Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 1015 - The Hoe of Black Doggy Sun Is Being Used!

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Chapter 1015: The Hoe of Black Doggy Sun Is Being Used!

Seeing the old butler pleading for help, tossing out all integrity, Helian Beifang started scolding.


He looked down on cowardly people like this the most.

“How’s the feeling of losing everything? Oh, I forgot that right now you are only feeling the pain and agony before you die and have no mood to care about anything else. Alright then, enjoy this slowly.”

“S…save me!”

The old butler grabbed Sun Mo’s heel, he was reluctant to give up on this last straw in life.


Helian Beifang stomped on the old butler’s wrist. “Don’t use your filthy hands to touch my teacher!”

“Everyone, be careful. This fellow has a venereal disease. It is contagious.”

Tantai Yutang intentionally called out loudly, like he was worried for everyone.

The expressions of those spectators who crowded over to watch a good show immediately changed as they retreated backward. This was especially so for girls. They even screamed and fled directly.

“Speaking of which… Sickly invalid, do you have to be so ruthless?”

Even Jiang Leng, who didn’t like to speak, couldn’t bear to watch anymore. (Do you feel that the troubles our teacher is in aren’t big enough?)

“In any case, we have already offended them. We might as well take the chance to crush them psychologically and taint their reputations. Otherwise, we would have lost in terms of ‘stature since we are going against a secondary saint’s clan.”

Tantai Yutang kicked the old butler who was on the verge of dying.

It was still the same old saying. Sun Mo’s reputation was neutral while the reputation of a secondary saint would naturally cause the majority of people to gravitate toward it. Hence, if a war really began, more people would be standing on the Zhou Clan’s side.

Besides, everyone would feel that if someone opposed a secondary saint, that person must be a bad individual.

Qin Yaoguang patted Tantai Yutang’s shoulder. “I’m on your side.”

“I don’t care, since someone wants to bully my eldest martial sister and our teacher, these people will definitely be my enemies forever.” The papaya girl was a kind-hearted person, but this time around, she also chose to support the sickly invalid.

“Teacher Sun, why must you let things become like this?”

Tong Xugao sighed. “Given Ziqi’s aptitude and the standard of your teaching and guidance, I believe that after ten years, she would definitely become a new rising star in our great teacher world, and you will also occupy an extremely high position. At that time, you would have the capital to challenge a secondary saint.”

If Sun Mo challenged Secondary Saint Zhou now, it would be like using an egg to smash a stone.

“Why should I let Ziqi bear such humiliation for over ten years? I don’t want to see Secondary Saint Zhou being able to live a life free of guilt despite making a wrong judgment.”

Sun Mo’s expression was solemn.

“We are great teachers. Each of our words and actions concerns the future of students, let alone the words and actions of a secondary saint. A single sentence from him could judge the life and death of a person, hence, he should be even more cautious before saying or doing anything.

“Honestly speaking, even if Ziqi didn’t manage to pass the exam, I would still head to the Zhou Clan and make Secondary Saint Zhou apologize.

“What does he mean by the words ‘no talent’? Could it be that only people with good cultivation aptitudes could be worthy enough to become his personal student? Isn’t his thinking too utilitarian?”

Sun Mo questioned while he glanced at the little sunny egg, as well as the people gathered in the surroundings.

“From my point of view, as long as a student works hard and continues to advance, regardless whether they are successful or not, as long as they are able to recall times of their youth when they are older and know that they have lived a life with no regrets, this life of theirs would have been successful.”


Priceless Advice activated.

The golden light spread out and landed on everyone, bringing them the warmth that heated their hearts.

Those people who were wandering aimlessly to-and-fro on their path of life.

Those who were staring cluelessly, not knowing what to do or where to go.

Those who regretted that they had no talent…

At this moment, they were all awoken by Sun Mo’s words.

“Why should ordinary people compare themselves with those geniuses? It would be enough as long as they could become the best version of themselves!”

From Sun Mo’s point of view, the little sunny egg who only slept five hours daily.

