Sun Mo’s shoes, they would surely roam everywhere and grab every opportunity to obtain more white stars. After all, he had a possibility of breaking the record.

“Teacher Sun is so magnanimous.”

Beardie self-mockingly smiled. “I suddenly feel that we are very petty.”

“There’s no solution to this. If Sun Mo obtained another record, wouldn’t the fame of our Dragon Subduing Academy be tarnished?”

“The current young great teachers are becoming increasingly disappointing.”

“It isn’t that they are disappointing. Rather, Sun Mo is just too strong. He is in a unique class of his own!”

The great teachers commented.

For a ceremony like this, there was an unwritten rule. The great teachers at 6-star and above could answer the questions, but they wouldn’t gain any white stars.

Because once a high-ranking great teacher appeared, they would suppress the low-ranking great teachers. After all, no matter how stupid the students were, they would know how impressive high-ranking great teachers were.

“Say, do you guys think that those 6-star great teachers are happy because they don’t need to keep a record and collect white stars? If not, they might even be crushed by Sun Mo.”

“That’s for sure. This year belongs to Sun Mo; there’s nothing to doubt.”

“What background does this fellow have? He has such strong capabilities, so why is he here at our Dragon Subduing Academy? It can’t possibly be that he is thinking of secretly learning the Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture, right?”

The judges discussed.

They felt that Sun Mo shouldn’t have any problems even if he went to the Skyraise Academy. Why was there a need for him to come to the plains and suffer?!

“You guys are thinking too much. Is the Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture something that can be secretly learned?”

Murong Ye entered.

“Vice headmaster!”

The judges hurriedly stood up.

“Everyone, please be mindful and do not gossip behind people’s backs.”

Murong Ye came to supervise. He stayed for five minutes and didn’t forget to warn them before he left. “If any of you dares to purposely offend Sun Mo and cause him to have a bad impression of the Dragon Subduing Academy, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Ze, our vice headmaster really appreciates Sun Mo a lot!”

Someone started to speak sarcastically after Murong Ye left, but his tone was filled with envy.

“Of course. If it wasn’t for the fact I know I won’t stand a chance, I would want to pull Sun Mo into my great teacher circle.”

Beardie then left the tent.

Honestly speaking, he really felt like seeing how many white stars Sun Mo could get if he went all out.

“What a pity, why are you a person from the Central Plains?”

In the morning, the students in front of Sun Mo’s tent were in an endless stream. In the end, they started queuing up and formed an extremely long line.

“I’m a great teacher, not a doctor!”

Sun Mo was speechless. (I can’t even hide when I don’t go out of my tent?)

Other than those in the queue, spectators also flooded the area. After all, if they could hear how Sun Mo resolved the difficult problems, it could be considered broadening their horizons too.

Maybe, in the future, if they encountered a similar problem, they could use Sun Mo’s method to resolve it themselves.

Relying on Divine Sight, Sun Mo was always able to pinpoint the problems of the students. Sometimes, he truly had no way to treat them and could only get the students to consult great teachers of the relevant field of knowledge.

For example, breathing in too much pill qi in alchemy which led to being poisoned. This question should be asked to an alchemist, and it would be resolved easily.

The myriad of things engendered and countered each other. The higher the rank of an alchemist, the deeper their understanding of alchemy pills.

Although Sun Mo’s ancient massaging technique could dispel poison, its effect wasn’t perfect. Eating an antidote was then the most fundamental method.

“I wonder how’s the sickly invalid?”

Sun Mo thought about Tantai Yutang. His blood was filled with an unknown poison. Sun Mo could at most alleviate the symptoms but had no way to completely remove it.

But after thinking about it, it made sense. This was just a set of massage techniques, and it was already very good seeing that it could have such a good effect.


Tuoba Cong also no longer competed. He stood outside the tent and acted like a door-watcher for Sun Mo.

“If I start collecting money, how much can I collect?”

Tuoba Cong stared at the long queue and felt that these people were like taels of silver lining up.

“Teacher, I wish to become somewhat more beautiful.”

A slightly plumb female student with a face filled with pockmarks knelt down.

When she was young, she suffered from smallpox but managed to keep her life. However, her looks were damaged. This was why she came to consult Sun Mo. She felt that he had deep and profound knowledge and might know some secret arts that could change one’s appearance.

Wanyan Zhenghe was currently standing among the crowd. When he heard this, he almost couldn’t control it and wanted to curse at people.

(Damn, are you really treating Sun Mo as a deity? Given how ugly you are, you think you can become a celestial maiden? If Sun Mo can accomplish this, I will forsake my surname and take on yours!)

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