Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1446 - Resurrections  

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Chapter 1446: Resurrections


“Who else could have entered our second level other than Thief God Milton?” Wizard McPhee asked suspiciously.

Even without God Rank Wizards on guard, the Wizard Union was not something just any God Rank could penetrate.

With its countless powerful Surveillance Circles, sneaking in without anyone noticing was basically impossible.

Up to this point, the only one had done so successfully was Thief God Milton!

“Wizard Dubois was Rank 38, there is no way Thief God Milton would stand a chance against him with his skills!” Wizard Casper reminded them.

The other wizards nodded, especially since Wizard Casper had recognized Knight Harrison.

The Holy King had also done a lot of research into gods, so it wasn’t surprising that they had some unheard-of methods.

Wizard Bruce was a newly returned God Rank Wizard. He asked, “What if Grandmaster Abel has teamed up with the Evil Kingdom?”

“I don’t think so!” Most of the wizards shook their heads.

They remembered the tension the forces had with one another. Given the fact that Abel had killed two God Rank Knights and stolen large amounts of Holy Crystals from their central temple, they would be enemies for eternity!

Wizard Smith did not have time to search through the second level underground, so he asked, “How bad is our loss?”

“Everything was emptied out, even Wizard Dubois’ body is gone!” Wizard Bruce shook his head sadly.

It was a huge loss of face for the Wizard Union, with the Howling Castle destroyed and another God Rank Wizard killed at the same time.

Wizard Smith didn’t even want to look at the aftermath right now. All he could hope for was their president to return soon.

Not only was their treasure gone, even the God-Binding Circle had disappeared!

“How could anyone break the God-Binding Circle? Even we couldn’t!” Wizard McPhee shook his head in disbelief.

All the wizards began to wonder. The last time a strange wizard had distracted the God Rank Wizards and led to them losing their treasure. This time the same thing had happened but with knights!

Could they be related? Could there be some unknown forces quietly communicating with the Holy Kingdom, just to steal that treasure?

Indeed, the God-Binding Circle was extremely complicated, but as long as large amounts of wizards were willing to research it, they might be able to find a way.

Wizard Bruce suddenly had a distressing thought. “Maybe we made a mistake from the start. What if Headmaster Abel and Thief God Milton were not the ones who stole our treasure last time, but in fact it was something within the Wizard Union!”

Although a large number of wizards had been sent throughout the central continent in search of their treasure, they had never stopped suspecting Abel.

After all, Abel was the only one capable of doing something like that.

But what happened just now was way too confusing.

Just like they had said, Abel couldn’t possibly collaborate with the Holy Kingdom.

There was no way the Wizard Union could know what had happened within the Holy Kingdom, so they couldn’t possibly imagine how Knight Harrison could be on Abel’s side now.

“Investigate every wizard who interacted with the second level!” Wizard Smith eyes’ sparked as he gave the order.

Although most of them were only Legendary level, investigating so many of them would still have an impact. It was just that they didn’t know how they could explain matters to their president if they did nothing.

As for the death of Wizard Dubois, it only made them even more worried!



Abel stood in the Rogue Encampment with a smile on his face, looking at the twelve crystal coffins in front of him.

There was an elven goddess who he wouldn’t resurrect. After all, he had agreed to the request of the Moon Goddess.

Still, he wasn’t going to send them out just yet, since what had happened was too serious.

Wizard Dubois’ body was thrown to the side. Since it was still filled with the Dark Gold Poison, even Abel was afraid to get close to it.

With a wave of his hand, he tossed an antidote on Wizard Dubois’ corpse, and all the poison on its surface was neutralized.

As for his organs, Abel could only take care of that once Dubois was resurrected.

With another wave of his hand, he sent the corpse into his personal storage box while taking another antidote, just to be safe.

After all, even the best priests could not make anything near as scary as the things he had combined through the Horadric Cube!

Abel was only a Half-god, and those lethal poisons had taken the life of two God Ranks!


After he was done, he stepped out from the Dark World and teleported to Lizer Island.

It was a great idea to build the Teleportation Circle here. He had never expected that he would need it so fast.

He Summoned Doff’s Avatar with God Ranks One through Six for safety.

Wizard Dubois’ resurrection was smooth. All it took was another antidote, and the familiar process followed thereafter.

After the soul contract, Abel fed him two thousand Soul Potions and after some time, Wizard Dubois recovered his power automatically.

Just like that, Abel had another Rank 38 WIzard as a Summon, God Rank Seven!

The ocean around him was extremely quiet. All the intelligent sea monsters had retreated after sensing God Rank energy so many times.


He then returned to the Golden Castle. After resurrecting so many God Rank Wizards, he had gained a deeper understanding of their inner worlds, perfectly setting up his own path to becoming a God Rank Wizard himself!

Although his wizard path might have been very different from other wizards, but he still could use more examples to draw from.

Abel was numb to the process after so many resurrections, but before he resurrected the eleven Divine Bodies, he would need to look through their identities.

Resurrecting them was basically killing their souls and their significance in the world. There was no undoing the process once he started, so he needed to make sure.

Luckily he had received some information from the Moon Goddess, and he began to look them over in the Dark World.

Soon, he had his answer. They were all the most powerful Battle Gods during the Era of Gods, yet their fates were now waiting for Abel to decide over their coffins.

If the Wizard Union did not have another inventory where they stored Divine Bodies, they had probably destroyed them all.

After all, in a world ruled by wizards, destroying a Divine Body would basically reduce their chance of being resurrected to zero.

It was why no new god had emerged in the past thousands of years.

Even if there was one, they would be killed by the Wizard Union, like the orc god had been.

As for the ones in the God Alliance, like the Moon Goddess, they would not interfere with anything happening in the world.

After all, the Water Goddess had almost had no followers, and the orcs couldn’t even agree on who to believe in. As for the God of Wealth and the Goddess of Earth, they were basically a way to keep the businessmen happy.

The Fire God might have had some potential, but it was too bad for him, he was killed by Abel.

Everything just showed how ruthless the Wizard Union was to gods.

Abel activated a Scroll of Town Portal and brought all twelve Divine Bodies into Doff’s Divine Kingdom.

Due to the concealing nature of a Divine Realm, no one knew the powerful gods were being resurrected one by one!

However, the process did not cost Abel nothing. He had used up a big half of his Soul Potions.

Considering how hard his battles had been recently and the fact that he was entering his final battles in the Throne of Destruction, he might run out of Hell creatures to kill soon.

If these Divine Bodies were not the most powerful of gods, Abel might not even have bothered to resurrect them!


In just five days, all eleven gods were resurrected. Of course this did not include the elven goddess, the Goddess of Light.

Afterwards, Abel still couldn’t get back to his training, as he had to track down the Realms of these gods. After all, a god’s Realm was their most powerful weapon, so he needed them for his future battles.

In pursuit of that, Abel went flying around on the Fire Tooth almost every day. Each Divine Kingdom was full of surprises.

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