The little sunny egg who studied industriously without slacking every day.

The little sunny egg who continuously challenged her own limits…

Her perseverance, her diligence, her hard work…were all awe-inspiring talents.


Li Ziqi’s lips were pursed as tears flashed in her eyes.

Tong Xugao was stunned into silence. After that, his expression recovered as he bowed deeply to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun’s talent is extraordinary and your words are deeply insightful. This student has learned much.”

He wasn’t saying words of politeness, but he was truly doing a re-examination on his criteria to judge a student.

Upon hearing the notification of Tong Xugao’s contribution of 500 favorable impression points, Sun Mo felt that it was time for him to wave his hoe to dig the wall (poaching). Hence, he decided to speak.

“Teacher Tong, I’ll just be rude and explain a little!”

Tong Xugao bowed again and sincerely consulted Sun Mo.

“For any grandmaster in any profession, after 30 years, even if they couldn’t reach the ancestor level, they should have reached the doorstep leading to the ancestor level. Yet, you are unable to do so. Have you considered the reason before?”

This question of Sun Mo directly caused Tong Xugao’s countenance to dim.

This was always the pain in his heart. In fact, he had even suspected whether he was talentless in the study of spirit runes.

“I don’t know!”

Tong Xugao shook his head.

“Let us head up before we chat more.”

Sun Mo was doing this to headhunt Tong Xugao and not to flaunt his superiority. Hence, he didn’t want to conduct a discussion here or Tong Xugao might lose face.

However, he had still underestimated Tong Xugao’s magnanimity.

“Let’s discuss it here. Let the gazes of these people spur me on and become the motivation for my improvement.”

Tong Xugao was very calm.

“Your learning ability is very strong. Just from the fact you have grandmaster-level expertise in four subjects is already the best proof. However, your creativity is too weak.”

Sun Mo sighed and rubbed his temples. “Your speed of learning is very fast, but after you reach a certain level of expertise, you have no idea where to go! The ancestor level meant that one is qualified to start their own school of thought, blazing a new trail and walking on a path no one has ever taken before, so they can broaden the vision of those people who came later. As for you, you couldn’t find the direction!”

“What does this mean?” Xianyu Wei didn’t understand.

“Let’s use alchemy as an example. Teacher Tong can memorize all the alchemy pill prescriptions in the book and concoct them. However, he doesn’t have the ability to invent a new alchemy pill.”

Qin Yaoguang explained in a low voice.

Tong Xugao fell silent.

“Actually, you must have long since discovered your shortcomings, right?”

Sun Mo sighed.


Tong Xugao revealed an expression of pain.

He knew that the solution to resolve this was for him to go and draw on other people’s experiences, learning by observing. If he couldn’t find the research direction, he should simply go around and see what others were doing to gain insights.

However, as a grandmaster spirit runist, Tong Xugao wanted face. He wasn’t able to do something like stealing the creative ideas of another.

“Do you want to research the ‘circuit board’ spirit runes together with me?”

Sun Mo issued an invitation.

For someone like Tong Xugao, he couldn’t create, but his foundation was robust and sturdy. He was simply the optimal choice to become an assistant.

“Can I?”

Joy filled Tong Xugao’s face. Why did he admire Li Ziqi so much?

This was because the little sunny egg’s spirit rune concepts were all brand new, and they opened up a new world for Tong Xugao.


Sun Mo laughed. “I recently have a new idea, why don’t we try and complete it together? If it is completed, we will surely cause a tsunami-level commotion in the spirit rune world of the Nine Provinces.”


After Tong Xugao agreed, he hurriedly shook his head. “No, this is inappropriate. This is your achievement.”

Sun Mo was vexed. This inflexible old fellow was truly not easy to handle.

Just when he was thinking about how to convince Tong Xugao, the latter suddenly spoke.

“I hope Teacher Sun can give me a chance to learn.” Tong Xugao bowed. “I wish to become your assistant!”


All the spectators were shocked.

