A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2324 - Did She Have to Leave a Knife Here?   

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Chapter 2324: Did She Have to Leave a Knife Here?


“Why is she back suddenly? Didn’t Boss Mag not have a wife?

“It has been three years. There was no news about her for three years. Her husband and child were almost homeless. Why did she come back suddenly?

“Could it be that she heard that Boss Mag has become rich, so she decided to return?

“A woman like that will only be a materialistic woman. How is she worthy of Boss Mag?!” Vivian sat in the horse-drawn carriage and murmured to herself.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had lessons in the afternoon, she would have rushed to Mamy Restaurant to see what that woman looks like right now.

This felt like the candy that she had been eyeing for a long time being snatched away by someone just as she was about to touch it.

That felt horrible!

She had already even thought of how to hold the wedding for Luna. She could even be the maid of honor. She could have free food every day in the future; it would be fantastic.

In the end, Boss Mag’s wife had returned.

The woman, who had never appeared in Mamy Restaurant before and had given Little Amy her adorable looks, was back.

“Luna will be sad to hear about this, right?” Vivian couldn’t help but feel worried.

Even though Luna didn’t say it out loud, how could Vivian not notice her best friend’s unusual feelings for Boss Mag?

There was a gleam in her eyes whenever she looked at him and she would blush uncontrollably whenever she mentioned him.

This was evidence that she liked him, but she always kept her distance when she met him.

Now that Boss Mag’s wife has returned, what should Luna do now?

“No! I cannot let Luna know about this yet. I’ll go check out the situation tonight and see what kind of woman she is,” Vivian thought.


“What is left for me in this world… Why don’t I just stab myself to death…”

Cynthia banged her head on her study desk and made a thud sound.

“Mm… That hurts!”

She quickly sat up straight and rubbed her forehead with reddened eyes. She huffingly said, “Is there an easy way to die in this world?”

It was only an hour since her social death and she had returned to her house calmly. She thought she could get over it calmly.


But when she sat at her desk and saw the titillating words that she wrote yesterday, the words “Boss Mag” on the pages stabbed open her recently healed wounds like knives.

“It’s so embarrassing! How am I going to meet people in the future…”

Cynthia covered her face and shed tears of shame.

The level of her shame was equivalent to the level of her imagination last night.

As a smut literature author, she thought she no longer had any shame.

However, she realized how wrong she was today. Not only did she rediscover her feeling of shame, she even lost her boundary between reality and imagination.

Once someone showed her the boundary clearly and gave her a hit in reality, the feeling of shame doubled.

After all, despite the fact that she had written about s*x for years, it couldn’t hide the fact that she was still an innocent maiden in real life.

She had only read about those postures, which she had used frequently in her stories, in the picture books.

“Is the Northwestern Lone Wolf home?!

“Today’s the time to hand in the manuscript! Do it ASAP!

“I have stabbed a blade into the door! If I don’t see the manuscript by tonight, I will tear down your house!”

Right then, someone knocked on the door and shouted fanatically.

Cynthia immediately kept quiet and listened to the movements outside. She only stood up slowly and opened the door gently after a long time and confirmed that there was no one outside.

A knife was stabbed into the door, emanating an eerie aura.

“Why is she acting so serious? Didn’t I just delay the manuscript for six months? Did she have to leave a knife here?” Cynthia grabbed the knife and pulled very hard before removing it from the door.

Northwestern Lone Wolf was her pen name. As an author who still wanted some respect, she didn’t want people to know that the author of these stories was a pretty and cute maiden.

In the past few years, the Northwestern Lone Wolf pen name was already a little famous in their circle.

However, as a lazy… indifferent, author who loved to sleep, her output wasn’t high. Delaying her manuscripts became a common thing.

Because of that, the magazine press that she signed on with, actually depravedly sent an editor to make sure that she handed in her manuscript on time.

In the beginning, it was enticing her with scrumptious food, then it became enticements and threats at the same time. Finally, it escalated to personal attacks and stabbing of knives into doors. She had no idea what happened to the gentle fat big sister at the beginning.


Cynthia walked in and tossed the knife into a big basket behind the door. The knife made a crisp sound when it was dropped into the basket full of knives.

She had once sold the knives during a period of hard times in the past few years when she didn’t have money to buy food.

“What shall I do now? I cannot face this article right now. I can’t face the words ‘Boss Mag’…” Cynthia sat at her desk and stared at the papers in front of her with a twisted expression.

The love story of Cyn and Boss Mag was about to end on a high note whereby Boss Mag would marry Cyn and they would lead a sexually happy life together.

Sexually was the focus. She could write tens of thousands of words about that.

However, the story would basically end there.

Although the editor kept saying that the story was very popular and tried to get her to extend it, as a professional writer, she was prepared to end it.

But now… she felt that she really couldn’t finish the last few thousand words now.

She would feel intense shame as soon as she picked up her pen.

After dazing at the desk for one hour and just as she was about to pack up and run away, an idea flashed across her mind.

“Oh yes. Lady Boss is back… Lady Boss is back… Then, can I extend the story now?!”

Cynthia felt electricity flashing across her brain. Shame and imagination began an intense battle with each other.

The plot was about to conclude at this point, but if the lady boss suddenly returned at this moment, the plot would intensify.

Who would Boss Mag choose?

The lady boss, of course. She was so pretty and charismatic and her figure was fantastic!

That was the reality…

However… didn’t novels exist to alter reality?!

Since she couldn’t win in the open, then… she could do it sneakily.

This was a shameless novel from the very beginning. Any setting that could increase its shamelessness was a good setting.

The beautiful lady boss would definitely have to make out with Boss Mag after her return. This would be another 10,000 words.

After copulating, Boss Mag remembered Cyn, that adorable maiden. After an intense struggle, he decided to meet her on a rainy night.

This… was simply fantastic!

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