Firstly, leaving aside the fact that Tong Xugao was wearing his great teacher robe with 7 stars glittering before his chest, just his aged appearance that seemed erudite and knowledgeable would cause everyone to be incomparably shocked if he bowed to a young man.

“Who is this person?”

“Sun Mo, Three-time Champion Sun!”

“So it is him. No wonder!”

Over half of the people in the Song An Prefecture had betted in the gambling dens for the sake of earning some small profit. Hence, even if they didn’t care about the examination, they would enquire about it. As a result, they naturally knew Li Ziqi’s name.

As her teacher, Sun Mo’s name would definitely also be brought up many times.

Now, everyone finally saw Sun Mo in person.

“Isn’t he a little too young?”

“The most important thing is that he is handsome. He can totally depend on his looks for a living!”

“Great Teacher Sun, I love you!”

Among the crowd, there was a group of ladies from the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel. Upon hearing this, they immediately began to shout.

“Come to the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel and play. We won’t charge you any money!”


A spice bag was thrown at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo caught it and smiled. “I appreciate elder sister’s kind intentions, but as a great teacher, I have to be a role model for my students. If not, I’m afraid that I might hamper their learning progress if I lost myself in all of your gentle and warm embraces.”

“Wow, he is so gentle. I’m in love, I’m in love!”

“Boohoohoo, this is the first time I taste the feeling of being respected!”

“I didn’t expect that I would just fall out of love the moment I fell in love.”

The girls from the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel had sad looks on their faces.

Usually, those great teachers would whisper sweet-nothings to them and try all sorts of positions with them during the night. But during the day, if they encountered each other on the street, the great teachers would pretend not to know them.

They loved acting sanctimoniously.

The ladies understood that reputation was like the heavens for those great teachers. But the sentence spoken by Sun Mo didn’t have any disdain toward them. Rather, he was actually lauding them.

(If we can mesmerize Three-time Champion Sun, what are the rest of you guys waiting for? Don’t you guys want to visit us more?)

Actually, these ladies were thinking too much.

Because Sun Mo had never visited a brothel before, he basically didn’t know the rules within. He assumed that these people were all proficient in zither, chess, painting, and learning.

Although they also sold their bodies in a sense, they were much more talented compared to the prostitutes of the modern era.

If those famed courtesans in history—Yu Xuanji, Li Shishi, and Chen Yuanyuan—started doing live streams, their popularity would immediately push them to the top, right?

Tong Xugao actually felt somewhat ashamed. Because in the great teacher world, the assistants of ancestors were all their personal students. They were mostly afraid that outsiders might steal their skill and knowledge.

Tong Xugao didn’t want to enter Sun Mo’s tutelage, but he was also reluctant to miss out on this chance to learn. Hence, he made this excessive request of wanting to be an assistant to Sun Mo.

“Sure you can!”

Sun Mo naturally wouldn’t care about this. If he had an additional grandmaster spirit runist helping him as an assistant, his workload would be much lighter.

Also, when Tong Xugao headed to the Central Province Academy, he would surely give a few lessons once every month, right?

This was a 7-star great teacher!

In small schools, he could already be considered a powerful major character.

The students might even vie with each other to snatch a seat for Tong Xugao’s lectures.

Sun Mo’s generosity caused Tong Xugao to be greatly grateful.

“I will return to my school to handle the quitting procedure first.”

For some things, he could only handle them himself. After that, he planned to directly follow Sun Mo to the Central Province Academy.

“Would Headmaster Song make things difficult for you?”

Sun Mo was worried.

Tong Xugao was a teacher from the Black-White Academy and he mainly taught the study of spirit runes.

“Headmaster Song is a very good person.”

Tong Xugao decided that if Headmaster Song didn’t agree, he would resign straight away.

Even if he stayed for 10 more years in the Black-White Academy, he didn’t feel that he would have any improvements. He might as well follow Sun Mo and gain a chance to break through to the ancestor level.

In the crowd, two people in a tiny alley were secretly observing them. Their gazes were fixed on Sun Mo’s students.

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